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March 20, 2023
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Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr. was born on 18 September 1951, in Detroit, Michigan USA, to Sonya and Robert Solomon Carson Jr., and is known as a neurosurgeon, author and politician, who as of early 2018 serves as the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, prior to which he was a presidential candidate in 2016.

So just how rich is Ben Carson as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, Ben has net worth of $26 million, accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned fields which began in the mid-1970s.

Ben Carson Net Worth $26 Million

Carson had a troubled childhood, with his parents separating and his mother trying to commit suicide several times during his childhood. He was a student of Southwestern High School, where he also played chess, played in the band and practiced public speaking, later on adding that he was aggressive during this time. Having matriculated from high school, Ben enrolled into Yale University, chosen over Harvard as he only had enough money for one college application. His education continued when he enrolled into the University of Michigan Medical School, where he later on struggled to keep up with the work and thus was often advised to choose a different college and drop out, however, he graduated M.D., and was subsequently accepted by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine neurosurgery program, serving as a surgical intern and neurosurgery resident. In 1983, Ben finished his last year with the title of chief resident, then served as senior registrar at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. He became well known for his surgeries of four conjoined twin separations, which were at high risk – two of his patients were Joseph and Luka Banda, which resulted in both of them being able to continue with their lives normally after the procedure. He retired as a surgeon in 2013, however, having apparently benefited from procedures by Mannetech Inc both during and after surgery for prostate cancer in 2002, he remained involved with the company until 2015, promoting various of their products. His public speeches, for the company and on many other occasions, contributed significantly to his net worth over the years, including $4 million during January 2014 to May 2015 alone.

When it comes to his career as an author, Ben Carson has released numerous books and articles, including his autobiography in 1992, published by Zondervan with six of them entering the bestseller list, earning up to $6 million. Additionally, Carson has also written numerous articles and served as a weekly opinion columnist for The Washington Times, joining their team in 2013, and late that year he was hired as a contributor for Fox, one of the most prominent networks worldwide, to provide analysis and commentary, contributing together around $2 million to his net worth. Carson’s tenures on the boards of Kelloggs and Costco from the start of the century also benefited him to the tune of around $2 and $4 million respectively.

In mid-2015, Carson announced that he’d be entering the presidential race as one of the Republican politicians, but quit the campaign early, realizing that he ‘’did not see a political path forward’’. After Donald Trump became president, Ben was offered the position of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, which he accepted, and in March 2017 he was confirmed by the senate.

When it comes to his private life, Carson has been married to Lacena “Candy” Rustin, whom he met as a student, since 1975, and they have three sons. The couple currently live in West Palm Beach, Florida. Speaking about Carson’s religious beliefs, he is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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