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April 18, 2024
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Baylen Levine Wiki

A YouTuber and internet personality known for his quote ‘Mature people are weenies’, who also swears that he will never be one of them, Baylen Levine was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio on 30 October 2000, in Atlanta, Georgia USA. He holds American nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity.

He’s perhaps known best for his self-titled YouTube channel, which he launched on 29 December 2017. It’s today subscribed to by nearly 3.5 million people, and numbers more than 400 million views of all his videos combined, which mostly feature him playing games, comedic vlogs, and prank videos.

Early life and education

Baylen was raised in Atlanta by his parents, about whom nothing is known as he respects their privacy. He hasn’t spoken of having any siblings, so he’s believed to be an only child.

He attended a local high school, but had to drop out of school – he claimed in one of his videos that he was unfairly dismissed, however, the school authorities said that the reason for his dismissal was his YouTube videos, which were inappropriate, and hence so he could no longer be a part of the school.

On the other side, Baylen claimed that most of the school knew about his channel, including the principal, and according to him, his content was ‘okayed’ by the school principal.


In his interview for VoyageATL, Baylen said: ‘There was a lot wrong with what they said, they even knew about it months before, and told me it was okay as long as I kept it separate from the school (which I did)…’

He also spoke about his mother crying and begging him to delete the channel, but in the end she let him decide what to do, and so he ended up in a new high school, without his best friends, and remembered how he walked around the hallways not talking to anyone. When he got back from school after his first day there, he told his parents that he wanted to continue his education online, which although they didn’t approve, in the end that’s what he did.

Upon matriculating in 2018, he didn’t enroll at college, but pursued his YouTube career.

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Rose to prominence

He established his YouTube channel in December 2017, and uploaded his first video on 18 January 2018, and his popularity gradually grew throughout 2018, so in early 2019, most of his videos had become very popular among viewers, and by March of 2019, he had amassed 100,000 subscribers.

Baylen’s popularity continued to grow, and his channel reached one million subscribers in June 2020, and in the following year grew to two million, and as mentioned, now that number is still increasing.

Baylen was soon nicknamed as ‘King of the Youth’,


Most viewed videos

The content that Baylen mostly uploads consists of prank videos, featuring himself and his friends going into public settings, most commonly stores, such as Walmart, and doing obscene things, just to provoke the reactions of those present.

The number one most viewed video on Baylen’s channel is a compilation of his videos, entitled “Funniest Videos 2019”, which was uploaded on 3 January 2020, and has gained over 15 million views.

The second video most watched is also a compilation of his videos, “Funniest Videos 2020”, uploaded on 5 January 2021, and it has amassed over 10 million views.

In third place is his video “Messing Around in WALMART!”, which was uploaded on 12 March 2019, and has been viewed over seven million times; in the description under the video, Baylen wrote: ‘We went to Walmart and the grocery store to mess around. For some reason, we kept getting in trouble…’

Presence on social media platforms

Baylen is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok; his Instagram account has been followed by over one million people, and on which he’s posted over 200 photos, mostly featuring his everyday life.

His official Facebook page has been followed by over 6,000 fans, and on which he mostly posts updates about his YouTube channel, while his Twitter, established in October 2018, has amassed nearly 100,000 followers; he mostly tweets about his life, his YouTube channel, and shares his opinion on current events.


However, Sadie denied these assumptions, saying that her boyfriend is a guy named, Ford, a college student from her hometown.

As of May 2022, it seems that Baylen is single, he hasn’t been married or engaged, and doesn’t have children.

Age, height, and net worth

Baylen is 21 years old, with brown hair and brown eyes; he weighs around 140lbs (65kgs) and is 6ft 2ins (1.88m) tall.

This youngster’s earned a decent amount of money thanks to his YouTube career; according to sources, he has a minimum income of $3,500 per month from his YouTube channel, while he also earns money by selling his merchandise, so as of May 2022, his net worth has been estimated at over $1 million.

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