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Erobb221 Wiki Bio

Eric Lamont Robbins III Jr. – aka erobb221 – was born in Missouri, USA on 21 February 1996 – his zodiac sign is Pisces, he’s of mixed ethnicity, and holds American nationality. He’s a Twitch streamer, but perhaps known best for being the brother of tyler1, a social media star.

Early life and education

Eric grew up in rural Missouri alongside his brother Tyler. He became interested in playing video games as a child, but due to this commitment, he didn’t spend a lot of time with his peers, which led to him being bullied. He matriculated from a local high school in 2014, and later enrolled at the Culver-Stockton College, where he studied sports management, and graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Career on Twitch

Eric launched his Twitch channel ‘erobb221’ on 22 July 2015. By this time, his brother who goes by the alias ‘tyler1’, had already become active on the platform, and helped Eric gain more viewers himself. Most of Eric’s livestreams are dubbed as ‘Just Chatting’, which means he doesn’t play video games during those streams, but rather spends time interacting with his viewers, and talking about his life. Eric also sometimes does streams of online multi-player games, such as “Counter Strike: Global Offensive” and “League of Legends”, as well as story-driven role playing games (RPGs), such as “God of War”, “Dark Souls” and “Bloodborne”.


Through his Twitch career, he has gained a reputation of not being the most skilled player, but he always takes his mistakes with a good sense of humor, which makes him one of the most beloved streamers.

As of September 2021, his Twitch channel numbers almost 318,000 followers, with almost 10 million total views. His streams are watched by around 3,000 viewers on average, with his most watched stream attracting over 16,000 people at one point. Eric is very active on the platform, usually streaming at least four times per week.

YouTube channel

Eric launched his YouTube channel on 8 February 2018, uploading his first video entitled “erobb221 Official Trailer (2018)” the following day.

He mostly uploads short clips from his Twitch streams, while he also occasionally makes vlog videos featuring other content creators. In 2018, his then girlfriend, Marie was featured in the majority of Eric’s YouTube videos, before the two broke up in 2019.

His most popular YouTube video is “A Big Announcement”, in which he revealed that he’d become a father. The video has been viewed more than 710,000 times since it was uploaded in July 2020.

The channel currently numbers more than 35,000 subscribers, with over 3.7 million total views.

Presence on social media

Eric is active on all major social media sites, except for TikTok.


On Instagram, his account ‘@erobb221’ is followed by more than 21,000 fans, although he rarely posts new pictures, but in his most recent Instagram posts, he shared photos of himself spending time with his wife and daughter.

Eric joined Twitter in June 2014, since when he’s tweeted over 1,000 times, and his account has amassed more than 80,000 followers.

He also has a subreddit, called ‘r/Emoney’, dedicated to him, on the popular discussion website Reddit. This numbers more than 7,000 subscribers, and mostly consists of humorous videos and photo edits featuring Eric.

Love life and relationships

Eric is married to fellow Twitch streamer Brittany Alexander.

The two were seen together for the first time in his livestream of September 2019, although at the time they weren’t yet a couple, as they claimed that they had just met, although Brittany gave birth to their daughter Emerson Rae on 14 June 2020. Eric and Brittany married on 23 August 2021, in a private ceremony in Destin, Florida.

Prior to dating Brittany, Eric was in a relationship with the Twitch streamer Marie Brethenoux, aka Marie Bx. The two apparently dated for several months, in 2018 and ‘19.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Eric loves to do cosplay, but does it in a rather humorous and unconventional way. He’s recently shared a picture of himself dressing up as one of the Ninja Turtles, covered in green body paint and carrying a backpack.


Although Eric is often compared to his brother Tyler, with some of his fans joking that he must be jealous because he is the less successful one, he’s revealed that there’s no truth to that, and that he has always been supportive of him. ‘I was Tyler’s only viewer for five months. (…) When he had 20 viewers on his stream for the first time, he texted me and we were both so excited’, he said in a recent Twitch stream.

Appearance, age and net worth

Eric is 25 years old. He has short black hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 11ins (1.8m) tall, and weighs around 170lbs (77kgs). As of September 2021, his net worth is estimated at more than $300,000.


Who is erobb221’s brother tyler1?

Tyler Steinkamp was born in Missouri on 7 March 1995 – his zodiac sign is Pisces, and he holds American nationality. He’s a Twitch streamer and a social media star, perhaps known best for livestreaming his gameplays of the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game “League of Legends”.

Before his Twitch career took off, Tyler was a Computer Science student at Central Methodist University, and during his time there, played as a running back for the university’s football team. After finishing his second year, he dropped out so he could focus full-time on streaming.

Tyler launched his Twitch channel on 14 November 2013, but even though he was very active from the beginning, he had a modest following until 2016.


In 2014, he ranked 14th on the North American “League of Legends” servers, but he soon became notorious among other players, due to his toxic behavior shown on his streams. He was permanently banned from playing on the 22 unique accounts he’d created.

In April 2016, Tyler announced that he was working on his behavior, saying that he has ‘reformed’; following this announcement, his Twitch channel quickly increased in popularity. Although he soon returned to his old habits of harassing other players, his popularity continued to grow, which prompted several professional “League of Legends” players and other prominent figures in the gaming community to comment on the issue. On 30 April 2016, Riot Games announced that Tyler would no longer be allowed to own a “League of Legends” account, which is something that had happened only a few times in the game’s history.

Despite the ban, Tyler was determined to continue his Twitch career, so he branched out to playing other video games, and making more eccentric content. In January 2018, he gained media attention when his permanent ban was lifted, and in April the same year, when he acted out a comedy movie about his life, entitled “A Day in the Life of Tyler1”. In October 2020, he was signed as a content creator for the South Korean e-sports team T1.

Today, Tyler is one of the 50 most followed people on Twitch, with his account numbering almost 4.5 million followers, and over 260 million total views.

Tyler is 26 years old. He has short black hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall, and weighs around 175lbs (79kgs).

As of September 2021, his net worth is estimated at more than $4.3 million.

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