Why was STPeach banned from Twitch? Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

March 22, 2024
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Who is STPeach?

Lisa Vannatta, better known online as ‘STPeach’, is a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and social media star, who rose to prominence thanks to her streams featuring her playing and commenting on various popular video games, such as Counter Strike and League of Legends.

STPeach is also known for some controversies that she’s discussed in her streams, such as alleged death threats directed at her. Her followers were also curious as to why she had been banned from Twitch twice. This and much more about this young celebrity can be found by reading this article.

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Early life, family, and education

Lisa or STPeach was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio on 8 November 1993, in Calgary, Canada, where she was raised by her parents. STPeach holds Canadian nationality and her ethnicity is White. Nothing is known about her parents, abut what we do know is that she has two brothers, namely Steve and Curtis.

Speaking of her educational background, STPeach attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 2012, she enrolled in college. According to sources, she studied dentistry, and after graduating in 2015, she worked as a dental assistant before she began streaming on Twitch.


Twitch streaming and YouTube

STPeach established her Twitch account on 9 October 2015 – since she grew up with two brothers, it isn’t surprising that she also liked playing video games. After she realized that she was more than good at playing, she opted to share her skills with the rest of the world. Day by day, STPeach’s popularity was growing, and today her Twitch channel has over a million followers. She mostly plays games, although often just chats with her fans.

On 1 March 2016, STPeach launched her self-titled YouTube channel, which is today subscribed to by over 250,000 people, and all of her videos combined have gained nearly 10 million views. Speaking of her videos, she mostly uploads vlogs, workout routine, and also her everyday life.

STPeach’s number one most viewed video “MY FIRST ANIME EXPO! –Cali Vlog” uploaded 8 September 2017, has amassed over 750,000 views.

The second most viewed video on her channel is “Vacation Vlog!” uploaded on 18 August 2017, and has gained over 600,000 views, featuring STPeach on her cruising trip to St. Maarten Island, a country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean.

The number three most viewed video on STPeach’s channel is “PHYSIQUE UPDATE – ALL WORKOUT VIDEO” posted on 8 June 2019 which has been viewed over 500,000 times.


Presence on social media platforms

As mentioned, STPeach is a social media star, and has an army of followers on her social media accounts. For example, her Instagram account has nearly two million followers, and she’s posted over 350 times. Her most recent post, featuring her in a swimsuit has gained over 250,000 likes and nearly 2000 comments.

STPeach’s Twitter established in November 2015, has been followed by over 550,000 people, and she’s tweeted over 7,000 times. When you visit her Twitter profile, you are warned that there’s age-restricted adult content, which is inappropriate for those under 18.

STPeach’s official Facebook page has nearly 1,500 followers, on which she occasionally posts updates about her life and works on this platform.

Why was she banned on Twitch?

Many fans like STPeach because she’s not ashamed of showing her body in her streams, however, she twice violated the rules of Twitch, and so was banned.

The first time was when she had a ‘charity stream’ in February 2022. STPeach organized a pool party in her room, and was wearing a swimsuit (some people commented that she was almost naked). She was collecting money for a boy who needed help, and reportedly raised over $10,000.

In April 2022, STPeach was banned again, this time the reason was the costume she was wearing. It was a cosplay costume of Raven, one of the heroes from the series “Teen Titans”. STPeach tweeted that she was banned for 24 hours, and added that she doesn’t understand why Twitch banned her since she was wearing that same costume during her previous stream.

Many fans and her Twitch fellows supported her, although some disliked her stream, saying that she is ‘shameless’.


Love life and boyfriend

As previously stated, STPeach has been the subject of several controversies. One of those who wanted to be her lover refused to take ‘no’ for an answer; after she rejected him, he threatened to rape and murder her, and also her family. Fortunately, this never happened, though STPeach shared screenshots of their chats to protect herself. The user apologized to her, but after stalking her for over a year, it seems that the apology was insufficient. STPeach shared with her fans that she was really afraid of this, as she said, ‘a monster’.

Let’s move on to more beautiful topics, such as love. Since October 2016, STPeach has been in a relationship with her now-husband Jay Chae. He’s a Korean-American, who lives and works in Los Angeles, California, and is a registered nurse.


The two met through a mutual friend, and for a year they talked via Skype before they met again. She was living in Canada at that time, and subsequently moved to Los Angeles when they became engaged, in May 2018. After moving in together, STPeach and Jay would often play video games together, and there are numerous videos on her YouTube channel featuring the two of them.

They exchanged their wedding vows on 24 May 2019, and despite racist comments they’ve received, STPeach and Jay say that they’re happy together, and that they don’t pay attention to these mean words.

They live in their residence in Los Angeles, with their two pet cats named Leo and Alfred.


Age, appearance, and net worth

STPeach is 29 years old, and has long, blonde hair and blue eyes. Many of her fans said that she has perfect body measurements, with a height of 5ft 5ins (1.65m), weighing about 120lbs (55kgs), and vital statistics of 34-24-34.

If you wondered how rich STPeach is, according to sources as of November 2022, her net worth has been estimated at $650,000.

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