Who is The Black Alien Project? Real Name, Before, Fingers, Ears

March 21, 2024
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Who is The Black Alien Project?

Anthony Loffredo, better known as The Black Alien Project, was born in 1988 in France; however, his actual date of birth is unknown. He’s a famous 33-year-old tattoo artist, and media sensation, probably best recognized for his extreme body modification into a black alien.

How rich is he, as of now? The Black Alien Project Net Worth

As of early 2022, The Black Alien Project’s net worth is estimated at over $500,000 earned largely as a tattoo artist, and the fascination with his acts of body modification.


Early Life, Parents, Siblings, Nationality, Ethnicity, Educational Background, Career

The Black Alien Project spent his early years somewhere in France. Little is known about his childhood, his parents, their names and professions, except that the name of his father is Antonio and he is very close to his mother, who is a homemaker, and he sometimes posts their photos on social media. It’s also unknown whether he has any siblings or is an only child.


He holds French nationality and belongs to White Caucasian ethnic group. Regarding his education, he hasn’t shared any details about it.

When it comes to his professional career, he worked as a security guard for a year before he quit his job to focus on his body transformation. He now works as a tattoo artist.

Body Transformation

Anthony Loffredo caught the attention of international media for his extreme body transformation. He has always been fascinated with the universe, and wanted to become an astronaut.

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He became interested in body transformation very early but he wasn’t able to do that because he lived with his mother at the time, and worked as a security guard. Once he moved out and started living independently, he began his transformation at the age of 24.

He has undergone numerous face surgeries to transform himself into a black alien. Some of these operations include removing his ears, cutting off his nose, cutting off his upper lip, splitting his tongue, and many others. Since nose removal is forbidden in France, he went to Spain to do have that done. He’s also completely covered his body with tattoos, and even tattooed his eyeballs in black, and tongue in green.


He once revealed that the modification which hurt him the most was when he split and tattooed his tongue, because he couldn’t eat or talk. In November 2021, he went to Mexico to undergo surgery in which the doctors removed his two fingers to make his hand look like a claw. Moreover, he has had more than 30 silicone implants on his head and face.

Although it all looks pretty scary, most of his fans find it very fascinating. His body transformation is considered the most insane transformation in the world, however, his project hasn’t been completed yet, since he wrote on Instagram that he has only achieved 41% of his dream to turn himself into an alien.

He’s announced that the next step would be the amputation of his leg, obviously the most extreme action yet.

Thanks to his bizarre appearance, The Black Alien Project has amassed more than 1.1 million subscribers on his official Instagram account, on which he documents his life.

Height, Weight, and Vital Statistics

The Black Alien Project stands at the height of 5ft 9ins (175cm), while his weight is around 165lbs (75kgs). However, information about his biceps size, chest size, and waist size isn’t available. His shoe size is 7 (US).


Before his transformation, he was a good-looking man with short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Personal Life

The Black Alien Project isn’t very open when it comes to speak about his personal life, and manages to keep all the details about it far away from the public eye. Hence, his relationship status is a mystery at the moment. However, many of his fans believe that he is now more focused on his transformation rather than his love life.

He’s lived in Barcelona, Spain, while his current residence is somewhere in Mexico.

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