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December 30, 2023
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Bobby Wilson, stage name Bobby V, is an American singer and performer. He was born in Jackson, Mississippi, on the 27th of February 1980.

How rich is Bobby V? Sources estimate his net worth at $6 million as of early 2017, earned over his music career which began in the mid-1990s.

Bobby V Net Worth $6 million

Bobby V moved to Atlanta, Georgia, at an early age, and grew up listening to R&B artists including Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye, and was influenced by artists such as Bobby Brown, Ray Charles and BB King. He initially took the name Bobby Valentino, until he was forced to become Bobby V after a lawsuit from a British performer of the same name, much later on in his career.

Bobby V joined the teenage group Mista in 1996; they released a self-titled album which featured the hit single “Blackberry Molasses”. Their success was short lived, however, and a second album, although produced, was never released, and the band split in 1997. On the topic of Mista, V said: “[it was] kind of hard. It was a big learning experience and I am happy it happened”.

During this uncertain period, Bobby V attended Clark Atlanta University, and studied Mass Communications, but continued to record songs and to dream of making a success of himself in the industry’ he graduated in 2004. He then returned to music professionally in 2005, when under the Island Def Jam record label, he released his first solo album, “Bobby Valentino”, which was verified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. His debut single, “Slow Down”, reached number one on the Billboard R&B Singles Chart. The second single from the album was “Tell Me”, a collaboration with well-known R&B artist, Lil Wayne. A third single, “My Angel”, performed less successfully, but his net worth was established.

In 2007, V released the album “Special Occasion”, on which he collaborated with Timbaland; it was generally considered to be a critical success, though did not sell particularly well. In 2008, V left Def Jam Records, reportedly of his own volition, wishing to “venture out on [his] own”. A year later, V released the album “The Rebirth”, in February 2009, using the name Bobby V for the first time, rather than Bobby Valentino.

“The Rebirth” was followed by “Fly on the Wall” in 2011, including work with rapper Nicki Minaj, and again with former collaborator Lil Wayne, on the track “Sex in the Lounge”. His most recent album, “Hollywood Hearts”, was released in 2016. His numerous collaborations have all contributed greatly to his overall wealth.

Over the course of his career, V has been nominated for, and has won, various industry awards, including a BMI Song of the Year award in 2005 for “Slow Down”, Urban Music Awards’ “Best Male Artist” in 2009, and Urban Music Awards’ “Best R&B Act”, in the same year.

In his personal life, V is fairly private. He has not been married and has no children. In 2015, he was reported to have dated Jhonni Blaze, an American glamour model. He has expressed admiration for R. Kelly and Boyz II Men. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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