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January 23, 2023
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One of the most popular televangelists in the world, American Benny Hinn was actually born in Jaffa, Israel, on 3 December 1952, of Palestinian, Greek and Armenian descent, and is widely known for his television programs “This Is Your Day” and “Miracle Crusades”. In addition, Benny has written many books, and he also supports more than 60 mission organizations and other institutions around the US and abroad.

If you like to think how rich Benny Hinnis is, as of mid-2017, authoritative sources have estimated that Benny’s net worth is over $45 million, mainly coming from his career as a televangelist, so there is a possibility that Hinn’s net worth will become higher.

Benny Hinn Net Worth $45 Million

From a very young age, Toufik Benedictus Hinn, was interested in evangelism, and although born Greek Orthodox, after his family moved to Canada in the late ‘60s, and in 1973 he saw a performance of the famous evangelist Kathryn Kuhlam, he converted to Pentecostalism, naming her as one of his inspirations. In 1983 Benny created the Orlando Christian Center, having moved to Florida, and started to provide healing services as he believed himself to be God’s tool to heal people, which certainly boosted his net worth. Later, in the beginning of the 1990s, Hinn started his show called “This Is Your Day”, receiving a lot of attention and some criticism as well. In 1999 he decided to leave the Orlando Christian Center and moved to Grapevine, Texas, then to Orange County, California, where he now lives and continues to broadcast, remaining very popular,  with his show one of the most successful Christian programs.

Benny has also written many books, including “Kathryn Kuhlman: Her Spiritual Legacy and Its Impact on My Life”, “He Touched Me: an Autobiography”, “Welcome, Holy Spirit How You Can Experience The Dynamic Work Of The Holy Spirit In Your Life”, and “Total Recovery, Supernatural Restoration and Release” among others. The success of these books has had a significant impact on Hinn’s net worth.

Still, Benny has received a lot of criticism during his career, many claiming that Benny and other people like him who say that they can perform miracles, actually do damage to Christianity. What is more, there was also an investigation announced in order to determine if Hinn made any personal profit from donations made. Regardless, Benny retains his popularity as a televangelist.

In Hinn’s personal life, in 1979 he married Suzanne Harthern and they have four children. In 2010 they divorced, but then remarried in 2013.

Benny is something of a philanthropist, claiming to support 45,000 children, and having also donated $100,000 for Hurricane Katrina relief in 2005, and $250,000 to the tsunami relief effort in 2007.

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