Who is Facebook gaming creator Ramee? Age, Net Worth, GF, Wiki

April 18, 2024
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Who is Ramee?

Ramee is a video game player, who earned stardom by streaming “GTA RP” video streams on Twitch, but has since moved to Facebook Gaming.

Ramee Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Ramee was born on 18th January 1995 under the Aquarius zodiac sign in the USA. Of Egyptian ancestry, he hasn’t talked about his family, including his parents’ names and whether he has any siblings or not.

Moreover, his real name is unknown in the media and his educational background.


Career Beginnings

From an early age, Ramee enjoyed playing various video games on different platforms, from Game Boy Color, Nintendo to Sony PlayStation and PC, among others. One of his first games was “Pokemon Yellow”.

As he got older, his interest in video games increased, and he never stopped playing them, but he started streaming gameplay videos on Twitch under the nickname StIcKyRamee only in 2017; however, his streams were rare at first, and he had no success.


Ramee changed his nickname the following year, and video game streaming became his main interest. He didn’t have many viewers initially, but his hard work and dedication were rewarded in March 2019.

His Twitch channel started growing consistently, and by January 2021, he had half a million followers, and numerous subscribers who would pay a monthly subscription for VIP content.

Rise to Stardom

After three and a half years of Twitch streaming, Ramee changed platforms and is now a streamer on the Facebook Gaming platform.

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He has been focused on “GTA V RP,” which is an online multiplayer roleplaying mod of the original “Grand Theft V” video game.

He already has over 100,000 followers on his official Facebook, since he started to stream in December 2021.

YouTube Popularity

In addition to his popularity on Twitch and Facebook, Ramee is a YouTube star.


He already has over 75,000 subscribers on the video-sharing platform, and his videos have more than two million views. His first video, “GTA 5 Roleplay – Tesla Cybertruck Bank Heist” was uploaded two years ago and already has around 40,000 views. He continued to upload “GTA V Roleplay” videos, such as “GTA 5 Roleplay – Drag Racing Against Lamborghinis (Crashed)”, then “GTA 5 Roleplay – STEALING A Koenigsegg Then Racing It”, which now has over 26,000 views.

His YouTube channel is full of “GTA 5 Roleplay” videos. Some of the most popular videos include “GTA 5 Roleplay – I Got Double Crossed While Selling My Car”, which has over 120,000 views, then “GTA 5 Roleplay – Stealing Cars From Dealership and Selling Back to Them”, with over 90,000 views. These are followed by the video “GTA 5 Roleplay – Fake Car Wash Scam”, with more than 85,000 views, and “GTA 5 Roleplay – Robbing An Audi Dealership”, which has been viewed more than 78,000 views, and several other videos that have only increased his popularity and wealth.


Net Worth

As of early 2022, Ramee’s net worth has been estimated to be around $400,000, earned through his successful career as a video game player and online content creator.

Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Single?

Regarding his personal life, Ramee hasn’t revealed his relationship status, and other private matters, such as where he resides, among several other things.

Hobbies, Interests, and Trivia

Ramee is sponsored by GFuel Energy, which is the official energy drink of ESports. He is a supporter of ArtesianBuilds, a computer company that builts PCs.

Ramee has been a member of the No Pixel group, a group of gaming enthusiasts who play various games.

He has made many friends in the streaming community and is good friends with summit1g, GreekGodx, JoblessGarret, and others.

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