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May 4, 2023
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Arthur Steven Lange Jr., commonly known as Artie Lange, is a famous American comedian, film producer, screenwriter, radio personality, as well as an actor. To the audiences, Artie Lange is perhaps best known for his numerous appearances on “The Howard Stern Show”, as well as hosting an entertainment talk show called “The Artie Lange Show”. The show first aired on the DirecTV network in 2011, and was initially co-hosted by Lange and Nick DiPaolo. “The Artie Lange Show” was not only broadcast on radio, but provided the format of a live stream, as well as a podcast, which could be digitally accessed on iTunes. Despite its fairly successful beginnings, “The Artie Lange Show” met with several obstacles. At first, in 2013, DiPaolo decided to leave the talk show due to many differences, as well as differences of opinion between him and the network. A year later in 2014, DirecTV announced the show would be cancelled after airing its last episode in April.

Artie Lange Net Worth $10 Million

Aside from being a radio talk show host, Artie Lange managed to launch an acting career. In 2006, Lange starred in the film directed by Frank Sebastiano called “Artie Lange’s Beer League”, in which he played the main role. Other characters were portrayed by Ralph Macchio, Cara Buono, Laurie Metcalf and Anthony DeSando. However, the movie failed to generate any public interest, and managed to gross only approximately $472,185 in the United States. In addition to being a box office failure, “Artie Lange’s Beer League” was met with rather negative critical reviews.

A well-known actor, and a comedian, how rich is Artie Lange? Sources state that Lange’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million, most of this wealth coming from his involvement in the film industry.

Artie Lange was born in 1967, in New Jersey, United States, where he studied at the Union High School. As a teenager, Artie Lange was charged with an attempted bank robbery, and as a result, he had to perform community service. Lange then enrolled in the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, and attended Seton Hall University, from which he dropped out. Lange began his career as a comedian when he was 19 years old. Lange was given an opportunity to appear at “The Improv” comedy club, where he held his first stand-up performance. As he decided to pursue a career in comedy, Lange founded the “Live on Tape” improvisational theatre troupe, with which he started gaining more recognition.

Lange’s first on screen appearance followed shortly afterwards, when he starred in an episode of a sketch comedy television series called “MADtv”. Lange’s performance helped him start off a professional acting career. However, Lange’s life has always met with numerous legal issues, as well as health problems, as he entered the drug rehabilitation program, and was checked into a rehab center after he attempted to commit suicide. Nevertheless, Artie Lange managed to return to television screens, where he has continued his acting career.

A well-known comedian, Artie Lange has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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