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June 3, 2023
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Adriana Gallardo was born in Mexico, and is a business woman, entrepreneur and television personality, best known as an owner of Adriana’s Insurance, and from appearing in the reality show “Rica, Famosa, Latina” which is the Mexican version of “Real Housewives”. Gallardo’s career started in 1990.

Have you ever wondered how rich Adriana Gallardo is as of mid- 2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Adriana Gallardo’s net worth is as high as $10 million, an amount earned thanks to her successful business over the last 25 years. In addition to being an owner of the insurance company, Gallardo is a popular celebrity, and her part in TV shows has improved her wealth.

Adriana Gallardo Net Worth $10 Million

Adriana Gallardo grew up in Mexico, but moved to the United States in the 80’s and settled in California, where she opened her first insurance office in Pomona in 1990. Adriana’s mother Dona Rosy was convinced that her daughter would succeed in the corporate world, and backed her from the very start. Gallardo’s fluent Spanish and the environment where she came from helped Adriana to better connect with potential clients, and her positive customer service attracted plenty of new customers to the insurance company. With the help of her husband, Gallardo established Adriana’s Insurance and quickly became one of the noted car insurance companies in California during the early 90’s, which only increased her net worth.

Her decision to involve most of her family in the business brought the company even closer to her Hispanic clientele, so her business has risen for the past 26 years and is still expanding, with over 50 locations in Southern California alone. She has plans to widen the business to the whole of the US, SO the car insurance mogul doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, which will only further increase her net worth.

Gallardo is one of the most successful Latino woman entrepreneurs in the Southern California and her appearance in 38 episodes of the reality series “Rica Famosa Latina” (2014-2015) has helped secure her place among the most influential ladies in the state. The series is following the lives of the wealthy Latino women in Los Angeles and their personal and business endeavors. After leaving the show in 2014, Gallardo hosted and produced the reality series “Despegando con Adriana Gallardo” in which she and the team of experts are helping participants to achieve their business and personal goals. The show premiered in June 2015, and the first 12 episodes were aired on the website called

Regarding her personal life, Adriana Gallardo is married to Leon, and they have three children. Leon is also a co-founder of Adriana’s Insurance.

Adriana is also well known as a philanthropist, as she frequently donates money to those in need. In 2012, she gave $10,000 to Teleton USA and also gave 4,000 toys to children in several cities across Southern California one Christmas.

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