Are Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Still Together Amidst Her Second Pregnancy?

April 18, 2024
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“Alaskan Bush People” is an American documentary/reality-TV series that follows the lives of the Brown family. Set in the cold and wild wilderness of Alaska, the show centres on the family’s survival as they hunt, fish, and do whatever else is necessary to make a living without the comforts offered by modern society, which includes basic utilities.

The series premiered in May 2016, airing on Discovery Channel, and enjoyed widespread popularity, so far over 14 seasons, the latest of which aired in 2022.

While most of the show is filmed in Alaska, later seasons moved to Washington State to film extended members of the family; the show has played host to a number of unfortunate disasters. From surviving one difficult year after another, one might think that the Brown family can live through anything, but in recent years they experienced a couple of life-changing misfortunes.

During the 2020 Washington State wildfires, cast member Bear Brown reported that his family’s home fell under the many properties destroyed in the disaster. Then in 2021, the Brown family bid farewell to the patriarch, Billy Brown, who passed away on 7 February at the age of 68.

While most viewers and fanatics of “Alaskan Bush People” are more concerned with the daily drama of the Brown family’s survival, there are some who expressed an interest in the tumultuous love life of one of the Brown children.

Of course, this is none other than Bear Brown and Raiven Adams relationship which, quite honestly, has seen as many ups and downs as the series.

However, the most recent rumours have fans suspecting that things between Raiven and Bear might not be as cosy anymore. Considering that Adams is now expecting their second child, this might certainly be devastating news to many viewers of the show, and the couple’s adoring followers.


The Bear and The Raven

Born on 10 June 1987 as Solomon ‘Bear’ Isaiah Freedom Brown, he’s the third child of Amy and Billy Brown, and gained initial renown as a member of the “Alaskan Bush People” cast.

Despite his claim to fame as a skilled hunter and member of the Brown family, Bear is also a notorious character who earned his place in gossip headlines for several controversial deeds.

However, Bear isn’t the only Brown family member with a shady past, as Billy, the patriarch, once lived in Texas where he was incarcerated for horse theft, though he left his old life behind to live away from society in Hoonah, Alaska. Bear’s mother, Amy, also has a criminal record, for welfare fraud.

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Raised in Hoonah, Alaska, along with his six siblings, Bear learned how to survive the harsh Alaskan wilderness from a young age, becoming the skilled hunter the series’ audience got to know him for.

Bear spent most of his life in Alaska, though after getting married, he chose to move to Washington State where he raised his family, but his life hasn’t passed without numerous controversies.

In March 2022, police arrested Bear on charges of domestic violence to the fourth degree, laid against him by an unknown family member. The alleged victim of the incident wanted to remain anonymous, but claimed that Bear approached their camper during the said altercation.

After banging furiously on the door, raving and cussing madly, Bear eventually gained access to the camper, and proceeded to push and scratch the victim. In an attempt to seek help, the victim of the incident contacted another family member, who in turn called authorities. Bear then proceeded to grab the victim’s ‘phone, before later being arrested by police.


In the wake of the domestic abuse case, Bear accepted a plea bargain, but any further details of the case and what the ruling was weren’t made public, and as such, no report can be found regarding Bear’s punishment for the alleged crime.

A little while later, while out learning how to drive under the instructions of his older brother Noah, Bear became involved in an unfortunate car accident. According to available reports, Bear ran a stop sign, and subsequently collided with another car.

While both Bear and Noah sustained only minor injuries, the other vehicle toppled over and landed on its roof, resulting in the driver sustaining severe injuries to his spine and leg. Following this incident, Bear paid a fine of an unknown amount, though had since earned his driver’s licence, and now posts pictures of his pick-up truck on his social media platforms.

However, this was not the only controversial act by the reality television star, who previously became the recipient of a restraining order requested by his partner Raiven. She first appeared in “Alaskan Bush People” in 2018, around the same time she would become romantically involved with Bear, marking the start of their tumultuous journey that intrigued so many viewers.

The couple first met at Noah’s wedding, for which Raiven’s mother was hired as the photographer, and she came along as her assistant. Bear and Raiven immediately hit it off, and their chemistry together would eventually become a source of interesting entertainment for the fans of “Alaskan Bush People”.

By August 2019, the couple had made their relationship official via Instagram, and began sharing one loved-up picture after the other. At first, it seemed as if they were a match made in heaven, though before long things visibly began to fall apart.

Not too long after announcing their romantic involvement on social media, the couple shared the good news of their engagement, but only days later disappointed fans with news of their mutual separation.

Despite parting ways, both Bear and Adams assured their followers that they would remain friends, but it seemed that this wouldn’t be enough for the two. Days after announcing their separation, the couple reconciled, leaving fans and the public wondering what exactly was going on between them.

The couple then informed their followers that Raiven was expecting their first child, but days later, it appeared as if they’d ended their relationship for good. In the announcement that Bear shared on his social media profiles, he again stated that he’d remain good friends with Raiven, so that they can raise their child together.


Unfortunately, things would become extremely complicated between the newly expecting mother and father, and in February 2020, Raiven filed for a restraining order against Bear, claiming that he acted abusively and that she feared for both her and her unborn baby’s safety. According to Raiven’s claims, Bear became enraged during an argument and proceeded to push her, and even resorted to waving his firearm around, saying that gun laws don’t apply to him.

Three days before giving birth, six weeks prematurely, Raiven dropped the charges against Bear, though never explained her reasoning behind it. In March 2020, Raiven gave birth to Bear’s first born, a son named River Anthony, though following this the couple went through a long legal dispute.

During the first couple of months, Bear wasn’t allowed to visit his child, and only saw him for the first time six months after River’s birth. Fortunately, this was not due to any personal disputes between Bear and Raiven, but can be blamed on the social restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nonetheless, during this time, Raiven sought full custody of River, initially claiming that Bear was not the father of her child. However, her case didn’t hold up in court, and the couple eventually agreed on custody terms that suited both.


To further complicate things between them, Raiven eventually rescinded the custody hearing, and according to reports, the couple reunited after their legal row; the exact isn’t known, but it is suspected to have happened sometime in mid-2021.

Following this, the couple announced on social media that their engagement was back on, much to the surprise of fans, and on 16 January 2022, they finally tied the knot.

Talking about this abrupt change of events, Bear stated in an interview following their wedding ceremony that he’d loved Raiven for a long time, and that he is absolutely overjoyed at finally making her his wife.

After all that has happened and everything the couple has been through, it seemed that they were finally happy together, and in May 2022, Raiven once again shared the great news with her followers on social media, announcing that she and Bear are expecting their second child, a boy, and that they are both excited about welcoming another child into the world.

In light of Bear’s arrest in March, the public along with numerous gossip publications, began suspecting that the alleged victim who filed a domestic abuse charge against Bear, might have been his wife. However, with the victim’s identity anonymous, this is impossible to confirm.


As far as the couple’s happiness is concerned, it doesn’t seem likely to have been Raiven who filed the charges. Looking at their social media presences, the couple couldn’t appear any happier, and by all accounts seem to maintain a united front in the eyes of the public and their adoring followers.

As such, the rumours of a possible split, and an altercation between the couple might be debunked. For now, the couple seems eager to welcome their new born into the world, and it appears that they are happy together.

Are Raiven and Bear Brown still together? The short answer would, for now it seems, be yes, and it doesn’t look like they might be splitting any time soon.

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