Who is Overtime Megan’s boyfriend? Her Age, Career, Leaked, Bio

April 18, 2024
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Overtime Megan is a 24-year-old model and social media personality who rose to renown by reporting on sports events on her TikTok account, @overtimemegan, on which she has accrued more than 2.7 million followers.

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Early life

Megan Rose Eugenio was born on 17 October 1999, in Massachusetts USA, to Michelle Eugenio (née Joyal) and Mark J. She has a sister who is 11 years older, named Amanda Rose, whom she considers her role model.

Overtime Megan had two brothers, Joshua Mark and an older brother, Mark Joshua. According to Mark Joshua’s obituary on Legacy.com, he passed away from an undisclosed illness on 21 August 2006 at 14. His family created the Mark Joshua Eugenio Memorial Scholarship after his untimely death.

Growing up in Peabody, Massachusetts, Overtime Megan revealed on her YouTube podcast that she wanted to do something related to karate. However, she changed her mind in school and jokingly stated that ‘she chose glam over slam’ by pursuing cheerleading. Overtime Megan described herself as ‘a pick-me girl with cringe behavior’ during school days. Moreover, she felt that her appearance deteriorated around 2013, because she began wearing braces.

Other family members

Overtime Megan has four uncles named David, John, Paul, and Donald, and one aunt, Lisa Ames. She also has several cousins, four of whom are Alyssa, Colin, Steven, and Tayler. Overtime Megan’s grandmothers are Helen Joyal and Patricia Eugenio, and her grandfathers are Donald Joyal and Mark Eugenio.


Early education, source of career

Overtime Megan matriculated from the Peabody-based Catholic Bishop Fenwick High School. However, almost from the moment she enrolled, Overtime Megan felt uncomfortable, misunderstood, and mentally much older than her peers. Thus, she couldn’t relate to their values and opinions and mainly ate alone during school to avoid bullying and people in general.

She was rebellious and often ate in the library, where eating was banned, and chewed gum while attending church, a behavior many found disrespectful. However, Overtime Megan was unbothered and focused on fulfilling her dreams of becoming well-known without losing her virtue. One part of that journey involved attending beauty pageants. Another involved moving to New York City, USA, to enroll at Pace University, a decision that people in her hometown criticized, from where Overtime Megan graduated in May 2023.


Shortly after moving to New York City, Megan met a friend who worked for Overtime, a sports media network for people born in the late 1990s or the early 2000s, known as Generation Z. She wanted a part-time job while studying, and told them that she would accept working as an assistant. Overtime hired her in October 2018, and tasked her with interviewing athletes and reporting on events in her favorite sports, football and basketball. She gradually started covering National Hockey League (NHL) events, partially because of a rumored boyfriend who was a player.


Only a few people know that Overtime Megan created her first Instagram account at 12, a year before a person is legally allowed to do so; her username was sparkles17. However, she started posting on her current Instagram profile, overtimemegan, in July 2018 and has accrued almost 600,000 followers.

On top of sports-related items, Overtime Megan posted photos and videos from her vacations, some of which involved jet skiing, an activity that she enjoyed. Furthermore, she shared pictures from a few modeling photoshoots, mainly by photographer Derek Kettela, and events during which she met some people she admired. Some of those were TV cooking show star and businessman Buddy Valastro, and basketball player Dwyane Wade.

Furthermore, Overtime Megan demonstrated her company’s trust in her. For example, she attended the premiere of the 2022 movie “Top Gun: Maverick” and joined the Golden State Warriors basketball team during their visit to the White House in January 2023. The US President, Joe Biden, invited the team to celebrate becoming the 2022 National Basketball Association (NBA) Champions.



In her Famous Birthdays Q&A, Overtime Megan didn’t plan on creating her TikTok account but did so to expand Overtime’s reach among her peers. She attracted 150,000 followers by September 2019, after roughly one month of posting genuine opinions about basketball, and attending sports events with TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio.

Besides posting about her work, Overtime Megan revealed that she became a sushi fan after a wisdom tooth removal surgical operation in 2021. That forced her to eat soft, easy-to-prepare foods, and she started eating sushi almost daily. However, she eventually switched to fish with avocado and cucumber because she learned about the dangers of overdosing on mercury.

Overtime Megan also shared her fondness for basketball players Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, rapper Jack Harlow, and her celebrity crush, actor John Krasinski. Moreover, she revealed that she had obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which compels her to clean her apartment thoroughly every few days. To ease her suffering and save time, Overtime Megan always carries a disinfectant, and asks visitors to take their shoes off before entering her apartment. She also believes that her OCD made her enjoy doing housework or creating to-do lists.

Hosting a podcast

Overtime Megan broadcast the first episode of her “Fresh Daily Meggs” podcast in early December 2021. She explained that her company sponsored the production and that her fans’ frequent inquiries about her opinions or life story were why she created it. Overtime Megan premiered 18 episodes until June 2022; during some, she confessed that she feels anxious about social media, and occasionally deletes all apps from her phone to rest.

Additionally, Overtime Megan revealed that she dressed in fancy clothes and wore makeup several times but never went to the party that she claimed was happening. Instead, after taking pictures and videos for social media, she cleaned her face and went back to watching TV or relaxing.

Phone content leak

In April 2023, an unnamed person leaked intimate content on the Internet, which reportedly showed Overtime Megan. Most of the early information came from a fellow TikTok user, @noahglenncarter, who has amassed over 8.6 million followers. He claimed that someone had hacked into her phone, and downloaded the sensitive pictures and videos.

Overtime Megan stayed silent on the situation until 27 April, when she declared via social media that she would delete her TikTok account and stop posting for a while. Some fans noticed that the Twitter (now X) platform flagged her account ‘as potentially containing sensitive content,’ a tag usually reserved for adult actors and nude models. That likely happened because Twitter users began sharing the link to the original content and uploading it to their profiles and on file upload websites.

Phone hack aftermath

In May 2023, Overtime Megan returned to social media with an update. In the now-deleted video, she thanked her fans for their support, and confirmed that a hacker had accessed her phone and posted personal content online. Megan accused the person of trying to earn money from the leaks, which was a more severe crime than distribution, often treated as ‘revenge porn’ in courts. Megan publicly stated that she would return stronger from the ordeal, and reminded the hacker that their actions also negatively impacted her friends, family members, and colleagues.



After she started posting more frequently in October, Overtime Megan changed her name on some social media profiles to Megan Patricia, perhaps to avoid her name being associated with the leak. Shortly afterwards, she collaborated with the social media content creation group called NELK.

Megan then appeared in several comedy and fitness-related videos and pictures on her and NELK’s social media profiles. In November, Overtime and NFL signed a deal that allowed Megan to attend events such as the Super Bowl, Combine, and Draft – she was in the audience next to NELK during the UFC 295 event At Madison Square Garden in New York City on 11 November.

Megan then focused on covering games by local teams such as the New York Rangers in the NHL and the New York Knicks in the NBA in late 2023 and early 2024, and should continue covering basketball, hockey, and football events, provided with a backstage pass., considering that Overtime branched off to cover boxing and soccer, she might diversify her content.

Romantic link with Antonio Brown

In July 2022, Antonio, a former NFL wide receiver, posted a photo to his Snapchat, showing him and an unknown blonde woman resembling Overtime Megan in bed. The photo was partially blurry, and the woman had her forearm over her face; it was unclear if someone hacked into Antonio’s account or he accidentally posted it. Perhaps because Antonio didn’t comment, people became curious about the girl’s identity again in November.

According to the New York Post, on 8 December 2022, Megan posted a now-deleted photo on which she wrote that ‘she cannot believe that she had to say it, but that it wasn’t her in the photo.’ She added several crying, laughing emojis, implying that she found the notion ridiculous.

Rumored ex-boyfriend, Cole Schwindt

Overtime Megan allegedly dated the NHL Calgary Wranglers forward Cole, in 2022 and early 2023. They posted several Instagram photos and TikTok videos in 2022, and generally seemed close. Additionally, Megan posted videos of him leaving the locker room or playing hockey.

Both deleted mentions of one another in April 2023, possibly because Cole was the person who appeared in Megan’s leaked content. Other people claimed that it wasn’t Cole, meaning that she had cheated on him. Megan stated in her TikTok video from September 2023 that she has an ex-boyfriend who cheated on her, but didn’t identify him.

Rumored relationship with Josh Giddey

Overtime Megan allegedly dated Josh, а Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC) basketball player, in April 2023; the New York Post reported that the two seemed close during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah, US, However, both were there for another reason: Josh played in the Rising Star Game event, and Megan reported on it.

According to Sportskeeda, Overtime Megan started the rumors inadvertently when she deleted a reply to a post on the X platform in which she denied dating Josh. Additionally, she praised  Josh’s 31-point score during the match between the OKC and the New Orleans Pelicans on 13 April via X. She attached a picture of them sitting on a couch with Josh’s hand over her shoulder, wearing similar outfits and matching sunglasses.

Alleged romantic interest, Vincent Trocheck

In 2024, Overtime Megan might have a crush on Vincent, an ice hockey player for the New York Rangers. On 5 January, she posted a TikTok video of Vincent preparing to enter the ice hockey rink. She wrote ‘Trocheck = the man’ in the video and added a voiceover of singer Taylor Swift saying ‘I love hockey a lot!’ For reference, Taylor started dating ice hockey player Travis Kelce in December 2023.

On 11 January, she posted a video in which she lip-synched the “True Love” song by Pink and Lily Allen. Some of its lyrics read, ‘I wanna hug you, I wanna wrap my hands around your neck; You’re an asshole, but I love you!’ However, Vincent is married to Hilary and has two children, Leo and Lennon, which Megan might not have known.

Dating preferences

Overtime Megan shared via TikTok that she’s attracted to guys who wear jerseys, hats flipped backwards, and comfortable but clean sneakers. She also shared that she prefers soft-spoken guys of short stature. They must like the same television series, movies, and sports as her or be willing to watch or learn. However, Overtime Megan also admitted that her taste changed many times, and that none of her boyfriends fit a type.

She also shared the story of her worst date on her podcast: a guy worked as a Certified Practising Accountants (CPA), presumably to boast about his wealth, who took her to an M&M store, and couldn’t stop talking about his parents. Overtime Megan also had a crush on Sam Darnold, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback. She messaged him when she was 17, but he ignored her. Overtime Megan apologized for the text at 19; he apparently saw the message but didn’t respond.


Interesting facts, favorite things

  • Her dog, Nike, whom she adopted in 2012, died six years later.
  • Overtime Megan had to wear a back brace after a high school accident. She chose one with a print of the Manhattan, New York City skyline.
  • Having her name mentioned in Forbes Magazine in 2020 is her proudest achievement.
  • She loves the American version of “The Office” television series, and would date Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott, if she were 40.
  • Megan watches TikTok videos and listens to podcasts about true crime.
  • She brings a stuffed animal or plays restaurant management video games while flying, to curb her anxiety about turbulence.
  • Megan considers herself the mother hen of her friend group.
  • A group of kids in her hometown once followed her home after they recognized her on the street, and kept yelling at her to come out. Her friend drove over to scare them away.


Physical characteristics

Overtime Megan has dark brown hair which she dyes blonde, and hazel eyes. She is 5ft 2ins (1.57m) tall and weighs about 110lbs (50kgs). Her hair is naturally curly, but she kept it straightened for years until one TikTok user posted instructions for its proper nurture.

Net worth

Overtime Megan’s net worth is roughly $500,000. On top of her reporter job, she designed merchandise for the Overtime Shop and likely earned a commission from sales. Furthermore, brands such as Electronic Arts (EA), AT&T, General Motors Company, and  Accelerator sponsored her Instagram posts.

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