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July 19, 2023
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Whitney Eve Port, or just Whitney Port as she is usually known, was born on March 4, 1985 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Whitney is known as a television personality, fashion designer and author. All those three sources are very important when it comes to accumulating Port’s net worth. Whitney Port has been active in the entertainment industry since 2006. The television series “The Hills” (2006-2010) made her famous, as she appeared in the main cast for four years. Whitney Port has also created her own fashion line called “Whitney Eve” which was also very successful. As a television personality, she appeared in the contest “Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model” (2012) as a judge on the show.

How rich is Whitney Port? It has been estimated that the current net worth of Whitney Port is as high as $3.5 million.

Whitney Port Net Worth $3.5 Million

Whitney Port graduated from Crossroads School and afterwards from the University of Southern California, earning a major degree in Gender studies.

From 2006, Port starred for four seasons in reality series “The Hills” (2006-2010) created by Adam DiVello, depicting the life of Lauren Conrad and his friends, adding a significant amount to her net worth. The fourth season of the show was exceptional as Port became the favourite person of the show which increased her assetts even more. In 2008 Whitney Port landed the leading role in another reality television series entitled “The City” (2008-2010) which chronicled the life of Port herself. “The City” was also created by Adam DiVello and narrated by Port herself. Alongside Whitney Port starred Olivia Palermo, Jay Lyon, Erin Lucas, Adam Senn, Erin Kaplan and Roxy Olin.

Port has further increased the overall amount of her net worth by appearing episodically in the television series’ “Entourage” (2008) created by Doug Ellin, “America’s Next Top Model” (2010) created by Tyra Banks and “Anna & Kristina’s Beauty Call” (2010) created by Anna Wallner, Kristina Matisic. She has also tried herself in other positions, for example, the executive producer of “Hollywood is Like High School with Money” (2010). Furthermore, Port’s career in television was expanded by her hosting the game show “Genuine Ken” (2011) for a season, and she has also appeared as a judge in reality television show “Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model” (2012) created by Tyra Banks.

Not content with these efforts, Port had a cameo role in a feature film “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (2012) directed by Kirk Jones.

Talking about other careers, as a fashion designer Whitney launched her first clothing line in 2008, called “Whiney Eve” which undoubtedly added revenues to her net worth. She has also worked for fashion guru Diana von Furstenburg, and is the author of the book entitled “True Whit: Designing a Life of Style, Beauty, and Fun” (2011). She has been writing for “Teen Vogue”, too.

In her private life, Whitney Port is engaged to her long-term boyfriend Tim Rosenman, the producer of the reality series “The City”. They have been together since 2012.

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