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August 21, 2023
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Barry Sonnenfeld was born on 1 April 1953, in New York City USA, into a Jewish family, and is the man behind such productions as “When Harry Met Sally”, “The Addams Family”, and the “Men in Black” trilogy. Sonnenfeld started his career in the film industry as a cinematographer in the late 1970s, however, he later changed his career path and started directing movies.

One may wonder how rich is Barry Sonnenfeld and how did he become so wealthy? A successful career allowed Barry Sonnenfeld to build a net worth estimated by sources at over $60 million. Sonnenfeld accumulated such net worth through acting as well as directing and producing films. Therefore, Sonnenfeld is not only talented and successful but also extremely rich.

Barry Sonnenfeld Net Worth $60 Million

Barry Sonnenfeld spent his childhood and teenage years in New York City. Barry studied at Hampshire College, and then New York University, and after graduation started working in the film industry, initially as a cinematographer – Barry’s first job was to shoot the material for the documentary “In Our Water”. Barry’s talent was highly appreciated, and the documentary was nominated for an Oscar. This impressive start led Barry to another successful project, when Joel and Ethan Coen invited Sonnenfeld to shoot their first movie “Blood Simple”. Later Barry did cinematography work for the movies “Compromising Positions”, “Three O’clock High”, and “Throw Momma from the Train”. In 1987 Sonnenfeld reunited with the Coen Brothers and shot their 1987 film “Raising Arizona”, featuring Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter. Following this Barry shot four successful movies, namely “Big” starring Tom Hanks, “Misery”, with James Caan and Kathy Bates, “When Harry Met Sally”, featuring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, and a gangster film “Miller’s Crossing?, directed by the Coen brothers. These films made Barry Sonnenfeld considerably rich.

However, as a talented cinematographer Sonnenfeld wanted to try his luck in film directing. The first films Barry directed were “The Addams Family” and its sequel “Addams Family Values”, both of which proved successful. As a result, Barry Sonnenfeld’s net worth continued to grow, and he become more acclaimed as well, and so decided to continue directing films., including “For Love or Money”, “Get Shorty”, and “The Wild Wild West”. Sonnenfeld was also the director of the films “Men in Black” trilogy, another series of commercial successes – the third was the most commercially successful – with the director further increasing his net worth.

Sonnenfeld has also directed advertisements featuring The Puttermans family, as well as producing films. For instance, he was the executive producer of the movies “Out of Sight”, and “The Tick”, as well as the television series “Pushing Daisies”, and “Suburban Shootout”.

Moreover, Barry Sonnenfeld played small parts in several of the aforementioned films, including “The Addams Family”, “Get Shorty”, “Men in Black II”, and “RV”. So the multi-talented Barry Sonnenfeld has accumulated his impressive net worth being a cinematographer, film director, producer and actor, apparently relatively effortlessly. Moreover, Barry  has been nominated for many awards and even won a Primetime Emmy for the television series Pushing Daisies.

In 1989 Barry Sonnenfeld married Susan Ringo. They have a daughter Chloe Sonnenfeld, who has also become an actress.

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