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February 4, 2023
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Born Aria Maria Vittoria Rossa Argento on the 20th September 1975, in Rome, Italy, as Asia she is an award- winning actress, model, singer, and director, perhaps best known to the world as Yelena in the film “xXx” (2002), then as Sarah in the film “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things” (2004), and as Martina in the film “Islands” (2011), among many other differing appearances.

Have you ever wondered how rich Asia Argento is, as of mid- 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Argento’s wealth is as high as $16 million, an amount earned through her successful career in the entertainment industry, which has been active since the mid- ‘80s.

Asia Argento Net Worth $16 Million

Although her parents, actress Daria Nicolodi, and film director and screenwriter Dario Argento named her Asia, the city registry declined the name as a valid one, and her given name became Aria. However, as she was growing up, her parents called her Asia, and she bore the name into her professional career.

During her childhood, Asia got so little attention from her parents since they were quite busy working, so Asia was somewhat depressed and lonely.

However, her father used to read his own scripts to her as bedtime stories, and this only woke up her creativity. She wrote a book of poems before she turned ten years old, and also made an acting debut when she was cast in a minor role in the film directed by Sergio Citti, before in 1986 being cast in the film “Demons 2”, written and produced by her father. After that, Asia starred in the film “Zoo” in 1988, for which she won the Italian Golden Globe Award in the category Best Actress, and appeared in the horror “The Church” (1989) – on which her father also worked – alongside Nick Alexander, and Michele Soavi. Three years later she starred in the romantic drama “Close Friends”, while in 1993 she was given the lead role in the horror film “Trauma” (1993), directed by Dario Argento. Asia’s name was becoming more popular in Italian film industry, and with such successful films as “Perdiamoci di vista” (1994), “La syndrome di Stendhal” (1996), and “Il fatasma dell’ opera” (1998), only cemented her high position in the industry and with the public.

Thanks to her success in Italy, she tried herself in American productions, and made her debut in the mystery drama film “New Rose Hotel” (1998), next to Christopher Walken and Willem Dafoe, and the same year she starred in the romantic crime drama “B. Monkey”, directed by Michael Radford. She continued to appear in English language films throughout the early and mid- 2000s, making a breakthrough with the role of Yelena in the action film “xXx” (2002), starring Vin Diesel and Marton Csokas. She then appeared in Gus Van Sant’s biopic about legendary Seattle musician Kurt Cobain’s “Last Days” in 2005, and the same year starred in the horror “Land of the Dead”, alongside John Leguizamo and Simon Baker, while in 2006 she played Comtesse du Barry in the biopic about Marie Antoinette, who was played by Kirsten Dunst.

She then returned to Europe and expanded her filmography with such successful films as “Mother of Tears” (2007) and “The Last Mistress” the same year, while in 2008 she appeared in Bertrand Bonello’s war drama “On War”. In 2011 she portrayed Martina in Stefano Chiantini’s drama film “Isole”, for which she received an Italian Golden Globe for Best Actress, and the same year appeared in another Italian film “Glis fiorati”, followed by the French film “Cadences Obstinées”. Most recently, she has been working on the thriller “The Executrix”, which will be released late in 2017.

Aside from acting, Asia followed her father into writing and directing; some of her most successful enterprises are the drama film “Scarlet Diva” (2000), then another drama “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things” (2004), and “Incompresa” (2014), which have also added to her wealth.

Regarding her personal life, Asia was married to film director Michele Civetta from 2008 until 2013; the couple has a son together. She has a daughter with her ex-boyfriend Marco Castoldi, born in 2001.

Most recent reports tell that Asia has commenced a romantic relationship with Anthony Bourdain.

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