Why is Johnny Sins so Famous? His Age, Height, Dating, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Johnny Sins

Born on 31st December 1978, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Johnny Sins (birth name Steven Wolfe) is a well-known porn actor, director and YouTuber, who has won over legions of fans thanks to his blue eyes, shaved head, and muscular body.

Apart from being nominated for three AVN Awards for Male Performer of the Year, Johnny has also reached mainstream recognition as an internet figure, and the subject of many memes. Despite his exuberant onscreen persona, the actor was reportedly a shy child who didn’t make friends easily; he also rejected his mother’s attempts to get him to go to church, and has never been interested in religion.

Upon graduating from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Johnny began working in construction. Aged 28, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a full-time career in the adult entertainment industry, which implies that he already had some experience as a porn star. Although some believe that Johnny began shaving his head to set himself apart from other adult actors, the truth is that he began to do so at 24 years old, after noticing that he was going bald anyway.



Johnny is nothing if not prolific: as of April 2019, he’d performed in over 1,000 scenes for Brazzers alone. Prior to the fame, the former construction worker acquired jobs via Craiglist ads, mostly for low-budget and somewhat seedy productions. A little-known fact is that the moniker ‘Johnny Sins’ initially belonged to one of the actor’s college friends; during his first shoot, the adult star was asked what his stage name was, and couldn’t think of an original one.

The Pennsylvania native began making a name for himself in the industry in 2008, when he was nominated for an AVN Award in the Best Couples Sex Scene category. The following year, Johnny was also placed in the running for Best Male Newcomer.

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After years of being nominated but not winning anything, Johnny finally took home the Unsung Male Performer of the Year award at the 2013 AVN ceremony. In 2017, he won Favorite Male Porn Star, and he’s also received accolades at the Pornhub Awards such as Most Popular Male Performer by Women.

Johnny’s history with Pornhub goes back many years, as in 2015 the company launched a crowdfunding campaign to make the first X-rated film in space. The ambitious campaign failed to reach its $3.4 million goal, raising approximately $236,000 in 60 days. If the project had reached its goal, Johnny and fellow porn star Eva Lovia would have undergone six months of rigorous preparation for the filming process.

At risk of aging out of the adult industry, in 2017 Johnny and his then-wife Kissa Sins launched SinsTV, a YouTube channel featuring sex advice, couple vlogs, and more. A quick look at the channel’s oldest uploads shows that Kissa is noticeably absent; as the couple separated in 2019, it’s possible that Johnny deleted all the videos she appeared in.


With over 109 million views and 2.1 million subscribers as of January 2024, SinsTV continues to perform well. The most popular videos to date are “How Johnny Sins Became a Male Pornstar” (10 million views), “Johnny Sins Diet For Great Sex” (8.1 million views), and “Johnny Sins Tries Indian Food” (7.7 million views). Although not every upload is centered around sex, it’s obvious that those videos are those that receive the highest number of views, likes, and comments.

2020 was the end of an era for Johnny, as he stopped making videos for large studios in favor of producing his own content. Although fans of the adult star were heartbroken at the surprise news, he reassured them by saying that he may return to working for large studios in the future. At time of writing, Johnny has appeared in almost 3,000 videos.

Thanks to his thriving YouTube channel, merchandise sales, and lengthy career in the porn industry, Johnny is worth approximately $3 million, as of early 2024.

Personal Life

Mere months before their 2019 split, Johnny and Kissa made a joint podcast appearance on “Impaulsive”, hosted by internet personality Paul Logan. Minutes into the interview, they dropped a bombshell by revealing that, contrary to popular belief, they weren’t really husband and wife.

‘We’re industry married. Everyone thinks we’re married because we have the same fake last name,’ Johnny said, adding that they’d been together for approximately five years.

Despite their separation, Johnny and Kissa remained on cordial terms and made sure not to publicly badmouth each other. For those who wish to know more about the actor’s ex-‘wife’, Kissa was born on 22nd June 1987, in Pasadena, California. The erotic model’s family moved to Toronto, Canada, when she was six years old, but returned to the USA a decade later.


Prior to entering the adult entertainment industry, Kissa was the owner of a small wedding planning business. Almost two years into her relationship with Johnny, whom she met through Instagram, Kissa left her day job behind and did her first shoot with Brazzers. Since then, the brunette has never looked back, working with production companies such as Pure Taboo, Burning Angel, and Girlfriends Films.

In 2018, Kissa won Best Lesbian Sex Scene at the AVN Awards for her work in “I Am Katrina” alongside co-star Katrina Jade. The same year, the Californian released “Corruption of Kissa Sins”. According to the actress, Johnny was initially supportive of her porn career, but later regretted the fact that she had filmed intimate scenes with other men.

The current state of Kissa and Johnny’s relationship is unknown. As of 2022, they were believed to have reconciled and had even taken things a step further by becoming legally married. Although social media is by no means a reliable indicator, the last time Kissa posted Johnny on her Instagram profile was in March 2023. The actor himself has no photos with Kissa on his social media, and recently uploaded a pic with a mysterious bikini-clad blonde.

Regarding Johnny’s physical stats, he is listed as 6ft (183cm) tall with a weight of 175lbs (80kgs).

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