Who is Faze Jev? His Age, Real Name, Career, Wife, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Who is FaZe Jev?

Jason Eugene, better known by his online alias FaZe Jev, was born on 18 October 1993 under the zodiac sign of Libra in New Jersey USA; however, the exact location of his birth is unknown. He is a 30-year-old professional gamer, digital content creator, and YouTuber, who gained widespread recognition as a sniper in the immensely popular video game “Call Of Duty”, and as a member of the renowned gaming eSports organization FaZe Clan.


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How rich is he? Faze Jev’s Net Worth

As of early 2024, Jev’s net worth is estimated at over $3 million; accumulated through his thriving internet-based career as a prominent figure in the world of gaming. His financial success is attributed to a combination of various digital ventures, such as video game streams, video monetization, brand endorsements, and lucrative sponsorships. Additionally, his wealth has been increased through numerous donations from his supportive fan base and his collaborations with other professional gamers and popular YouTubers.

Early Life, Parents, Siblings, Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion, Educational Background

FaZe Jev spent his formative years in an undisclosed location in New Jersey. Speaking about his parents, he ‘s never shared their names and professions in the media. Nonetheless, he released a video entitled “Parents” in 2016, and revealed that he grew up without the presence of his father and that he never spoke to him even though he saw him twice during his entire life. He said that he was raised by his grandparents, but didn’t mention anything about his mother. He has three siblings, but their names aren’t disclosed either. Jev holds American nationality, and belongs to a mixed ethnic group since he is of African-American, Puerto Rican, and Indian descent. In terms of religion, he declares his affiliation with Christianity. Regarding his educational background, Jev completed high school at a local institution in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.


Rise to Fame on YouTube

FaZe Jev stands out among those who have taken advantage of social media to transform their passion for playing video games into a thriving full-time career. After developing his skills in “Call Of Duty”, one of the most popular video games, he came up with the idea of creating and sharing gameplay commentary videos on YouTube. On 18 October 2009, he established his channel, initially under the alias ‘poketLWEWT’, which he later renamed into ‘FaZe Jev’. His YouTube journey officially began on 8 January 2012 with his debut “Call Of Duty” gameplay commentary video, entitled “Modern Warfare 3 | 44-5 w/ Barrett | Hi, I’m JeV | Introduction Commentary”.

Initially, his channel didn’t gain much popularity. Despite this, he remained dedicated to creating content, spending from four to five hours daily on filming and editing videos while working another job full-time. Over time, his channel started catching the attention of a number of video game enthusiasts which encouraged him to expand his content by adding gameplay videos from various other video games, including “Resident Evil”, “Minecraft”, “Apex Legends”, and “Fortnite”, among many others.

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Besides gameplay, Jev started producing “RAGETAGE” videos, which initially featured him and his friends having intense reactions, such as loud screaming, cursing, complaining, desk smashing, and squealing while playing video games. He even wrote in the description of his channel “HEADPHONE USERS BEWARE!” Moreover, his channel features comedy videos, rants, vlogs, Q&A sessions, and P.O Box openings.

With a portfolio of more than 3,200 videos on his channel, Jev has achieved remarkable success, amassing a subscriber base of nearly 5.3 million, and his videos have accumulated an impressive total of over 2.2 billion views. His most popular video, entitled “JEV REACTS TO OLD RAGETAGES”, has collected over 10 million views, and among his other most viewed videos are such titles as, “FAZE JEV DAMASCUS CAMO RAGETAGE”, “REQUIS VS FAKE REQUIS”, and “I let my subscribers CREATE MY CLASS in WARZONE”, to name a few.


FaZe Clan

FaZe Jev gained worldwide popularity as a professional gamer and YouTuber after his videos which showcasing “Call Of Duty” gaming strategies and tips to navigate difficult levels drew the attention of FaZe Clan, a prominent Los Angeles-based gaming group. The group was initially founded as a YouTube gaming clan by three famous “Call Of Duty” players, Jeff ‘House Cat’ Emann, Eric ‘CLipZ’ Rivera, and Ben ‘Resistance’ Christensen. Impressed by his content, they invited him to join them in March 2014. This collaboration boosted the visibility of his channel, and made him an overnight sensation in the gaming world. He continues to actively participate in the group as a sniper.

Other Social Media Platforms and Sponsorships

When it comes to his presence on other social media platforms, Jev expanded his influence on Twitch, a highly popular streaming platform, on which he operates his official account, under the username ‘Jev’, with nearly 300,000 followers. He’s also actively engaged on Instagram, on which he manages his official account under the username ‘mrjeverson’. This platform serves as a space for him to share photos and promote his projects. Despite having only nine posts on his account, he’s managed to captivate the interest of almost 500,000 followers. Furthermore, Jev has a substantial audience on the X app (formerly known as Twitter), on which he goes by the nickname ‘@Jev’, amassing an impressive following of more than 1.5 million.

Thanks to his accomplishments in gaming and social media, Jev has managed to secure lucrative sponsorships with such brands as Scuf Gaming, Steel Series, and G Fuel.


Appearance and Vital Statistics

FaZe Jev has short light brown hair and blue eyes. He stands at a height of 5ft 8ins (1.73m), and weighs around 154lbs (70kgs). However, details about his chest size, waist size, biceps size, and shoe size are unavailable.

Personal Life

When it comes to speaking about FaZe Jev’s personal life, he’s romantically involved with fellow social media star and YouTuber Alexis, who is better known online as AbstractSweater. They started their romance in 2016. In June of the same year, he shared in the video “My Girlfriend” that he faced a lot of rude comments from his fangirls and some fanboys after revealing that he was in a relationship. After dating for four years, Jev and Alexis took a step further when he proposed to her in July 2020. They officially announced on their X accounts that they tied the knot on 11 November of the same year. The couple currently resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.


FaZe Jev is an avid animal lover, who adopted a cat and named her Cameron back in 2017. Alongside Cameron, he also has two dogs, named Ahri and Nami. Ahri is named after the character from the “League Of Legends” video game. Jev is known for promoting teetotalism and abstaining from drugs and alcohol. He has a collection of knives and swords that he’s received from his fans. He’s very popular for his love for pink headsets.

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