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June 15, 2023
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Allison Moorer was born on the 21st June 1972, in Monroeville, Alabama USA. She is a well known alternative country music singer who rose to prominence with her debut song “A Soft Place to Fall” (1998). She is also known for her family relations with the singer Shelby Lynne who is her elder sister.

How rich is the singer? It has been estimated that the current size of Alison Moorer’s net worth is as much as $10 million, accumulated during a career spanning almost 20 years.

Allison Moorer Net Worth $10 Million

Influenced by the music of Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Tammy Wynette, Alison was dreaming about the singer’s career. Unfortunately, her childhood wasn’t carefree and happy as her father perpetrated the murder – suicide of himself and Alison’s mother. The girl then lived with her uncle and aunt for a while, and after graduation from high school she tried to pursue the career in music, although she then decided to study public relations at university. After graduation, she moved back to Nashville, where she was introduced to the producer Tony Brown who was impressed with her demos “Call My Name” and “Pardon Me” that later were listed in her first studio album “Alabama Song” (1998). Even though many of the songs from her debut album received rave reviews from critics, none of the singles topped the charts or became a radio hit. In 1998, Moorer took part in a film directed by Robert Redford “The Horse Whisperer” as her ballad “A Soft Place to Fall” was tapped for the drama. Fortunately, the song was nominated for the Oscar, and Moorer was invited to perform it at the Academy Awards ceremony in 1999. Her second studio album “Miss Fortune” (2002) was also praised by critics but failed in sales. Then, with Sheryl Crow, Moorer recorded a single “Picture” (2002) which was finally certified gold according to the sales in USA, and became a radio hit. Her net worth was growing steadily.

In 2003, Moorer recorded the album “Show” with her sister. It managed to reach the 49th position of the Billboard Country Top 100. Later, Allison and her husband Steve Earle released the collaborative album “Getting Somewhere” (2006). The album failed in the charts and sales though it was nominated for the Grammy Award as the Best Country Collaboration with Vocals. In 2009, Allison was seen on television, landing a role in the documentary feature film “The People Speak” as well as appearing in several episodes of the television series “Transatlantic Sessions” aired on BBC. In 2015, she released “Down to Believing” which is her most successful studio album up to date., as it peaked in 8th position on Billboard Heat, 15th on Folk chart, 26th – Country chart and 36th on Indie. The album was inspired by the difficult moments in her life with her son’s diagnosis with autism, and divorce. Critics described the album as emotionally resonant and a deeply affecting one.

Despite the fact that the path of Allison Moorer career hasn’t been a smooth and easy one, it might be concluded that it has been profitable as the singer is listed as one of the millionaires of the music industry.

Regarding the personal life of the singer, she has been married twice. Her first husband was the musician Doyle Primm also known under the stage name Butch, from 1995-2005. Her second husband was also a to musician and singer – Steve Earle(2005-2014. Allison has a child from her second marriage.

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