Bishop Noel Jones Net Worth

June 22, 2023
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Noel Jones was born on 31 January 1950, in Spanish Town, Saint Catherine, Jamaica. He is a minister, best known for being the senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in California, which boasts over 17,000 members and was previously called the Greater Bethany Community Church. All of his endeavors have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Noel Jones? As of mid-2016, sources estimate a net worth that is at $5 million, mostly earned through a career in the ministry. His church has a choir that has had success in the music industry, and he’s also been involved in film projects. All of these have ensured the position of his wealth.

Bishop Noel Jones Net Worth $5 million

Jones’ father was an Apostolic clergyman and politician. He was raised along with six siblings who would eventually diversify and pursue different careers. He moved with his parents to Syracuse, New York in 1965, and attended St. Jago High School, after which he found his calling to enter the ministry. After matriculating, he attended Aenon Bible College and would graduate with a degree in Theology, and would then receive his doctorate from the International Circle of Faith. At the age of 26, he was given his first pastorate, the Bethel Temple of Longview in Texas.

After being a pastor for a number years, he then succeeded Bishop Robert W. McMurray in 1994 and started handling the Greater Bethany Community Church, which consisted of around 1,000 members. Under his leadership, the church started increasing at a rapid pace and it led them to get a new building in Gardena, California, which is now called “The City of Refuge”, accommodates around 17,000 people and is still growing. They also established the City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir ,which released an album in 2007 entitled “Welcome to the City”. The album would enter the Billboard 200 chart, and would reach the top spot of the Billboard Top Gospel Albums Chart.

Noel James has been featured in numerous publications and is also a frequent guest on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). He’s also written a number of books including “The Battle for the Mind”. These have added to his net worth too.

Aside from these, Noel participated in the documentary called “Hoover Street Revival” which was about their church, and was produced and directed by Sophie Fiennes. He also appeared in “The Star Jones Reynolds Report” and “Free to Dance: the Bishop Paul S. Morton and Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Story”. One of his most recent projects is the reality show called “Preachers of LA”, which has increased his net worth and popularity. It also gives viewers a peek into his lifestyle – he lives on a hilltop with a view of Malibu and the Pacific Ocean.

For his personal life, it is known that Noel Jones was married but is now divorced; he has three children. He promotes his ministry online through a website, and spends much of his time travelling around the world to preach the gospel, and this commitment has been difficult for him to maintain a relationship. He is also the brother of singer Grace Jones.

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