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June 20, 2023
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Bill D’Elia was born in 1949 in Queens, New York City, USA, and is a director, producer, and screenwriter, best known for being linked to many hit television shows; he’s known to have directed episodes of “Glee”, “Ally McBeal”, and “Boston Legal”. All of his efforts have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Bill D’Elia? As of mid-2016, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $10 million, mostly earned through a successful career on television during a career now spanning well over 40 years. He’s won numerous awards, and has also done production work. He also works independently, and as he continues his career his wealth is expected to increase.

Bill D’Elia Net Worth $10 million

Bill attended Ithaca College and after graduating, went to William Paterson University to get a master’s degree in communication arts. After finishing school in 1972, he started out directing various television commercials. In 1989, he would independently direct and produce a film based on the Thomas Berger novel “The Feud”, a Pulitzer Prize nominated work, and his adaptation would help him rise up the ranks of directors during that time. His work in that film would attract the attention of Steven Bocho, who would then give Bill the opportunity to direct an episode of “Doogie Howser, M.D.”, after which many more projects opened up for him, and he was given a chance to direct shows such as “Northern Exposure”, “The Practice”, and “West Wing”. All contributed to his net worth.

Eventually, he also became an executive producer of shows such as “Harry’s Law”, “Monday Mornings”, and “Ally McBeal”, and helped create “Judging Amy”, and became the director and executive producer of “How To Get Away With Murder” which stars Viola Davis. As a producer, a few of his recent works include “The Crazy Ones”, “American Animal”, and “Wonder Woman”. As a director, recent works include “Blunt Talk”, “Manhattan”, and “Grey’s Anatomy”. Through his success, he’s now directed and produced over 100 television episodes, which have resulted in a significant increase in his net worth.

For his work, Bill has been nominated a total of eight Emmy Awards, four each as an executive producer and director. He was nominated for his work in the shows “Chicago Hope”, “Ally McBeal”, and “Boston Legal”.

Despite not having as much popularity in the industry compared to other directors and producers, Bill retains a noticeable following on social media, with more than 2,800 followers on his Twitter. He often announces projects that he’s been working on as well as projects of his sons.

For his personal life, D’Elia is married to interior decorator Ellie though not much is known about their relationship. Their two sons also have careers in the entertainment industry – Chris D’Elia is an actor and writer who appeared in the series “Undateable”, while Matt D’Elia is a filmmaker who worked on “American Animal”. Bill is also known to make cameo appearances in a few episodes he’s directed, though they are mostly uncredited.

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