YouTuber Daithi De Nogla Wiki: Real Name, Girlfriend, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Who is Daithi De Nogla?

David Nagle – aka Daithi De Nogla in Erse – was born in County Limerick, Ireland on 6 July 1992 – his zodiac sign is Cancer, and he holds Irish nationality. He’s a gaming YouTuber and a social media star, known for making ‘Let’s Play’ videos of titles such as “Call of Duty”, “Minecraft” and “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”, and is one of the most popular Irish YouTubers. He often collaborates with other famous YouTubers, particularly VanossGaming, Terroriser and H2O Delirious.

Early life and education

David grew up in Ireland, in a Roman Catholic family; he was born as a triplet, and has two brothers and a sister.

Not a lot is known about David’s parents and siblings, as he respects their privacy and wants to keep them out of the public eye.

David became interested in gaming at an early age, by watching his older brother play video games. For his ninth birthday, he was given his first gaming console, a Game Boy, and started playing himself, particularly “Pokémon” and “Harvest Moon”.

Before launching his YouTube career, David studied early childhood care and education at the Institute of Technology, Tralee. He didn’t graduate as he dropped out in 2014, when his YouTube channel reached a million subscribers.


YouTube career

David launched his YouTube channel on 16 January 2012, and soon started uploading gaming-related videos, however, his earliest videos aren’t publicly available anymore, as David has either deleted them or made them private.

Later in 2012, he partnered with the online entertainment network Machinima, and produced a series called “Nogla Annoys”, in which he pulled pranks on other players in online lobbies of video games “Call of Duty” and “Modern Warfare 3”.

He reached a wider audience in 2014, particularly with his “GTA V Funny Moments” video series. Aside from “Grand Theft Auto V”, he also often produced videos about other video games, such as “Garry’s Mod”, “Minecraft” and “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”.

As of 2015, he’s been making animated comedic shorts, along with typical gaming content, which have since become some of his most watched videos.

Around that time, David became notorious for making videos with no background music and very minimal editing, which was often mentioned by his colleagues who made fun of him for it.

On his channel, David often collaborates with other YouTubers, particularly H2O Delirious and CallMeKevin. Furthermore, he is a current member of the Vanoss Crew, consisting of the popular Canadian YouTuber, VanossGaming and 11 other gaming content creators.

David was named one of Ireland’s most successful YouTubers by “The Times”, “The Irish Times” and “Irish Examiner”, among others.


At the height of his popularity, he was the second most popular Irish YouTuber, but has since fallen to the third place, behind Par Condell and Jacksepticeye.

In 2020, David competed in a charity “Call of Duty: Warzone” tournament, heading the team consisting of him and nine other content creators; the tournament prize was $100,00, and was donated in its entirety to the non-profit organization Call of Duty Endowment, in honor of Military Appreciation Month.

As of December 2021, David’s channel numbers more than 7.3 million subscribers, and over 1.2 billion views.

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His most popular video is “POO STORY! – Daithi & Friends Animated”, which has been viewed more than 21 million times.

Presence on social media

David is very popular on Instagram, with his account ‘@daithiden0gla’ numbering more than 2.3 million followers, on which, he mostly uploads silly and casual selfies, along with cosplay photos.

He launched his Twitter account in January 2012, and has since been very active on the platform, having tweeted almost 70,000 times, while his account numbers over 1.9 million followers.

In 2020, David became active on TikTok, on which he uploads short clips from his YouTube videos and gameplay streams. He has now attracted over 440,000 followers, while his videos have amassed more than five million likes.


Unlike many other gaming YouTubers, David doesn’t do Twitch streams; he had an account, but wasn’t very active, so he deleted it in November 2021. In response to fan requests to start streaming, David jokingly tweeted ‘Never gonna stream on @Twitch, they wouldn’t let me sit down at their booth. Can’t a tall man rest his feet?’, but the real reason as to why he avoids Twitch is still a mystery. However, David does occasionally stream his gameplays on YouTube.

Does Daithi have a girlfriend?

Although he’s generally a very private person, David has been in a few relationships that the public knows of.

The first was with a non-celebrity girl named Emily, who was featured in a few older videos of his. In 2015 and early 2016, he was dating a girl named Berenice.

Since 2018, David has been in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Aliyah aka Aliyah De Nogla. The two often collaborate on his channel, in videos such as “TikToks I sent to Aliyah to make her laugh” and “13 minutes of my girlfriend bullying me in Would You Rather”. David and Aliyah reportedly moved in together in 2019, when David moved from Ireland to Los Angeles, California.

In August 2020, he revealed that he and Aliyah had been secretly engaged since July 2019, and after three months, he took to social media to reveal that they have become parents to a daughter.


Hobbies and interesting facts

David loves animals, and has two pet dogs, called Joe and Tony.

He once built a KFC and a Chick-Fil-A restaurant in “Minecraft”.

His all-time favorite video games are “Call of Duty: Warzone”, and from the “Pokémon” series.

David is a big fan of anime and manga, and would love to get a chance to visit Japan one day.

There is a rumor going around that he missed his sister’s wedding to play “Fortnite” with the popular Twitch streamer Ninja.

Height, age and net worth

David is 29 years old. He has short dark brown hair and brown eyes, he’s 6ft 3ins (1.91m) tall, and weighs around 185lbs (85kgs).

As of December 2021, his net worth is estimated at more than $2.15 million.

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