ASAP Rocky Net Worth

July 14, 2023
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Rakim Mayers was born on 3 October 1988, in Harlem, New York City USA of Barbadian (father) and Afro-American descent. In the music industry he is known as the rapper ASAP Rocky. and is the most famous member of the American hip hop collective ASAP Mob which was founded in 2007. However, as a record producer, Rocky works under the pseudonym of Lord Flacko.

So how rich is ASAP Rocky? Sources estimate that since 2007, the year when he started performing as an actor and working as a producer, ASAP Rocky has managed to save a net worth of $3 million, virtually all from his involvement in the music industry .

ASAP Rocky Net Worth $3 Million

ASAP Rocky started his career in rapping when he was just a child of eight years old. It was his older brother who taught Rocky how to rap, however, a couple of years later his brother was killed, and this accident changed Rocky`s life: he decided to dedicate his life to rap, but how to actually earn a living from it? One other source of income when he was a teenager was apparently from drug dealing, while trying to support his mother.

Rakim started increasing his net worth in 2007 when he joined ASAP Mob members: the acronym ASAP stands for Always Strive and Prosper. All the members had common interests in music and the fashion industry. ASAP Rocky’s net worth was boosted a lot with his debut single “Peso”. His second single “Purple Swag” received critical praise, then when “Live. Love. ASAP” was released ASAP Rocky signed with RCA Records and Polo Grounds Music. Such a deal purported a great amount of income coming to ASAP Rocky’s net worth.

In 2011 ASAP Rocky signed a contract with Sony Music Entertainment, in a deal worth $3 million, thus, we may presuppose that it helped Rocky to boost his net worth even more. Rocky has since released two albums: a mixtape “Live. Love. ASAP” (2011), which was Rocky`s debut album and sold around 284,000 copies in the first two months, plus reaching the top on the Billboard 200, and “Long. Live. ASAP” (2013).

In 2012 Rakim Mayers added up a solid sum to his net worth when he appeared on the Drake`s Club Paradise Tour along with another American rapper Kendrick Lamar. For the record, ASAP Rocky also appeared at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

In 2013 the ASAP clothing brand came into prominence. The famous fashion designer Raf Simons started collaborating with this new brand, which ensures that this business is going to be a source of significant income for ASAP Rocky’s net worth.

In ASAP Rocky’s personal life, from 2011 to 2012 Mayers was in an open relationship with the rapper Iggy Azalea. From 2013 Rakim was dating Chanel Iman, a Victoria`s Secret model, but they have now separated.

In 2012 Rocky was  arrested for beating a man in a clothing store, and Rakim even went on to attack two photographers who had nothing to do with the incident itself, they were just filming it. Rocky was subsequently accused of selling drugs inside the store, but pleas bargaining reduced all charges.


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