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February 10, 2024
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Born Robert H. Leibling on the 21st December 1953, in Brooklyn, New York City USA, Bobby is a musician, singer and songwriter best known to the world as the founder of the heavy metal band Pentagram, which has been active on and off in the music scene since the early ‘70s. So far, Bobby has released seven studio albums with the band, and a number of EPs and compilation albums, the sales of which have added to his wealth.

Have you ever wondered how rich Bobby Liebling is, as of mid- 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Liebling’s net worth is as high as $300,000, an amount earned through his successful career in the music industry, which has been active since the ‘70s.

Bobby Liebling Net Worth $300,000

Before forming Pentagram, Bobby was a part of the band Shades of Darkness, but after his friendship with Geoff O’Keefe reached a new level, the two quit their respective bands and decided to form their own band. Influenced by Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep and UFO, the duo decided they wanted something similar to those music acts and the Pentagram was born, with its gloomy lyrics and music on the whole. However, Pentagram went through numerous line-up changes, and had many other problems once they entered the music scene, and as a result disbanded after just five years of existence and without releasing an album. In its first existence, Pentagram comprised of Vincent McAllister, Geoff O’Keefe, and Steve Martin.

Bobby reformed Pentagram in the late ‘70s – still without any major success – but then in the early ‘80s luck smiled upon him, and he released his first studio album, “Pentagram” in 1985. At the time, the band featured Victor Griffin on guitar, Martin Swaney as a bassist, and Joe Hasselvander on drums. Pentagram then released five studio albums before the hiatus that lasted from 2005 to 2008, including “Day of Reckoning” (1987) for Napalm Records, then “Be Forewarned” (1994) through the Peaceville Records, “Review Your Choices” (1999) by Black Widow Records, “Sub-Basement” (2001) and “Show ‘Em How” (2004), after which Pentagram went through another turbulent period which lasted until 2008, when the new line-up was announced.

Besides Bobby, new Pentagram members were Russ Strahan as a guitarist, then Gary Isom on drums, and Mark Ammen on bass guitar. Pentagram’s new album “Last Rites” came out in 2011, but none of the members that joined Bobby in 2008 were on the album, instead, he was backed up by Victor Griffin, Greg Turley, Tim Tomaselli, and Maddox Turley. They continued in the same line-up and made several notable appearances across the USA in support of their album, and in 2015 released their eighth studio album “Curious Volume”, the sales of which only increased Bobby’s net worth.

Back in 2011, Bobby was the subject of a documentary “Last Days Here”, which depicts his life and his struggles with drugs and other vices.

Regarding his personal life, Bobby was married to Hallie Liebling until 2013; she is 33 years younger than Bobby. The two have a son from their marriage.

Throughout his life, Bobby has struggled with drug abuse, which led him to numerous delays in his career, but that also had a negative effect on his net worth.

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