Atticus Shaffer Net Worth

March 24, 2023
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Atticus Ronald Shaffer was born on 19 June 1998, in Santa Clarita, California USA, of ancestral roots stretching back to Poland, Germany, Italy and England. He is an actor, best known for playing the main role of Brick Heck in the ABC sitcom “The Middle”, which along with commercials, television show appearances, and voice acting, have put his net worth to where it is now.

How rich is Atticus Shaffer? Sources inform that his net worth is at $4 million as of early 2016; most of his wealth can be attributed to his role in “The Middle”. He’s also been having great success doing voices and voice-overs for various animated shows and films. With some appearances in movies, and the prospect of more opportunities as his career moves on, this might be just the beginning for young Atticus.

Atticus Shaffer Net Worth $4 Million

Atticus started his career when he was discovered in 2006, when his first opportunity came as a guest star in the television show “The Class”. His performance landed him the lead role for the show “The Middle”, which was the real start of his rise in net worth. Soon after, he found himself starring in other television shows as a guest, being featured in shows including “My Name is Earl”, “Days of Our Lives”, and “Carpoolers”. He also received some opportunities in films, such as a support role in the movie “Hancock” in which he had a scene with Will Smith, and has also starred in the films “The Unborn”, “Leaving Barstow” and “Opposite Day”. He took parts in various commercials, and then was given the idea of doing voice-overs for animated movies and films – he’s voiced for titles like “Frankenweenie”, “Subject: I Love You” and “Year One”. He’s also working for the animated television show “Fish Hooks” which has been on air since 2010. He currently continues his career both as an actor and voice actor, steadily increasing his net worth.

Shaffer has won a few awards for his achievements, including the Media Access Diversity Award for Actor with Physical or Emotional Disability. He also received a Young Artist Award for his role in “The Middle”, and for his role in “Frankenweenie”, an Annie Award for voice acting.

As for Atticus’ personal life, he’s known to have Type IV Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare genetic condition which affects his bones and makes them brittle, which is the reason for his small size, but this is also why he can portray roles of a younger person. Despite this problem, he doesn’t let it affect him. He has been home-schooled and calls himself a bit of a nerd, even playing with popular toys like Yu-Gi-Oh and Lego. He also enjoys watching and reading anything from the Star Wars Franchise. Aside from these, he watches a lot of the History Channel, such as the shows “The Pickers” and “Storage Wars”. Atticus also loves camping and does his best to earn merits and badges. He also doesn’t take his fame too seriously; at times he says that he isn’t used to people talking about him or looking at him. He thinks of his career as an inspiration for people like him, and those that look up to him as a role-model. He currently resides in Acton, California.

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