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April 18, 2024
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So Who is this Danny “Count” Koker?

Danny “Count” Koker is a part-time actor, but probably best known for the roles he played in the two reality television series “Pawn Stars” and “Counting Cars”. He’s known as the “Count” as a result of the weekly B-grade horror film series, “Saturday Fright at the Movies” which he hosted as “Count Cool Rider”. At the time he was part-owner of the independent TV station KFBT (currently KVCW). Danny is a self-taught mechanic, and the owner of the shop Count’s Kustoms, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, restoring, customizing and repairing automobiles, motorcycles and choppers.

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Danny was born Daniel Nicholas Koker II on 5th January 1964 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He also lived in Detroit whilst growing up, and some of his family worked for the Ford Motor Company, which is no doubt where he developed his love for cars. Danny’s father, Daniel Koker Sr, whose parents were from Yugoslavia, was Danny’s hero and as he states, ‘the greatest influence in my life’. When Danny was nine years old, his father brought home a ’66 Mustang GT Fastback which intrigued Danny hugely – he would to sneak down to the garage at night when the family was asleep, and go through every inch of that car. His father had the car all his life. Now it has pride of place on Danny’s showroom floor, and he’ll keep it forever. Little did he know that that very car had created a turning point in his life, and after customizing his first car, a Chevrolet Camaro, when he was 17 years old, he couldn’t have dreamt that his hobby of restoring vehicles would develop into a thriving and famous business.

Furthermore, Daniel Sr. was an accomplished musician, singer and composer and instilled in Danny a love of music. Danny was 11 years old when he first graced a stage, and proved to have a natural talent for music and performance.


With his roots in 1970’s hard rock, it wasn’t surprising that Danny formed a band of that genre, Count’s 77. On 29th April 2014, the band with Danny as lead singer, released their self-titled debut album with Shrapnel Records – the band also appeared in Seasons 2 and 3 of “Counting Cars”. In 2016 they launched their second album, “Soul Transfusion”., and are still rocking audiences to this day.

Danny “Count” Koker’s television career

“Saturday Fright at the Movies” screened in 1990 and ’91, and Danny for his role of the vampire, “Count Cool Rider”, was inducted into “The Official Horror Host Hall of Fame” in 2016. In 2006 Danny appeared in an episode of “Criss Angel Mindfreak”, a series by Criss Angel, renowned for his magic tricks, illusions and extremely daring stunts.

On 19th July 2009 the reality television series “Pawn Stars” was launched, featuring the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop run by Rick Harrison and his family on the Las Vegas strip, where they evaluate, buy and sell items from the mundane to rare and historic antiques. Danny appeared in the series as an advisor and the owner of Count’s Kustoms, for 21 episodes from 2010 to 2013. This series is still running today.

In 2011, Danny showed up in the reality TV series, “American Restoration”, demonstrating his skills in restoring vintage cars and bikes in five episodes through 2014.


Meantime, History Channel approached Danny, and “Counting Cars” was born. Danny wrote and produced the series, and it debuted on 13th August, 2012. The last episode 10 of Season 10 aired in December 2021.

Throughout this whole period of 20 years, Kevin Mack, who works with Danny, has been his best friend and sidekick. In 2013, Danny was interviewed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal where he declared that the business’s fame was elevated when the show was launched, saying that “On any given day at the shop, you can meet people literally from around the world that show up here.” Many film and rock stars have visited, and some have even had their own cars revamped.


The spin-off “Counting Cars: After Hours” is a series consisting of five episodes that takes an inside look on the after working hours lives of Danny and his staff at Count’s Kustoms.

The romantic love of Danny “Count” Koker’s life

Danny met Korie Fera in Las Vegas in 2000, and they dated for 15 years before marrying in 2015. Not only is Korie Danny’s wife, but she is also his business partner; the couple don’t have any kids.


Born on 8th August 1965 in Las Vegas, the 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, blue-eyed Korie, who usually wears her hair long with shades of red, grew up in Chicago, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting. She worked as a camera operator and then a production co-ordinator for a television station. She was also a singer, and played in a rock band for a while, so the couple share a love of music, and run a well-frequented bar/restaurant called Count’s Vamp’d. Korie, who occasionally sings too, is responsible for hiring bands, and stages a multitude of concerts annually.


The myth about the Kokers

Danny’s dad passed away on 17th Februar, 2008 at the age of 74. Because they carry the same name, rumors were sparked that Danny “Count” had kicked the bucket, and many tabloids reported that. At some stage, Korie had an accident, and it was even rumored that she had died then too.

What is Danny “Count” Koker up to these days?

However, Danny is now 58 years old, and he and his wife Korie are alive and thriving. Danny stands tall at a height of  6ft 2ins (1.9 m); his signature apparel is a bandana, which he almost always wears. He sports many tattoos, and to add to his list of acquisitions and assets, owns Count’s Tattoo Company in Las Vegas, plus sells merchandise branding his business ventures. He is well-loved by his fans, and is said to be a great guy, not only on the screen, but in real life too.

Danny’s shop in Las Vegas, Count’s Kustoms, is kitted and equipped to perform the whole restoration process in-house, from engine repairs to custom airbrushing and the works. Count’s Kustoms museum is open during weekdays, and the public are able to take a tour of and feast their eyes on Danny’s personal collection of over 50 exotic and classic cars, e.g. a 1969 Cadillac, a 1972 Monte Carlo, hot rods and choppers.

Danny is known to be outspoken in his political views as a Trump supporter, which may have lost him favor in some quarters, but hasn’t damaged his business. Danny has featured in many TV interviews, podcasts and commercials, e.g. for Detail Doctor vehicle surface restorer in 2013.


Look out for car shows where Danny and some of his team frequently turn up. Danny is also doing wonderful things with Camp Freedom to help them raise funds to ‘Heal Heroes with Outdoor Adventures’ i.e. help troops, first responders etc. Currently Horny Mike has donated his personal 2016 Dodge Challenger, built by Count’s Kustoms, which will be raffled.

Danny’s said that he feels blessed with his life, and “With blessings comes the responsibility to give back”.

Danny “Count” Koker’s fame and fortune

As we’ve learnt, the things Danny loves most are cars, motorcycles and music. But more importantly, he’s enamored by the fact that other people are as passionate as he is, and have poured their hearts and souls into their own vehicles.

Danny is mostly personally active on Twitter (over 140,000 followers) and his popularity has been  increased by Count’s Kustoms’ Twitter account, which has over 130,000 and Instagram 598,000 followers respectively, plus the extra supporters found on the  “Counting Cars”, Count’s Vamp’d’s, Count’s 77’s and Count’s Tatoos’ social media profiles, clocking him up additional fame.

Danny “Count” has worked really hard to get where he is, and according to authoritative sources, the work’s paid off as Danny’s net worth is estimated at a really cool $13 million, and Korie herself is said to be worth over $1 million. Counting cars apparently earned Danny $100,00 per episode, and so we wouldn’t be surprised to see him again on our TV screens. It doesn’t seem like Danny’s ready to put the brakes on yet!

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