The Biggest Shipping Companies in the World

April 18, 2024
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Shipping is an extremely vital industry that most people are not aware of. Perhaps you have wondered how exotic fruits from Asia can wind up still fresh and juicy in Europe or North America? The shipping business plays a huge part in all these by making this world appear to be just one small-town and helping us reach the aims of globalization. The sector is also, a billion-dollar business. Here now’s a summary of the top 10 greatest shipping companies on the planet.



10. Orient Overseas Container Line


It supplies 78 services in international trading markets and has 280 offices in 55 countries. The business was set up in 1969 and has a fleet of more than 270 ships with various capacities and capabilities. Its boats range from 2,500 twentyfoot equivalent units, or TEU, to 13,000 TEU. Additionally, it possesses some ice category vehicles that may be utilized for extreme weather. It’s an associate of the Grand Alliance that comprises Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha and Hapag Lloyd.

9. Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.


Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd., or MOL, is really a transport company based in Tokyo but whose primary line of business is international transport. The business was established in 1884. It was shaped because of the merger between Mitsui Steamship Co., Ltd. and Osaka Shosen Kaisha, or OSK. Its fleet comprises car carriers, bulk carriers, cruise carriers, ferries, LNG carriers, tankers and container ships.

8. Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha


Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha, or NYK, is an associate of the Mitsubishi Group of businesses. It’s based in Tokyo in Japan and is among the biggest shipping companies on the planet. It could trace its origins all the way back to 1870 when the Tosa clan established the Tsukumo Shokai Shipping Company. It has the distinction of managing the very first passenger line service in the nation, which it did in 1875 as Mitsubishi Shokai. It now manages 776 big ocean boats, apart from its fleet of trucks, planes and trains.

7. Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd.


Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd. is a transport company founded in 1949 and located in South Korea. It has a fleet of more than 200 boats, including bulk carriers, containerships and LNG carriers. It ships more than four million TEU containers each year, with more than half of them at 2.3 million being handled in the terminal in Busan. The business makes use of Gantry cranes and manages around tramp trade services and 60 liner throughout the planet.

6. Hapag Lloyd


Hapag Lloyd is a transportation company located in Germany that was founded in 1970. It can trace its roots to the central section of the 1800s, however, as the business is a consequence of the merger between the Hamburg Amerikanische Paketfahrt Aktien Gessellschaft, or Hapag that goes back to 1847, and Norddeutscher Lloyd, which was set up in 1856. The firm also bought CP Ships, a Canadian liner, in 2005. The business now has 147 vessels.

5. China Ocean Shipping Container Line


China Ocean Shipping Container Line, or COSCO, is a supplier of logistics and transport services located in China. The business was founded in 1961. Its main lines of businesses are ship building, freight forwarding, boat repairing, and business of terminals. It’s the dry bulk carrier as well as biggest liner carrier in China, and among the biggest dry bulk transport operators on the planet. It has more than 300 subsidiaries and owns and manages around 550 boats.

4. Evergreen Marine Corporation


Evergreen Marine Corporation is really a transport company based in Taiwan and founded in 1968. It has over 150 boats that call on 240 ports around the world in around 80 nations. Its ships are readily distinguishable by the colour green and the term Evergreen painted prominently on the face of the ships. The business also possesses another business in Taiwan called Uniglory Marine Corp., and has subsidiaries in the UK called Evergreen UK Ltd. and Italy called Italia Marittima S.p.A.



CMA CGM S.A. is a transfer container and transport company located in Marseilles in France, with a North American headquarter in Norfolk in Virginia. It traces its roots to 1851 with the foundation of Messageries Maritimes, or Millimeter, which merged with an organization called Compagnie Generale Maritime, or CGM. CGM was a state business that was privatized in 1996 and sold to Compagnie Maritime d’Affretement, or CMA. As it went on to purchase the Australian Delmas and National Lines of France, CMA CGM. The business now has 200 paths running in 400 ports in approximately 150 different nations.

2. Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A.

Massive Container Freighter Ship MSC in the Santa Barbara Channe

The Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. is a shipping line located in Geneva in Switzerland. Established in 1970, the business has a presence in each of the leading ports all over the world, though its most significant port is the one in Antwerp in Belgium. It now manages 474 boats using a total combined capacity of 2.3 million TEU. It’s boats using a capacity of 13, 800 TEU, including MSC Beatrice, the as well as the MSC Emanuela, the latter that is thought to become among the biggest container ships on the planet. It is often named as Delivery Type of the Year six times in a period of 11 years beginning with 1996.

1. A.P. Moller – Maersk Group


It is regarded as supply boat operator and the biggest container ship operator on the planet. The business has held that distinction since 1996. It operates 600 boats with 3.8 million TEU. Additionally, it possesses the boat Emma Maersk, considered as the biggest container ship on the planet. The business has a presence in 135 nations all over the world.

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