Avril Lavigne Net Worth

May 4, 2023
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Avril Lavigne is a famous young singer and songwiter with an amazing 45 million dollar net worth. Avril Lavigne has earned her net worth from her career in music industry where she entered in 2002 and released already five studio albums since then. In 2002 her first album “Let Go” came out and it was followed by “Under My Skin” in 2004, “The Best Damn Thing” in 2007, then it was “Goodbye Lullaby” in 2011 and the last so far is “Avril Lavigne” which was released in 2013. Over 30 million of her albums and 50 million singles have been sold worldwide. Avril Lavigne has distinguished herself as a pop-punk singer and that brought her international popularity as well as incredibly huge net worth.

Avril Lavigne Net Worth $45 Million

Avril Ramona Lavigne was born in 1984 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. When she was 16 Avril Lavigne has a chance to perform with the singer Shania Twain and that was the beginning of her career. It all happened very quicky: Lavigne signed a contract with Arista Records worth $16 million and soon after Avril’s first album “Let Go” was released. It was a phenomenal success as 17 million copies of it were sold all other the world. She also received an award in 2002 for the best-selling album by a female artist. Her next albums only proved that Avril Lavigne’s success was not a short term luck. She has several number one hits including songs like “Complicated” “Girlfriend”, “My Happy Ending” “Nobody’s Home”¸, “I’m with You”, “Sk8er Boi”, and others.

Even though most of Avril Lavigne net worth comes from her music related activities such as album sales and live tours, she is known to be actively involved in other areas, too. Besides being a singer Avril is an actress, clothes and perfume designer, and also a social activist. As for the cinema, Avril started with small parts in “Over the Hedge” (2007) and “The Flock” (2007) where she was lucky to receive acting tips from the actor Richard Gere. She also appeared on “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal”.

Avril Lavigne adds up to her net worth with her own clothing line called “Abbey Dawn” which is aimed at teenagers. Clothes designed by Avril and reminding a lot her own “punky-girly” style are enjoying success and were showcased at the New York Fashion Week in 2009 and 2011. Lavigne also has interest in fragrance and she already has three of them produced. The first one was called “Black star” and it was followed by “Forbidden Rose” and “Wild Rose”. All of them enjoy popularity helping Avril Laving net worth to grow.

Avril Lavigne also has been actively involved in various social and charity activities. She works with such organizations as Amnesty International, War Child, Make-a-Wish Foundation and others. In addition she is doing an important educational work by spreading awareness about the dangers of HIV and Aids.

Avril Lavigne is already once divorced and remarried. Her current husband is the lead singer of the band Bickelback.

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