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February 13, 2024
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Prince Michael Jackson II, mostly known as Blanket Jackson, was born on 21 February 2002, in La Mesa, California USA. He is the third child of pop legend, the late Michael Jackson.

So just how rich is Blanket Jackson? Sources state that the celebrity child has an incredible net worth of over $100 million, as of early 2016. Jackson children receive an $8 million yearly allowance, $15,000 – $20,000 each month to cover school tuition, regular vacations, bodyguards, as well as major shopping sprees. When each of them turn 40, they will inherit a share of the entire Jackson estate, the famous Neverland Ranch. The estate was bankrupt at the time Michael passed away, however it has made $2 billion over the six years since his death. Sources believe that, if the Neverland estate was distributed right now, each sibling would receive about $100 million.

Blanket Jackson Net Worth $100 Million

Blanket was born via artificial insemination and the identity of his biological mother, a surrogate, has remained unknown. He has two siblings, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. and Paris Jackson, whose biological mother is Debbie Rowe. Blanket was seven years old when his father unexpectedly died in 2009, eventually revealed that the singer had died from acute propofol intoxication. His personal physician Conrad Murray was founded guilty of homicide, as he hadn’t been licensed to prescribe most controlled medications in California, among which was the drug he had prescribed to Michael. The shocking death of the “King of Pop” has left millions of grieving fans around the world.

According to Michael’s wishes, the custody of Blanket and his two siblings has been awarded to his mother Katherine Jackson, after the court battle initiated by Debbie Rowe to gain the custody had ended. Katherine has been paid over $1 million a year to be the permanent guardian of her grandchildren. The siblings grew up in Santa Barbara County, California, at the Neverland Ranch.

Blanket became involved in the controversial life of his father when he was only a nine-month-old baby, exposed to the public for the first time. Apparently, Michael dangled baby Blanket over a hotel balcony while staying in Germany, in an attempt to greet the fans that gathered in front of the hotel. The singer held the baby with just one arm around the baby’s waist, and the incident caused huge public outrage and criticism, with Michael roundly condemned for endangering his child. He later issued an apology, calling the incident a terrible mistake and stating that he got caught up in the excitement of the moment and that he would never intentionally endanger his children.

In 2003, Blanket appeared in the television documentary focusing on the Jackson family “Living with Michael Jackson”. His appearances with his father in television shows such as the “Oprah Winfrey Show” and “X Factor” soon followed. In 2004 Blanket, along with his father, appeared in the South Park episode “The Jeffersons”, being the neglected son of the wealthy, eccentric man-child Mr. Jefferson (a hologram of Michael Jackson). Later, he spoke to the fans at Michael’s funeral in 2009, and then at the Grammy Awards in the following year, receiving a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of his father.

The late Michael once explained the meaning of his son’s nickname “Blanket” saying that it meant to cover – or ‘blanket’ – someone with love. However, according to sources, in 2015 the young teen decided to change his nickname, apparently as a result of being bullied for years for his nickname, and he is now listed as Bigi Jackson in the yearbook. He attends the private Buckley School in Sherman Oats, California, and participates in extracurricular activities such as martial arts.

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