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January 22, 2023
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Barry Habib was born on the 15th January 1960, in Brooklyn, New York City, USA, and is an entrepreneur, television personality, actor and executive producer. Habib is best known as the CEO and founder of the company MBS Highway, whose main goal is to forecast and interpret activities in mortgage rates and bond markets. He is also known as a television personality, who gives professional commentary on real estate markets and mortgages. Barry has been active in the industry since 1986.

How much is the net worth of Barry Habib? It has been estimated by authoritative sources that the outright size of his wealth is as much as $20 million, as of the data presented in the middle of 2017.

Barry Habib Net Worth $20 Million

To begin with, details of his education are unknown, but his first job was as a loan originator which he started in 1986. Several years later, he launched a company entitled Certified Mortgage Associates, which provided a mortgage rate for Monmouth County, NJ. In 1992, Habib was named to be the Nation’s Best Mortgage Loan Originator, certainly acknowledging his success, and afterwards he was appointed as a National Sales Trainer by the bank holding company Ally Financial Inc. and the mortgage company CTX, boosting his net worth considerably.

In 2001, Barry Habib launched the Mortgage Market Guide, which is meant to help loan originators make analyses and anticipate market trends, using a business information provider UCG, and market indicator Japanese Candlestick Charts. Habib himself had been working as a loan originator up to 2007. Afterwards, he went on improving his mortgage guide, and merged it with The Duncan Group and Loan Tool Box, naming it the Mortgage Success Source. In addition to this, Barry is a creator of Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist. Finally, MBS Highway has been launched in 2012 – it is the digital platform which helps the professionals to forecast activity and interpret data in the mortgage rate and bond markets.

Moreoever, Barry Habib is a professional speaker and television personality. He is often invited to give speeches on sales training, financial markets, trading analysis and similar topics. As a television personality he comments on bond markets, financial markets, mortgage rates etc.

Furthermore, Habib has landed a career in the entertainment industry. He has been working as an executive producer, and has also appeared as the actor in the films he produced. In 2009 it was “Lonely Street” by Peter Ettinger, and among others, he worked on the drama film “Sympathy for Delicious” (2010) the directorial debut of Mark Ruffalo. The same year, he produced the comedy film “Barry Munday” (2010) by Chris D’Ariezno, and comedy film “Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega” (2010) by Cosmo Segurson. In 2012, he produced the musical film “Rock of Ages” by Adam Shankman, which grossed $59 million at the box office. What is more, Habib invested in the rock/jukebox musical “Rock of Ages” himself, which was nominated for Tony and Drama League Awards.

To conclude, all the above mentioned engagements have added sums to the total size of Habib’s net worth.

Finally, in the personal life of Barry Habib, he has been married to Toni Billand since 2000, and they have four children. The family resides in New Jersey.

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