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April 18, 2024
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Now well known actor and producer Adrien Brody began his career as thirteen-year-old boy. The first time for audiences was when he appeared in an Off-Broadway play and a PBS TV film. But the first serious critical acclaim came for him after starring in the movies “Summer of Sam” and “The Thin Red Line”. Actually these two appearances made Adrien’s name as an actor, but he didn’t achieve any international recognition before 2002. He earned true notability after his first Oscar winning performance in Roman Polanski’s movie “The Panist”, which became a real success for every actor who had an opportunity to take part in the shoot.

Adrien Brody Net Worth $10 Million

After this great eclat Brody’s career rose very quickly. He could be seen in many different movies with a wide range of genres: horror movies such as “The Village” in 2004, well -known dramas (“Hollywoodland” in year 2006, “The Brothers Bloom” in 2008), some comedies, for example “The Darjeeling Limited” which appeared on screen in 2007. Moreover, Adrien established his acting talent in 2009 after spectators saw him in the movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. His success was even more established later after 2011’s “Midnight in Paris”, where he played Salvador Dali, received 4 nominations, one of them a nomination from Best Ensemble Cast from Alliance of Women Film Journalists Award.

Today the famous American film producer, actor and voice actor has a net worth of $10 million. During his acting career Adrian has experienced not only success, but also some critical failures. Despite that, his most commercially successful film wasn’t “The Pianist” as everyone might think. A huge investment in Brody’s capital was made by starring in Peter Jackson‘s remake of “King Kong”. But the famous actor doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. He is already set to star in the 2014 release of the movie called “American Heist”, and it looks like audiences can expect some more amazing performances by Adrien Brody, and Adrien himself can surely expect his net worth to rise.

However, we can assume Adrien isn’t as scrupulous with his money as he could be. As already mentioned, Brody has a net worth of $10 million. That number appears large, but not after we take a look at the actor’s salary. For just the movie “King Kong”, famous actor received $10 million. But then he earned $2,750,000 for “The Village” and $1,500,000 for “Giallo”. So what happened to his earnings? Maybe the reason for his relatively small current net worth is “Giallo” – in 2010 the filmmakers failed to pay Adrien’s full salary, so he sued them.

As for the actor’s personal life, nowadays Adrien Brody seems to be single. In 2006 he began dating Spanish actress Elsa Patak, but the pair broke up after 3 years, in 2009. Today Adrien lives in USA and works not only as an actor, but also as co-writer in movies such as “InAPPropriate Comedy” . He is also set to reunite with film director Wes Anderson  in 2014 for the upcoming film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

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