Where is Brittany Ashton Holmes today? What is she doing now?

April 18, 2024
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Who is Brittany Ashton Holmes?

Brittany is an actress who has gained popularity starring in movies such as “Little Rascals”, “Death Benefit”, and “Circuit Breaker”. She was born under the Zodiac sign Pisces on 27 February 1989, in California, USA. Brittany is 32 years old, holds American nationality, and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

Early life and Family

Even though she rose to fame at a young age, she has managed to keep most of her private matters away from the public eye, including information about her early life, any siblings, and background.  Regarding her education, she attended a high school in California, where she played on the soccer team.



She started her career at the age of five, portraying Darla, the love interest of Alfalfa, in the 1994 comedy/drama movie “The Little Rascals”. This part proved to be a step in the right direction, as it catapulted her into stardom and paved the path for other roles and projects. The family flick, which is an adaptation of a series of short films from the 1920s by Hal Rach, entitled “Our Gang”, revolves around a group of kids led by Spanky, and their comic adventures as they try to break-up a friend and his ‘girlfriend’.

Despite earning mixed reviews, the movie became a hit and became widely regarded as a classic, earning over $67 million at the box office.


Additionally, the performance of the cast received praise, and won the Young Artist Award in the category Best Performance by a Youth Ensemble in a motion picture.

The following year, Brittany made a one-episode appearance portraying Julie in the comedy series “Ellen”, which garnered the nomination for the Young Artist Awards in the category for Best Performance by an Actress under Ten – Television.

During the same year, she appeared in an episode of the erotic drama series “Red Shoe Diaries”. Even though her role in the latter was innocent, it came as a surprise to her fans. In 1996 she starred in several TV movies, including the drama/thriller “Death Benefit”, sci-fi/horror film “Circuit Breaker”, and action/horror “Humanoids from the Deep”.

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After these roles, she withdrew from the spotlight and halted her acting career. Reportedly, she was not very satisfied with her roles, and generally her experience in the entertainment industry.

Back in the day when she was active on MySpace account, she posted: ‘I was an actress when I was little, and did this movie called ‘The Little Rascals’. It’s like really embarrassing to watch, and I don’t want to act anymore.’ She allegedly found a job at Northside Family Ent, and later worked at Dj Hiclipse. In 2014 she briefly returned to acting, portraying Townslady Britt in the short comedy movie “We Hate Paul Revere”, alongside Scott Adsit, Connor Barrett and Ed Herbstman.


 “The Little Rascals Reunion”

In 2014, the production company 22 Vision, owned by Brian Pocrass, organized the reunion for the 20th anniversary, and invited all the actors to recreate some of the epic photos from the movie. According to sources, Brittany didn’t want to participate, but Brian managed to convince her. He revealed that after she stepped away from the business, she was very hard to reach and very guarded. Luckily, she agreed to be a part of the project, and in the video she talked about her scene with Waldo, played by Blake Ewing, saying: ‘I like wearing that red sparkly dress. The whole movie was a dream.’

Where is she now?

Following her last TV appearance in 2014, she did some commercial work, but mainly maintained her low profile lifestyle, which is one of the reasons why it’s hard to establish what she’s doing today. An additional reason is her lack of social media presence, which indicates that she doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight anymore. Considering that she achieved huge success at the age of five years, it is most likely that as a child she hadn’t coped well with the popularity, but also its downsides.

During “The Little Rascals” Reunion, she adamantly disclosed that she did not plan to return to acting, as she had zero enthusiasm for it.


Additionally, she hinted that she left the business for academia, and in 2019, it was reported that she was pursuing a degree in political science. Interestingly, most of her co-stars from “The Little Rascals” have pursued different careers similar to Brittany, such as marketing, music, and production.

Britney Spears Talks about Brittany Holmes

In 2020 Britney Spears posted a behind-the-scenes video of Brittany from “The Little Rascals”, disclosing that they have something in common besides the first name. As a young actress, Brittany had trouble focusing, and continually looked at the camera.

Britney wrote the following: ‘When I was on the Mickey Mouse Club, they used to use a spot for me beside the camera so I would stop looking at the camera. I would always get in trouble just like her ,and her name is Britney too. Yes, I know hers is spelled, Brittany!!! I saw this and laughed so hard yesterday.’

Personal Life

Even though not much is known about her dating history, at the “The Little Rascals” reunion, she revealed that she’s married, however, she didn’t disclose the identity of her husband. It’s also unknown whether they have any offspring.

What is her net worth?

According to the sources, her estimated net worth is around $500,000, as of early 2022.


Physical Stats

Brittany is 5ft 3ins tall (160cm), weighs around 120lbs (55kgs), with vital statistics of 35-25-35, and so has a petite physique. Her natural hair is brown, further adorned with brown eyes. Even though many remember her as an adorable little girl with brown locks, at the reunion she shocked her fans by rocking-up blonde with caramel brown highlights, a denim dress, a white t-shirt, and a yellow bow.

Is she active on social media?

It appears that she’s not a fan of social platforms, at least not anymore. She doesn’t use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, so avoiding any possible spotlight!

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