Andrey Melnichenko Net Worth

June 25, 2023
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Andrey Melnichenko today is known as a Russian businessman and one of the richest people in the world, who has estimated net worth as huge as $11.8 billion. In 2014 he was announced to be at number 97 in the top 100 billionaires list,  if we trust Forbes. In Russia he is in 9th place among the richest people in his country. He is one of the co-founders of MDM bank and this is the main source of the estimated rising net worth of Andrey. Melnichenko.

Andrey Melnichenko Net Worth $11.8 Billion

Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko was born on March 8, 1972, in Gomel, Belarus. He studied physics at Moscow State University, and after graduation co-founded the famous MDM-bank which is now known all around the world as one of the largest Russian private banks. During his career as a bank owner Melnichenko has had an opportunity to meet many famous personalities from Russia and also from all around the world. For example he has discussing some political problems with Dmitryi Medvedev, the former President of the Russian Federation.

Talking about personal life, A. Melnichenko’s wife is Aleksandra Melnichenko – a famous pop singer and also a model from Serbia. The couple married in 2005 and we can call this ceremonysimply magnificent if we take a look at how many celebrities attended it. The huge amount of Andrey’s net worth enabled him to invite Christina Aguilera, Julio Iglesias and Whitney Houston to the party. Furthermore, several years later Jennifer Lopez appeared at a party celebrating Aleksandra Melnichenko’s birthday and was paid more that 1 million pounds for that.

Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko is also known as an owner o fone of the biggest yachts in the world. This Motor Yacht A was valued at $300 million and it was designed bythe  famous Philippe Starck. This yacht with an amazing design inside it, is one of the greatest improvements to Melnichenko’s net worth. His huge amount of net worth lets Andrey Melnichenko also own a great penthouse in Central Park West in NY the living space of which is larger than 2800 square feet. This great house is equipped with an amazing exotic bathroom, also kitchen, designed in brown and black colors and huge bedroom with breathtaking views from all windows in there. The amount of Melnichenko’s net worth can be seen if we know that this penthouse was bought for more than 12 million dollars several years ago. So now you know how rich is Andrey Melnichenko.

Furthermore, he is also the owner of a Boeing BBJ private jet, and that’s the way that Melnichenko can access his holiday house located in Phuket, Thailand. There Andrey usually resides during summer together with his wife Aleksandra.

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