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April 18, 2024
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Albert Joseph Brown III is a New York-born American singer and producer who is widely known by his stage name “Al B. Sure!”. Born on 4 June 1968, Al is an African American musician who is mostly noted for his famous song titled “Night and Day”. A successful singer and record producer at the moment, Al has been prominent in the American music industry since 1986.

A two times Grammy Awards nominated singer and a successful DJ, how rich is “Al B. Sure!”? He has accumulated a total net worth amounting to $4 million at the present which has mostly been amassed from his singing career. Moreover, another major source of Al’s wealth is his successful career as a record producer. Being a noted songwriter and producer, he has been credited for introducing famous artists like Faith Evans, Usher and many others to the American music industry. Previously signed to “Warner Bros”, Al is currently contracted to “Hidden Beach Recordings”.

Al B. Sure! Net Worth $4 Million

Al B. Sure! was born in New York and was raised both there an in New Jersey. A keen enthusiast of football since his childhood, Al played football in the Quarterback position at Mount Vernon High School while graduating. After high school, he was very mush focused on making a career in music, and rejected a scholarship to the University of Iowa where he could have pursued his football career. Al started his musical journey as he became the winner of “Sony Innovators Talent Search” in 1987. Later, Al released an album entitled “In Effect Mode” in 1988 which, went to the top of “Billboard R&B” chart for seven consecutive weeks. This album sold more than two million copies worldwide, adding extensively to Al’s net worth.

Al B. Sure released three albums with Warner Bros before switching to the label Hidden Beach to release his latest album “Honey I’m Home”. As his music touched millions of his fans hearts, he has managed to garner many nominations and prestigious awards, including an “American Music Award for Best New R&B Artist”, boosting his net worth.

Apart from music, Al has also been active in television and has appeared in popular shows like “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and “Magic Johnson from Hawaii”. As a DJ, Al served on the radio station “KHHT” based in Los Angeles, and currently he stars in his own radio show on iHeart Radio, which airs every morning. These projects have also been adding more to Al’s pile of wealth.

Talking about his personal life, Al is a married man and fathers three sons. Two of his sons, Albert Brown IV and Devin are also prominent in the music field. Albert has taken the steps of his father and is basically known by his stage name “Al B. Sure Jr.”. Moreover, Al also has a goddaughter who is named “Paige Hurd”. As of now, Al has been living a luxurious life as a multi-millionaire given his net worth amounts to a hefty $4 million as in 2015.

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