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April 18, 2024
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Thomas Petrou, an American internet personality and entrepreneur, manages a self-titled channel recognised for its diverse content. Ranging from festive and travel narratives to couple and reaction videos, his channel caters to a broad audience of entertainment enthusiasts.

Known for his connections with prominent YouTubers such as Tessa Brooks, Erika Costell and Jake Paul, Thomas collaborates with them on various videos, expanding his online presence.

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Additionally, he boasts popularity on TikTok, where he has garnered 8.3 million followers and 539 million likes, reflecting his influence on the platform.

Beyond his digital ventures, Thomas, a former model with a keen sense of style, extends his creativity to clothing design, successfully selling merchandise online that resonates positively with his fanbase. As a co-founder of the renowned TikTok group ‘The Hype House,’ Thomas has contributed significantly to its success.

But who is the man behind all this success? Let’s find out as we take a closer look at his life and career so far.

Early Personal Life

Born on 2 September 1998 in the United States, Thomas Petrou spent his upbringing alongside several siblings: Oliver, his twin, his brother Giorgio, and two sisters, Selina and Lizette.


Hailing from a diverse heritage, Thomas is of Greek descent on his dad’s side and Italian through his mom. His parents underwent a divorce when he was quite young, and he was raised by his mother.

There is limited reliable information available about Thomas’s family, and details about his childhood and upbringing remain undisclosed.


Thomas pursued a degree in engineering at a New York University, but chose to discontinue his studies before completing the program.

During his teenage years, Thomas was actively engaged in the modelling field. Despite his initial academic pursuit, he found his passion in filmmaking and editing. The allure of creating content through vlogs proved to be irresistible, eventually leading him to make the decision to drop out of university, his departure driven by the realisation that his dedication to filming vlogs was hindering his ability to focus on academic studies. This shift marked the beginning of his journey into the world of content creation.



Thomas started on his journey into content creation at the tender age of 13, by establishing a Vine account under the username ‘The Petrous,’ collaborating with his cousins. However, due to complications arising from one of his cousins, Thomas made the strategic shift to YouTube in 2015, initiated his YouTube channel under the name ‘PetrouTV.’ Subsequently, he opted for a more personal touch, rebranding it to ‘Thomas Petrou.’

Since then, his channel has been a platform for a plethora of vlogs, providing viewers with glimpses into his life and experiences.

Beyond vlogs, Thomas has diversified his content by sharing reaction videos, including reactions to fellow YouTuber Jake Paul’s tattoo and response to NADA, Chad Tepper’s song.

In addition to his diverse content, Thomas Petrou has produced numerous couple videos alongside his girlfriend, Mia Hayward, providing a personal touch to his channel.


Beyond his filmmaking pursuits, Thomas explored the world of modelling at the age of 16, showcasing his versatility in various creative endeavours.

The camaraderie with his friends and fellow YouTubers, including Jake Paul, Erika Costell, and Tessa Brooks, is evident through the multitude of videos they have shared on his channel.

Thomas’s influence extends beyond YouTube, as he ‘s gained widespread acclaim as a TikTok star with a substantial following of 8.3 million.

Thomas has also made appearances in notable series such as ‘AwesomenessTV- Worlds Most Searched’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ further solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry.

His journey to fame took a significant turn when he joined Team 10 in 2017, a collective of YouTubers and social media influencers founded by Jake Paul. However, his stint with Team 10 was short-lived, as he was eventually removed from the group for alleged unprofessional behaviour.


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Despite the challenges, Thomas’s multifaceted presence in the social media realm has contributed to his enduring popularity.

His involvement in the social media landscape goes even further, as he co-founded the renowned social media collective known as ‘The Hype House.’

This collective, focusing primarily on TikTok content, truly catapulted Thomas into the spotlight. In 2022, he took his social media presence to the next level by starring in the reality series ‘Hype House,’ based on the activities of the TikTok group. The series, which aired on Netflix, comprised 8 episodes.

He’s also quite popular on Instagram, on which he has 1.8 million followers.


Interesting Facts

During his senior year in high school, Thomas faced a challenging incident when he experienced a severe accident, resulting in a significant injury to his right hand. The aftermath of the accident left him with limited sensation in his fingers for a few days.

Thomas found himself entangled in controversy In 2020,, when former Hype House member Daisy Keech asserted that crucial decisions within the group were solely made by Thomas and Chase Hudson, excluding the input of others.

Following this, another controversy ensued as Bryce Hall claimed that Thomas was misappropriating money from fellow Hype House members.

In December of 2020, Thomas and Bryce officially ended their feud – Bryce later retracted his claims, and the two were observed collaborating in several YouTube videos.

In August 2021, Thomas disclosed during a live stream that TikTok star Charli D’Amelio was no longer in communication with him. The reasons behind the strained relationship weren’t explicitly mentioned.

Thomas has distinct features that contribute to his unique appearance, including moles on his left arm and chin. He expresses his individuality through tattoos adorning both of his arms.

Beyond his physical characteristics, Thomas is an avid animal lover, with cats being his favourite animals.

An enthusiast for speed and adventure, Thomas indulges in his love for driving sports cars. His passion reaches new heights during nighttime drives, where the thrill of the experience becomes even more pronounced.

When it comes to entertainment preferences, Thomas has specific favourites. His choices include The Rock as his favourite actor, Emma Watson as his favourite actress, and Ed Sheeran as his preferred singer.

When it comes to gaming, PUBG holds the title of his favourite game. He also has a lineup of favourite sports figures, including Cristiano Ronaldo as his preferred sportsman in soccer, and AB Devilliers earning a spot among his favourite cricketers.

His favourite colour is black.


Later Personal Life

Thomas was in a romantic relationship with Kayla Pimentel – their journey together began in 2014. Their connection wasn’t only personal but also became a part of Thomas’s online presence, as Kayla appeared in some of his videos. Notably, she participated in activities including doing his makeup and being part of a ‘let’s have a baby’ prank.

Despite their shared moments, the couple decided to go their separate ways in 2019, marking the end of a five-year relationship.

Thomas found love once again, and is currently in a relationship with Instagram star Mia Hayward.

Physical Characteristics

Thomas is of average height at 5ft 11ins (180cms) and weighs about 161lbs (73kgs). He has short dark brown hair and bright green eyes.

Net Worth

Thanks to a long and successful career, Thomas has an impressive estimated net worth of $2 million, as of early 2024.

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