Yandy Smith Net Worth

June 25, 2023
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Yandy Smith is known as one of the best producers in United States who has estimated net worth as amazingly high as $15 million. Y. Smith worked with such stars as LL Cool J, Missy Elliot and 50 Cent, and that’s the reason why Yandy’s net worth is so amazingly high. Yandy started her career in show business while working for Violator Management being Executive Assistant there, however, when she started to work as a manager for the famous Jim Jones, she left her previous company and started her new work as a consultant for Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group (WMG). That was a great success for Yandy and her net worth rose immediately.

Yandy Smith Net Worth $15 Million

Already in 2008 Yandy had been called one of the top executives younger than 30 years old. After that Yandy got an invitation to join another company, Monami Entertainment. So now you can now better imagine how rich is Yandy Smith if we take a look at all her great works she attended.

Talking about her personal life, Yandy Smith nowadays is dating Mendeecees Harris, who has been her boyfriend for a long time already. Harris has a son from his previous relationship, Lil’s Mendeecees, and also the couple has one child together – Omere. Yandy together with her boyfriend now live in New York and enjoy life with the huge amount of net worth which Yandy Smith owns.

Apart from her great career as a manager and consultant, Y. Smith is also known as a businesswoman with the great ability to perfectly control her earnings. That’s why she owns the brand “Everything Girls Love” – this is one of the sources of Yandy’s amazingly high net worth and one more answer to the question how rich is Yandy Smith?

Furthermore, Yandy’s  net worth rose quickly one more time after her appearance in a popular show aired on VH1 – it is called “Love & Hip Hop”. This reality TV show debuted on TV in 2011 and was considered to be one of the most popular programs. Yandy could be seen on “Love & Hip Hop” since its second season. There Smith had an ability not only to show her great talent in Hip Hop, but also to make her relationship with Mendeeces Harris even more public than it was before.

Today Yandy’s net worth continues to rise mainly because of her talented acting in “Love & Hip Hop”, and also thanks to her work with Monami Entertainment. Actually, her work for the latter company is quite associated with her first job, as now Yandy has to work with her boss from previous work (Violator Management). That is the reason why now Yandy continues to work together with Mona Scott Young. And of course, Yandy remains one of the best known and one of the greatest TV stars who also work as a producer. With her amazingly high net worth Smith can be considered as not only as one of the richest, but also as one of the most influential personalities in the entertainment industry.

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