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July 21, 2023
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Aaron Paul Sturtevan was born on 27 August 1979, in Emmett, Idaho USA, of English, German, and Scottish descent. Aaron is a well-known actor, famous for roles in such movies and television shows as “Need For Speed”, “Smashed”, “The Last House on the Left”, “Breaking Bad”, “The X-Files”, “Judging Army” and others.

Aaron Paul Net Worth $16 Million

So how rich is Aaron Paul? It is estimated that Aaron’s net worth is $16 million, with the main sources of his wealth being Aaron’s role in the worldwide famous television show, “Breaking Bad”. Of course, his other roles have also added to Paul’s net worth.

Aaron studied at the Centennial High School, and then decided to move to Los Angeles. There Paul worked at the “Universal Studios” as a movie theater usher, but soon appeared in one of the episodes of the show called “The Price Is Right”. In 1996 Aaron participated in one of the competitions of the “International Modeling and Talent Association”, during which he was noticed by some managers, and this allowed him to start his career as an actor. At first, Paul appeared in music videos for such artists as “Korn” and “Everlast”. Although these roles were small it still added to Aaron’s net worth. Step by step Aaron made his way up in the television and movie industries. Despite the many shows and movies that Aaron has appeared in, he was not really famous until he was cast in the television show called “Big Love”, in which he worked with such actors as Bill Paxton, Matt Ross, Douglas Smith, Shawn Doyle and others. Appearing in this show had a huge impact on the growth of Aaron Paul’s net worth.

2008 was the year of Paul’s success as he was cast in the role of Jesse Pinkman in the “Breaking Bad”. The director was so content with Paul’s acting that he decided to make his character one of the main ones instead of only appearing in the first season. This only proves that Aaron’s talent is worth the acclaim and success he has received. Now Aaron receives more and more invitations to act in projects and there is no doubt that he will become even more popular.

Although at the beginning of his career Aaron was not acclaimed for quite awhile, after acting in the “Breaking Bad” he has been nominated for and has won several awards, for example Golden Globe Award, Primetime Emmy Award, Critics Choise Television Award and others. As now Aaron is one of the most successful and acclaimed actors in the industry, there is a high chance that soon his fans will see him in more projects.

If to talk about Aaron’s personal life, it can be said that he had relationships with such celebrities as Jessica Lowndes and Samarie Armstrong, but these did not last long. In 2013 Aaron married Lauren Persekian. Finally, Aaron is a very talented personality, who is determined to become one of the best actors in the industry. Let’s hope that he will succeed.

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