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December 14, 2023
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Holly Hunter was born on 20 March 1958, in Conyers, Georgia USA, and is a producer and actress, probably best known for her Academy Award winning performance in the film “The Piano”, which won her numerous awards. She’s also been nominated for other performances, but all of her efforts have helped put her net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Holly Hunter? As of late-2016, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $14 million, mostly earned through a successful career in acting now spanning more than 35 years. She’s also had a successful television career – during her time in “Saving Grace”, she reportedly earned $145,000 per episode. As she continues her career it is expected that her wealth will increase.

Holly Hunter Net Worth $14 million

Holly attended Carnegie Mellon University, and while studying also became involved in theatre work. She would graduate with a degree in drama, while her popularity increased, thanks to being a part of City Theatre. She then moved to New York City, where she would have a chance encounter with playwright Beth Henly, who would cast her in several plays; these included “Crimes of the Heart” and “The Miss Firecracker Contest”. Her net worth was established.

In 1981, Hunter would make her film debut in the movie “The Burning”. The following year, she moved to Los Angeles, and would be cast in several television movies before getting a supporting role in “Swing Shift”. She then worked with the Coen brothers in “Blood Simple” to which she lent her voice. In 1987, she worked with the brothers again in “Raising Arizona” and “Broadcast News”, for which she earned an Academy Award nomination and which would elevate her to stardom. Her net worth also started to significantly increase as she got more opportunities, including starring in Steven Spielberg’s “Always” alongside Richard Dreyfuss.

In 1993, Holly would gain two Academy Award nominations for two separate films – “The Firm” for which she got a Best Supporting Actress nomination, and “The Piano” which would win her the Best Actress award. The success of the two films would help Hunter’s continued rise in net worth. Her career went on with “Home for the Holidays” and “Copycat”, then appearing in “Living Out Loud” and the independent drama “Jesus’ Son”. She continued collaborating with the Coens in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” She was also involved in many independent films from the late 1990s up to the early 2000s; in 2003 she was cast in the drama “Levity”, and would then have a part in the film “Thirteen”, which gained a lot of critical acclaim, and which led to her nomination for a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award.

In 2004, Hunter was cast in “Little Black Book”, and would then lend her voice to the animated film “The Incredibles”. She also starred in “The Big White” alongside Robin Williams. In 2007, she would try her hand at being an executive producer, developing the drama “Saving Grace” in which she also starred; she received Golden Globe, Emmy and two Screen Actors Guild nominations for her performance. One of her latest projects is the film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” in which she plays Senator Finch.

For her personal life, it is known that Holly is deaf in her left ear due to complications from mumps when she was a child. In 1995, she married cinematographer Janusz Kaminski and their marriage lasted until 2001. Since then, she’s been in a relationship with actor Gordon MacDonald; they have two children. Holly identifies as an agnostic theist.

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