10 Poorest Cities in North America

April 18, 2024
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Its economic recovery is taking a very long time, what with all of the other hurdles the nation and the impacts of the downturn has faced and is always facing until now. This routine can be found in the price of poverty, unemployment, and foreclosures. All you should do would be to take a look at its household income median, if you desire to understand how an unique part of the Usa is doing with regard to market. One thing remains to be clear; those that live in metropolitan areas with the household income median are significantly at a worse state than the other citizens, even when you’ve already considered the differences in cost of living. Here are the 10 poorest cities in The United States, to give a lot more in depth thought to you of these regions.

10. Pine Bluff, Arkansas


Pine Bluff is a city situated in Arkansas’ northern region. The city’s history has been marked with high poverty and unemployment rates, which places it to the tenth spot in this list. In every four families in the city, one just makes about $15,000 per annum. The average income in the town is less compared to the average median income amount in america. In addition, 10% of the total populace of 99,871 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas are living under the poverty line.

9. Steubenville, Ohio

Ohio Valley Steel Towns Face Uncertain Future

Along the West Virginia boundary is the town of Steubenville, which is part of their state of Ohio. It’s an old steel town, which has been significantly affected by the close as well as the devastation of the American steel industry. The city’s median family income is just around $35,000. Along with that, 16.7% of the city’s people is living under the poverty line. Fortunately, Steubenville, Ohio is noticed to truly have a bright future, with Marcellus Shale implementing a brand new method in the natural gas drilling business of the city.

8. Kingsport, Tennessee


Kingsport, Tennessee is found within the state’s Appalachian region. This place has long since been famous for its exceptionally high poverty rates. Since 2007, the poverty rate inside the city has nearly doubled. Out of the 310,695 folks living in Kingsport, TN, 26% are living under the poverty line.

7. Cumberland, Maryland


Cumberland, Maryland can be located in the state’s West Virginia boundary. It was economically devastated because of the close of several plants back in 1987. In the same year, the Kelly Springfield Tire Plant additionally closed. As of to-day, the city still continues to face drop due to its significant unemployment rate. Around 19.8% of the inhabitants are living under the poverty line.

6. Jonesboro, Arkansas

Jonesbor Main St

In the northwestern part of the state of Arkansas lies Jonesboro. This is the biggest city in this specific area of the state. In america, the average unemployment rate is around 9%. Jonesboro has a much lower speed compared to this national average. However, despite of this, the city still has lots of residents residing under the poverty line.

5. Las Cruces, New Mexico


Las Cruces, NM is a city located within the southern region of the state. It lies at the intersection of I-10 and of I-25. The majority of the residents must significantly depend on kind of services for a big percent of the income, since the city doesn’t have any real industry. More than 26% of the inhabitants of Las Cruces, NM is living under the poverty line.

4. Albany, Georgia


Albany is Georgia’s ninth-largest city. It’s located in the region of the state. It was once regarded as a center of business activities and was even nicknamed as ‘The Great Life Town’. Before, it was a heart for the production and transport business. However, back 2008, the business needed to close, which led to a big percent of the town becoming unemployed. So far, things haven’t been able to really function properly for the occupants of town.

3. Monroe, Louisiana


Monroe is a town within the state of Louisiana. With a total population of 48,815 in the official census report of 2010, it’s the ninth biggest city in Louisiana. The average income in the city per home is $25,864. Per household, the median income is $33,263.The entire per capita income for this city is $15,933 and 26.3% of the households are living under the poverty line. Including 45.3% of the occupants that are under the age of 18.

2. Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas

Harlingen TX 054

Brownsville Harlingen, Texas are available across the Mexican border. The place just includes a 53% graduation rate. From the 408,054 folks living here, 36.3% are categorized below the poverty line. It is regarded to become among the towns with the worst examples of poverty in the whole nation. Luckily, the authorities of BrownsvilleHarlingen, TX are striving hard to enhance not just the financial standing of town, but also its instruction.

1. Laredo, Texas


Laredo, Texas can be located on the Rio Grande River’s north bank, along the Mexican border. The crossing in the city provides a particular amount of economic benefits, but it has been thought to be the entrance for numerous offenses, including drug trafficking. The inhabitants of the town is more than 250,000. Around 37% of this people live beneath the poverty line. The unemployment rate in the town is about 8.5%. This makes Laredo, TX undeniably the city with regard to residents residing under the poverty line.

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