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March 22, 2024
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Chirs Bumstead is a Canadian social media influencer, entrepreneur, and professional bodybuilder, who won four consecutive Mr. Olympia Classic Physique titles from 2019-2022. Many know him by his nickname, Cbum.

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Age, Early Life, and Education Background

Christopher Adam Bumstead was born under the Aquarius zodiac sign on 2 February 1995, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and is 28 years old as of 2023. He was born to Jeff Bumstead, who is reportedly a Kingston-based Chief Information Officer, and his wife, Mary Bumstead, who is an HR Development Consultant. He is the younger brother of the IFBB Figure Professional Bodybuilder and social media influencer, Melissa Kate Bumstead.

Cbum attended a local elementary school in Ottawa, and began weight training when he was in ninth grade – he’d grown from 170lbs (77kgs) to 225lbs (102kgs) by the time he was in 12th grade. Chris played multiple sports including football, hockey, basketball and baseball when he was in high school. He is an alumnus of Dalhousie University.

Cbum follows the Christianity religion.



Chris is an outdoorsy person who in his spare time likes cycling and hiking together with his sister, Kate.

He’s a huge lover of animals, and his favorites are horses and dogs. He flaunts his pet dog on his social media accounts.

He’s a good cook and enjoys preparing meals for his family and girlfriend.

Chris likes traveling, and his career has seen him tour many countries such as France, Italy and Greece.

He’s also a huge fan of films and TV series, and his favorites are “The Godfather” film franchise, the film “Anger Management’, and the TV series “Breaking Bad.” His best-loved actors are Adam Sandler and Robert De Niro.


Initially, Bumstead began bodybuilding as a hobby and trained under his sister’s husband, Iain Valliere. He participated in his first regional bodybuilding show when he was 19 years old in 2014 in Ontario, Canada, together with his sister, and won as a junior. In the same year, Cbum made his competitive debut and obtained his International Federation of Body Building and Fitness (IFBB) pro card two years later, emerging victorious in the IFBB North America Bodybuilding Championship. In 2017, he participated in his first Mr. Olympia and impressed the judges and crowd, and was ranked second in the category of Classic Physique. He took second position in the same competition in 2018, but was then hospitalized for a month that year, due to severe water retention, recovering after he was given strong diuretics.

Bumstead achieved international fame in 2019 when he won the title of Mr. Olympia, in the competition held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The results were the same in 2020, ‘21 and ’22. and is the current Men’s Classic Physique champion.

Chris has appeared on the covers of various magazines, including Muscular Development Magazine.


Dieting Plan and Workout Routine

Chris is very careful when it comes to what he eats, at least six times a day. He doesn’t pay much attention to his fat and calorie intake, but ensures that he reaches 6,000 calories per day, mostly from chicken, rice and potatoes. Bumstead usually takes oats and egg whites for breakfast, and his second meal is mostly made up of rice, chicken, and mixed vegetables. His next meal is mostly comprised of fish, mixed vegetables and sweet potatoes, and his pre-workout meal comprises rice and white fish. After working out, he takes a protein shake that is made of 100% whey isolate, and his following meal is sweet potato, asparagus, broccoli and chicken, and his last meal is the same as his breakfast.

Cbum works out five to six days per week, focusing on specific body parts per session. His favorite exercises are incline dumbbell presses, bent-over barbell rows, and squats. On his first day, Chris gives priority to back exercises, which include bent-over rows, wide grip latt pulldowns and deadlifts. On the second day, he focuses on bicep and chest exercises which comprise of smith machine bench press and incline dumbbell bench press. He then does glutes and hamstrings exercises on the third day, followed by triceps and shoulders on the fourth day. Chris’ fifth day is reserved for leg extensions, through standing lunges and leg presses.


Career as an Entrepreneur

Cbum owns several firms including Gymshark Company. He founded Revive MD, which sells vitamins and a wide array of medicines, moreover, he runs the YoungLA firm, which sells branded outfits. Bumstead also owns the Raw Nutrition firm.

Social Media Presence

Bumstead opened his self-titled YouTube channel on 5 March 2011, on which he posts workout videos and dietary guides on the channel, which has almost three million subscribers, and over 270 million views as of early 2023. Chris has a massive following on Instagram too, of almost 15 million followers, under the handle @cbum, using his account to commercialize his products. He joined Twitter in May 2021, and is currently followed by over 250,000 fans – he goes by the username @c_bumstead.


Personal Life

Cbum is in a romantic relationship with the American IFBB bikini bodybuilder Courtney Alexis King. The duo first met in the summer of 2018 at a bodybuilding competition, and began dating shortly afterwards. They are seemingly much in love with each other, and are fond of posting their photos together on their social media accounts. Cbum previously posted her photo and captioned it, ‘I have no way of expressing the amount of gratitude I have for this beautiful woman here … I’ve always thought I could handle on my own, but being with someone who gives me space to be vulnerable and gives me spontaneity and comfort, my true self is one of the most empowering feelings. Thanks for being my rock.’


King was born under the Virgo zodiac sign on 13 September 1993, in Chicago, Illinois, and is 29 years old as of 2023 – she is two years older than Cbum. She began modeling and working out while she was in high school, and rose to prominence in 2013 when she participated in the IFBB Bikini Olympia championships and took position seven. Four years later, she participated in the same competition and emerged third. She is represented by the Pittsburgh-based firm, GNC Holdings Inc., which deals with healthy nutritional products.

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

The muscle-bound bodybuilder is of White ethnicity and has a set of blue eyes and short brown hair. He is 6ft 1in (1.85m) tall, and weighs approximately 230lbs (104kgs). His chest, biceps and waist sizes are 51ins, 20ins, and 30ins respectively. Moreover, he has inked several tattoos on his chest and hand.


Net Worth

Cbum has accumulated a good net worth from his bodybuilding career, and is reported to have earned over $1.6 million from event winnings alone. He also has income from his clothing line and supplement firms, and is authoritatively worth approximately $5 million as of 2023.

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