Buck Angel Net Worth


Jake Miller's Net Worth as of 2024
$1 Million

Jake Miller, born on the 5th of June, 1972, is a transsexual male known by his stage name Buck Angel, who became known for his pornographic films, and later on through his motivational speaking, fighting for the rights of the transsexual community.

So how much is Angel’s net worth? As of early 2018 based on authoritative sources it is reported to be over $1 million, acquired from his years in the porn industry, and later on as a motivational speaker.

Buck Angel Net Worth $1 Million

Born Susan – a female – in the San Fernando Valley area of California, he was always a tomboy when he was young. Although his boyish attitude was accepted at home, when s/he turned 16 he became depressed from enduring bullying by his peers, as s/he is dressed as a male but was still a female in their eyes. He started drinking alcohol and using marijuana as an escape to cope with his depression.

When Angel attempted suicide, his parents sent him to therapy but none of the doctors were able to help with his depression. Eventually there was one therapist that recognized him as a man, as they shared the same struggle of living as women but identifying themselves as men. When he turned 28, he started doing his research on how he could transition into becoming a man.

Angel and his therapist found a hormone doctor, and he became one of the first cases of a female who wanted to transition to become a male. He started by taking hormone shots for a couple of months, and eventually ventured into changing his appearance. He first had upper-body modifications, removing his breasts but he had second thoughts about having bottom surgery. He later on realized that he did not need a penis because it is not what defines him as a man.

After a long journey of self-discovery, Angel became an adult film producer and star, and began using the name Buck Angel; because he still had a vulva, he promoted himself as “The Man with a Pussy”. Some of his earliest works include 2005’s “Cirque Noir”, “Allanah Starr’s Big Boog Adventures”, and “Buckback Mountain”. His film with Allanah Starr was the first film to feature a sex scene between a trans man and a trans woman. His years as an adult film star and producer certainly boosted his career and also his net worth.

Aside from his career as an adult film star, Angel also delved into the world of education. He started out as a guest speaker in various events, educating people about the importance of sexuality and gender identity. In 2012, he decided to focus on sex education, and became a motivational speaker, touring around the world speaking about human sexuality.

With his success as a motivational speaker, Angel has also appeared in various television shows to talk about his causes, including the shows of Tyra Banks, Howard Stern and Maury Povich. His success as a speaker also helped in his wealth.

Today, Angel continues to work for the rights of transgender people. He created the series “Sexing the Transman XXX” from 2010 to 2015 to talk about trans male sexuality. He created BuckAngelDating.com as a dating website dedicated to transgender men, and is also the person behind “Trantastic Storytelling”, on which trans people can share their personal life experiences for educational purposes. He recently partnered with Perfect Fit Brand to create a sex toy dedicated to trans people.

In terms of his personal life, Angel is single. He was first married to Karin Winslow in 1998, a dominatrix, but the two divorced when Winslow left him for one of her clients. He remarried in 2003, to body piercer Elayne Angel but their marriage also ended in divorce.

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