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April 18, 2024
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Angela Bowie was born as Mary Angela Barnett on the 25th September 1949, in Ayios Dhometios, Nicosia Cyprus, and is an American journalist, actress, and former model, but perhaps best known as the wife of legendary singer David Bowie. Angela’s career started in 1970.

Have you ever wondered how rich Angela Bowie is, as of mid- 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Bowie’s net worth is as high as $10 million, an amount earned largely thanks to her divorce David Bowie, as he left her a lot of money. In addition, Angela has also worked as an actress and journalist, which improved her wealth.

Angela Bowie Net Worth $10 Million

Angela Bowie was a daughter of Helena Maria Galas Barnett and Col. George M. Barnett, a US Army veteran, and grew up in Cyprus with her older brother. Angela studied in Cyprus, Switzerland, and at Kingston Polytechnic in the UK, and then moved to Connecticut College, but she was expelled after ‘same sex’ scandal.

After she had married David Bowie, Angela began appearing in various television shows such as “The Tonight Show” (1973), hosted by Johnny Carson, and “The Mike Douglas Show” (1975). In the meantime, Bowie auctioned for the role of Wonder Woman, but lost the part because she refused to wear a bra. In 1975, Angela had an unsuccessful business idea when she bought the television rights from Marvel Comics for the characters of Daredevil and Black Woman – she wanted to develop the series about superheroes, and considered playing the part of the Black Widow, but she never secured a studio deal.

In 1981, Bowie published her first book entitled “Free Spirit”, and then wrote a bestseller “Backstage Passes: Life On the Wild Side with David Bowie” in 1993. Along with David Padilla, Jim Durban, D.J. Trance, Morgan Lekcirt and Tom Reich, Angela released a CD maxi-single “The World Is Changing” in 1996. She also appeared in such movies as the “Friday After Next” (2002) starring Ice Cube, Mike Epps and John Witherspoon, and in “Up Against the 8 Ball” (2004). Involvement in show business helped Angela to increase her net worth significantly. Bowie also worked as a “roving reporter” for the bimonthly “Frock Magazine”, and most recently, she appeared in the seventeenth series of “Celebrity Big Brother” in January 2016.

Regarding her personal life, Angela Bowie met future husband David when she was 19, and a year later the couple married at Bromley Register Office in Beckenham Lane, London. They divorced in 1980 after having a son together. While they were married, Angela liked to go on tours with David and the songs “Golden Years”, “The Prettiest Star”, and “Cracked Actor” were about her – The Rolling Stones’ song entitled “Angie” (1973) is not about Angela Bowie, even though she claimed otherwise. Angela dated Andrew Lipka from 1979 to 1982 and has a daughter with him, while from 1993, her partner has been electrical engineer Michael Gassett. She resides near Atlanta, Georgia.

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