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March 19, 2024
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Paul Randal Big Show Wight Jr. is an American professional wrestler He was born on February 8, 1972 in Aiken, South Carolina, USA . Wight‘s acromegaly caused him to be 6 ft tall and weigh 220 lb at just 12 years old. Currently, he weighs 441 lb and is 7 feet tall. This helped him be exceptional at wrestling, just like André the Giant. He went to Wyman King Academy in Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina, where he was part of the basketball team until a disagreement with the coach. After that, he went to Wichita State University and got back into basketball again. He was a big asset to the team and helped them win some serious competitions. Paul also went to Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville for a year where he joined the Cougars basketball team‘s second division and Tau Kappa Epsilon‘s Beta Chapter.

Big Show Net Worth $20 Million

So how rich is Paul‚ Big Show‘ Wight? Sources estimated that Big Show‘s net worth is $20 million dollars, mostly earned by his efforts in the ring, but also from his acting career.

Paul‘s wrestling debut was in 1995, when he appeared at WWE as professional wrestler Big Show. Later, in 1999 he signed a 10-year contract with WWE. Big Show ended up being among the most successful professional wrestlers in WWE and the world. His net worth has risen substantially already, and the contract hasn‘t even expired yet.

Big Show‘s career is full of amazing achievements. He has taken the highest prize three times in the WWE Hardcore Championship, won the WWE United States Championship and WWE Intercontinetal Championship, WCW World Heavyweight Championship, World Heavyweight Championship and WWF/E Championships twice each, one ECW World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Hardcore Championship three times.

In addition to his solo career, Paul has also won a total of eleven world tag team competitions. Five of them he won with The Undertaker, The Miz, Chris Jericho and Kane. Three of them were WWE Tag Team Championships where Big Show once again teamed up with The Miz, Kane and Chris Jericho. Lastly, he has three WCW World Tag Team Championship victories with the help of Lex Luger, Scott Hall and Sting.

In total, Big Show has achieved 23 champion titles throughout his career. He‘s among the three professional wrestlers who have managed to win every single WWE Championship, others being Kurt Angle and The Edge. All this definitely added considerably to his large net worth.

Besides appearances in professional wrestling events, Big Show has also appeared in movies. His first big screen appearance was in 1996 with Reggie‘s Prayers. Later that same year he starred in Jingle All The Way. In 1998 he was in The Waterboy, Little Hercules in 2006, and Knucklehead in 2010. On TV, Big Show has appeared in such shows such as Star Trek: Enterprise that started airing in 2001 and Burn Notice that started in 2007. He even appeared in one of 2010‘s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition episodes. These definitely also contributed to Big Show‘s ever growing net worth.

As for his personal life, Paul married Melissa Ann Pavis in 1997. The couple have a daughter that they named Cierra. They divorced in 2002, being separated since 2000. A few days after the divorce, Wight married Bess Katramados and they now have two children.

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