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April 18, 2024
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Amber Scholl has made a name for herself as a popular YouTuber, influencer, and fashion enthusiast, celebrated for her creative and budget-friendly do-it-yourself (DIY) fashion videos. Her channel has become a hub for fans seeking innovative fashion inspiration that doesn’t break the bank, contributing to her significant following across various social media platforms.

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Amber’s YouTube channel is a rich source of fashion and DIY content, boasting over three million subscribers and cultivating a dedicated fan base. On Instagram, she remains actively engaged with her audience, having garnered an impressive following of over 900,000.

To unravel the story behind Amber’s rise to fame and explore who she truly is, let’s delve into her career and life, gaining a closer understanding of the person behind the influential social media content creator.

Early Personal Life

Amber Brittany Scholl was born on 13 August 1993, in Los Angeles, California USA. Her parents, Russell and an unnamed mother, have celebrated nearly three decades of marital bliss.

As the oldest of three girls, Amber’s two younger sisters are Angela and Alyssa. Amber’s diverse ancestry includes German, Polish, Irish, and Russian roots, so the family has a very rich cultural background.

Regrettably, there are no available details about Amber’s childhood or upbringing. While her family structure is known, the specifics of her early life remain undisclosed. Amber, however, has shared glimpses of her family over the years, showing her fans the enduring happiness of her parents’ marriage, and the close bond she shares with her two younger sisters.



Amber’s educational journey began at Desert Mountain High School, where she was a student from 2007 to 2011. During her high school years, Amber participated as a cheerleader, reflecting her enthusiasm for school spirit and camaraderie.

Following High School, Amber pursued higher education at Pepperdine University, and in May 2015, graduated with a major in Broadcast Journalism, marking a significant milestone in her academic journey.

During her university years, Amber was a leader within her Tri-Delta Sorority, contributing to various initiatives and demonstrating her commitment to community service.

Amber’s dedication to philanthropy is evident through her involvement in organising fundraising campaigns for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Additionally, she was a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, cementing her commitment to journalistic excellence during her college years.


After finishing her educational journey, Amber encountered challenges in securing employment in the competitive L.A. job market. Despite her best efforts, including brief forays into actin,g and odd jobs, financial stability remained elusive.

In a bid to make ends meet, she was the person behind the Snapchat account for ‘All Women Talk,’ a New York-based women’s blog.

Amber even explored corporate job opportunities, though her heart wasn’t fully invested in those roles, and unfortunately, success in that realm remained elusive.

During this period, Amber’s notable job was as a driver for Postmates, although this too came to an end when she was involved in a car crash on 4 July 2016.

Faced with financial struggles and feeling at a low point, she decided to make one more desperate attempt at making ends meet.


Leveraging her existing YouTube channel, which already had around 10,000 subscribers, Amber began posting random videos. Little did she know that this would be the turning point leading to her remarkable success as a social media influencer and fashion content creator.

Amber’s breakthrough moment came when one of her uploads, showing viewers how to create your own marble flooring on a budget, unexpectedly landed on YouTube’s homepage. This sudden exposure led to increased visibility, and viewers began exploring her older uploads that offered budget-friendly tips and tricks, which had previously garnered only a few views., and marked the beginning of Amber’s noteworthy career as a social media content creator.

What distinguishes Amber from other well-known content creators is her unique talent for generating interesting and unique but effective and appealing solutions to everyday problems, all the while adhering to an unforgivingly tight budget.

Before venturing into her own YouTube journey, Amber enjoyed watching videos on the platform. However, she found herself unable to afford the things shown off by the most popular YouTubers at the time.

This financial constraint inspired her to find and share innovative ideas with viewers who, like her, faced budgetary limitations. Amber’s relatability and resourcefulness resonated with viewers, setting her apart and contributing to her rapid rise as a beloved social media personality.

Amber’s innate creativity, honed from her crafty childhood, seamlessly translated into her DIY videos.

What endears her to her viewers is her genuine nature. Despite her newfound fame, she remains true to herself, as evident in her consistent persona from her early fancy event videos. Amber values staying connected with her fan base, expressing regret that she can’t respond to all the comments and direct messages she receives, as she did when her followers were a smaller group.

However, she still treats her audience as friends, a testament to the authentic and approachable presence that has contributed to her popularity.


Amber has extended her influence beyond social media by collaborating with brands including Shein, leveraging these partnerships to launch clothing lines that contribute significantly to her income. Additionally, she generates revenue through her jewellery line, showing off her entrepreneurial spirit and diversifying her income streams.

Amber has been associated with Marienor Madrilejo at Abrams Artists Agency. This professional collaboration suggests her strategic approach to expanding her brand and career, aligning herself with experienced industry representation.

Interesting Facts

Amber embraces a vegetarian lifestyle, abstaining from meat and fish consumption.

Pink is Amber’s favourite colour.

Adding joy to her life, Amber is a proud pet parent to a dog named Taco, sharing moments and updates about her furry companion on social media. In addition, she has another adorable pup with the name George Biscui, for whom she’s created a dedicated Instagram account, attracting over 45,000 followers who delight in the charming updates about the lovable pup.

Amber once admitted to having a phobia of spiders.

As a student with aspirations to be a newscaster, Amber pursued various roles to earn experience and build a career. She served as oceanup.com’s social media manager, acted as Maximo TV and Blanco Bleu Productions’s Entertainment Correspondent, took on the role of WMTV’s Celebrity Host, and interned at Clevver Media.

She displayed her skills as an interviewer with red-carpet interviews for the likes of DailyMail Online, MSN Celebrity, WorldMonitor TV, and American Gentleman Magazine.

Later Personal Life

As of the most recent available reports, Amber is believed to be single. While there is no publicly available information regarding her relationships, some fans have speculated about a possible connection with Colby Brock. However, both parties have confirmed that they are not in a romantic relationship and are simply friends.

Amber’s personal life, like that of many public figures, remains largely private, with details about her relationships not disclosed publicly.


Physical Characteristics

Amber is 5ft 3ins (160cms) tall, and weighs about 117lbs (53kgs), with vital statistics of 32-24-34. She has long black hair but is often seen with blonde, brown, and even dark red hair. Her eyes are blue-grey in colour.

Net Worth

Thanks to her successful social media content creation career, Amber has an impressive estimated net worth of $1.7 million, as of early 2024.

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