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March 19, 2024
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Born William Hugh Nelson on 29 April 1933, in Abbott, Texas USA., of English, Irish and Cherokee ancestry. Willie Nelson is known worldwide as one of the main figures in American country music.

So just how rich is musician Willie Nelson? Being active in his career as an author, actor, singer, composer, and producer for over 50 years, sources estimate that Willie Nelson has saved a net worth of $30 million.

Willie Nelson Net Worth $30 Million

Willie Nelson parents left him and his sister to be raised by his grandparents, who encouraged Willie in music, such that he started his career by writing his first song when he was just seven years old, and was involved as a leading singer and guitar player in several bands from about the age of 10, through his teens and 20s, also working as a disc jockey in Texas radio stations. In fact, Willie never graduated from college, as he dropped-out in order to focus on his music career. William Nelson’s net worth started growing significantly when the singer signed with D Records in 1958. However, it’s possible to say that William found his real self in 1973, when he signed with Atlantic Records and started focusing on outlaw country – in the 1960s Willie contributed to the development of this subgenre of country music, as an off-shoot to the rather conservative Nashville sound.

Willie Nelson as a country music representative purports the successful numbers of albums released: Willie has enlarged his net worth with the income from a total  of 68 studio albums, 37 compilation albums, 10 live albums and two soundtracks. His first released studio album was named “And Then I Wrote” (1962). Other studio albums to mention that increased Willie Nelson’s net worth are such as “Good Times” (1969), “Read Headed Stranger” (1975), “The Troublemaker” (1976), “Sings Kristofferson” (1979), and “City of New Orleans” (1984). His newest studio album is “Band of Brothers” released on June 17 2014.

Willie Nelson’s net worth also grew a lot because of his ability as an author. In total, hehas  published seven books including his autobiography named “Willie: An Autobiography” (1988). “The Facts of Life and Other Dirty Jokes”, published in 2002, was his set of recollections from his experiences in music industry. He has also published “The Tao of Willie: A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart” (2006), and “A Tale Out of Luck” (2008), a first Nelson fictional book. “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die: Musings From the Road” published in 2012 is a new autobiography written by Willie. All these publications sold well, and thus increased Willie Nelson’s net worth.

The amount of Willie Nelson’s net worth has been augmented with his performances in movies, too. Nelson first appeared in “The Electric Horseman” (1979), an adventure–romance film directed by Sydney Pollack. Following it, Willie showed up at such movies as “Barbarosa” (1982), “Once Upon a Texas Train” (1988), “Wag the Dog” (1997), “The Big Bounce” (2004), and “Swing Vote” (2008). His most recent film projects include “Get a Job” (2011), “When Angels Sing” (2011), “Shoot out of Luck” (2011), and “The Dry Gulch Kid” (2011), actually from around 30 movies in total.

In his personal life, Willie Nelson has married four times and fathered seven children. He first married Martha Matthews(1952 -1962), and the couple have two living children: their third died by suicide. 1991. Nelson next married Sirley Collie(1963-1971), then Connie Koepke(1971-88) and they had two daughters. Willie married his Annie D’Angelo in 1991, and they have two sons, and now split their lives between Hawaii and Texas.

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