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June 26, 2023
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Angie Hicks Bowman was born in 1973 in California, USA. She is well known as an internet entrepreneur and is one of the richest tech millionaires in the USA. Angie Hicks began her internet business in 1995 and is very successful up to date. Her business company titled “Angie’s List” includes the paid way to find high quality, reliable companies which provide needed services as it provides the reviews as well as ratings made on the opinion of the crowds.

Angie Hicks Net Worth $50 Million

So just how rich is Angie Hicks? Sources report that the overall amount of Angie Hicks’ net worth is as high as $50 million, virtually all her wealth being accumulated from her co-ownership of internet company “Angies List”. The latest data in 2014 has declared a net loss of $18,223,000, whereas the revenue made the outstanding sum of $78,896,000. In 2013, Angie was reported as receiving the income of -$32,989 million. Surprisingly, the company has never had a profitable year, so far.

She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree from DePauw University and Master’s degree from Harvard Business School. The idea of the business came to her after failing to find decent contractors. Angie decided to establish a database with reviews and ratings of the companies in order that people could have the possibility of checking the company beforehand. The first database was made by interviewing neighbours and friends by word of mouth which Angie did herself. The company “Angies List” was founded in 1995 together with Williams S. Oesterle. Four years later the database was transferred onto the Internet. Up to date, the company has more than 1600 employees, and above three million members who use the service provided in 124 cities in the USA.

“Angies List” provides reviews and ratings for a great variety of categories, at the last count more than 400 categories reviewed by the website. In the list you may find the ratings of companies which belong in the health care providers to auto services and other ones that focus on house and home services. The advertising generates 70% of all the revenue, 30% is made up from membership fees. The fees vary according to location. and are declared annually. For example, in 2009 the company announced that the membership fee in Pompano Beach, Florida is $47, Beverly Hills, California is $36.25, Stamford, Connecticut is $32 and Charlottesville, Virginia is only $10. What is more, it has also been reported that the investments made $25 million in 2010. As of the 2014 data, shares of the company are still lower than $13.

Angie Hicks has earned a great reputation in the world of business. For her outstanding achievements in business, in 2009 Angie won the Indiana Commission for Women Torchbearer Award. Currently, she also belongs to the Board of Directors of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce. Not long ago, she resigned from the Board of Directors of The Governor Bob Orr Indiana Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program.

Not many details of her private life are revealed. It is known that Angie Hicks is married and has three children.

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