Where are ‘Little Women: Dallas’ cast today?

April 18, 2024
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The “Little Women” franchise has spawned many notable shows during the last decade, but the Dallas spin-off is visibly one of the best known ones. While the show introduced us to several new faces, it was noteworthy to see Emily Fernandez and Bri Barlup from the Atlanta series on screen once again.

Regardless of its initial success, “Little Women: Dallas” only aired for two seasons before being canceled in 2017, leaving us with too many open questions, and above all, missing those wonderful little women we came to love through the show.

So whatever happened to the cast of “Little Women: Dallas”? Did they appear in other shows, or disappear from TV altogether? What happened in their personal lives, and is the show ever coming back? This and more we will tell you in this vid!

Caylea Woodbury

Although Caylea Woodbury was the youngest girl to ever appear in the “Little Women” franchise, she didn’t have a lot of experience to become memorable.

Before the show, she was already known in the local go-go dancing scene as Lil Twerk.

During the first season of “Little Women: Dallas”, the audience saw Caylea struggling with an unexpected pregnancy, and involuntary miscarriage, which besides causing her a lot of emotional distress, also led to some heated arguments between her and other cast members such as Amanda Loy, who dated the father of Caylea’s miscarried baby after they broke up. As well, Emily Fernandez called Caylea out for comparing her spontaneous abortion to the death of Emily’s baby JJ, who unfortunately passed away when three months old in 2016.

Fortunately, Caylea’s dark days are left behind now. Since the show’s end, Caylea has welcomed two sons – Lexington Miguel of average size, and Hendrix Paul who was diagnosed with Achondroplasia dwarfism. Caylea was engaged with her sons’ father D’Quan Cage from 2017 to 2020 when they broke-up, amidst cheating allegations from both sides.


Nowadays, Caylea works as a go-go dancer, promotes brands on her Instagram, and creates content for adult subscription platforms. She was also featured in a “Little Women: Atlanta” episode, and more recently in “Paternity Court”.

Amanda Loy

As is usual for the cast of “Little Women: Dallas”, every girl must have been involved in some way with the entertainment world, prior to appearing in the show. This is no different for Amanda Loy, though instead of being involved with acting or dancing, Amanda had been an accomplished bodybuilder prior to her debut on TV.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Amanda’s interest in body building was always there, but she didn’t take the big step until 2014, when she joined the Natural Western USA Figure, her first competition in the industry. Though she was placed fourth back then, receiving her first trophy and being widely acclaimed by the audience convinced her that bodybuilding was the right path for her, even if back then she was the smallest woman to compete in said world.


During her appearances in “Little Women: Dallas”, we saw Amanda struggling with health problems related to breast augmentation surgery, facing drug-related accusations, and her drama-filled relationship with Chase, who was her castmate Caylea’s ex. Though Amanda and Chase ended up moving to California together by the end of the show, they eventually broke-up. Though it’s unknown what happened to her bodybuilding career, Amanda now travels the country in her van, and performs with the Zoppè Circus.

Tiffani Chance

While she wasn’t always up to a lot of drama, Tiffani Chance was still a very memorable “Little Women: Dallas” cast member. At the time the show’s premiere in 2016, Tiffani had just graduated from the Ohio-based Raphael’s School of Beauty Culture as a Cosmetologist. Nonetheless, what should have been the start of her path to settle down and become independent, turned out to involve many problems for her.

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As the series progressed, viewers were flabbergasted to see Tiffani struggling with her five- year-long relationship with Austin Skovran, while trying to comply with her father’s traditionalist views. Her long-time friendship with Caylea was also affected by her tumultuous romantic story with Austin, who actually proposed to her, only to be rejected. To the surprise of the audience, Tiffani sent him back to Ohio when he showed no signs of wanting a job, though he later returned and asked her for forgiveness.

Though Tiffani and Autin’s relationship seemed hopeless when they broke-up by the second season’s finale, they eventually reunited and now have their own apartment in Arizona, as seen on her Instagram. However, her once-active profile on the video commission platform Cameo is now unavailable, and it’s unknown what she’s doing professionally nowadays.

Bri Barlup

Also known as Left Cheek, Bri Barlup is definitely an unforgettable cast member of “Little Women: Dallas”.


Any good fan of the series’ franchise already knew Bri from the Atlanta-based show.

Although it was surprising at first to see Bri moving to Dallas so suddenly, the change made sense both professionally and emotionally, as Bri tried to get over her ex-, Wooda, and prevent her dance act with Emily from being affected by the distance.

As expected, things in Dallas didn’t go smoothly for Bri. Her joint dance act The Cheeks, and friendship with Emily became stagnant at some point, meanwhile her relationship with Wooda seemed to be going around in circles.

Following the show’s end, Bri and Emily returned to Atlanta, when they teamed up again as The Cheeks, despite the awkwardness surrounding their friendship. Bri and Emily released several songs together, including the successful “Project X”. However, the women reportedly cut ties in 2019, and Bri blocked her from all her social media.

In 2020, Bri released her own song “Love Me” and boxed against her “Little Women: Atlanta” co-star Abira Green the following year. While it’s unclear if she’s still with Wooda, in 2019 she gave birth to Karter, who apparently is their second son together, after Malik.

Emily Fernandez

Just like her fellow cast-mates, Emily Fernandez’ life dramas were a big issue in the show. Prior to debuting in the Dallas series, Emily was known by the audience of “Little Women: Atlanta”, in which her complicated pregnancy and subsequent death of her son JJ at only three-months old left us all heartbroken.

While the idea of moving to Dallas to look for a change was apparently brought out by Emily, and Bri followed her to support her, the duo evidently distanced themselves from each other in their new city. As the show’s viewers might recall, Emily’s lack of interest to return to the nightclub scene added to her negativity regarding Bri’s modeling career, resulted in many arguments between the so-called best-friends.


By the time Emily and Bri moved back to Atlanta following the end of “Little Women: Dallas”, their relationship was obviously strained. Even their return as “The Cheeks” was overshadowed by the issues between them, resulting in the end of their professional ties and friendship in 2019. Now Emily performs on her own as Right Cheek, and creates content for adult subscription sites. She’s also the happy mother of two little kids, though she always remembers JJ with heartfelt posts on her social media.

Asta Young

While the rest of the cast was dealing with romantic issues, Asta Young stood out from them as the focused but funny girl of the group. She had been married to Ty Goossen since 2015, and though a few of their marital problems were featured in the show, those were usually not that serious, compared to that of her castmates.


However, that doesn’t mean Asta’s stay in the show went smoothly, as she dealt with her own share of drama and personal issues. For starters, viewers got to see her struggling with self-esteem, as her Eczema and the scars which said condition marked her skin made her job as a cosplayer and model a difficult one.

Always loyal to her love for ‘nerd culture and art’, Asta was known by the “Little Women: Dallas” audience for her cosplay-themed parties and uplifting spirit. However, she was dead serious when it came to business, which is why it was unsurprising that a beef between her and Emily Fernandez started when the latter apparently stole Asta’s idea to establish a bar for little people.

Fast forward to the present day, Asta’s art webshop is unavailable, but she’s still active in the cosplay scene. Fortunately, she and Ty are still together, and seem quite happy as the owners of four pug dogs.

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Brichelle Humphrey

Despite starting in the show as a recurring cast member, Brichelle Humpphrey quickly gained the heart of the “Little Women: Dallas”, audience and in the main cast by the second season.

Although Brichelle was known for always speaking her mind, she was still less prone to drama than her fellow stars. Her maturity regarding relationships and friendship made her stand out from the rest, but her funny and lighthearted attitude was always welcomed considering, all the drama the other girls had going on.

Every keen fan of “Little Women: Dallas” knows that Brichelle and Caylea were quite close, but it’s unknown if that friendship remained after the show ended, as no recent pics of Caylea are seen on Brichelle’s social media. Despite the potential loss of her long-time friend, and no signs of a new flame since her break-up from LaRoy, Brichelle seems quite pleased with her life nowadays.

Not only has she become an entrepreneur by starting a small commercial trucking company in 2020, but the pics she shares on Instagram also tell us that everything is well for her and her family.

D’Quan Cage

Even though many know D’Quan Cage for his appearances in “Little Women: Dallas” as Caylea Woodbury’s boyfriend-turned-fiancé, his debut on TV dates back to 2012, when he competed in the “X Factor”, but didn’t pass the third elimination round.

While his appearances in the Dallas and Atlanta shows of “Little Women” were brief, later he and Caylea were featured in detail by “9 Months With Courteney Cox”, an online documentary which allowed them to express their real feelings regarding their second and high-risk pregnancy. Fortunately, progress was perfect, and their son Hendrix Paul was born in 2020 – they had already welcomed Lexington Miguel in 2017.


Nonetheless, D’Quan and Caylea’s apparent happy life together eventually ended. In early 2020 D’Quan’s doubts about Hendrix’s paternity were made public in the show “Paternity Court”, followed by the couple’s definitive split late that year.

Fast forward to present times, D’Quan is apparently still thriving to make his music career grow, but looks quite pleased with his relationship with the model Jayce Ivanah Cage, who he married in late 2021, but has apparently been with since early 2020.


Though his real name is actually Cordero Bowen, he was known by the audience of “Little Women” as Wooda, the father of Bri Barlup’s children. Apparently, he was never in a relationship with her, something which clearly hurt Bri, as seen in the show: ‘I know he hates titles, but it breaks my heart to hear him tell someone else we’re not a couple’.

Despite not being in an official relationship, Wooda ‘broke-up’ from Bri at the start of the second season of “Little Women: Dallas”, not wanting to be ‘tied’ to her after being signed by a record label. However, only a couple of months later he was revealed as the father of her second child Karter.

Nowadays Bowen is still pursuing a rap career under the name of Ratchetasswooda, and stays in contact with Bri and his children.

Ty Goossen

Out of all the boyfriends of the “Little Women: Dallas” girls, Ty Gooseen was evidently the least problematic. Not only was his marriage with Asta Young very stable, but he was also very supportive of her.

While Ty keeps most of his personal and professional endeavors out of his social media, it’s known that he worked for several years for the restaurant The Porch in Arcadia, where Asta also works as a creative director. However, in January 2021, he left that job to solely focus on his design business – Graffix Goosse.

Why Was The Show Canceled?

One of the big accomplishments of “Little Women: Dallas” during its two years on air, was being named Texas’ Favorite Reality Show by the website CableTV.com. However, being loved by the audience isn’t always enough for the industry, and that’s why the show was canceled in 2018, as reported by the Dallas News, without much of an explanation.

While at this point we can only theorize what the real reason was behind the end of “Little Women: Dallas”, the least we can do is to keep supporting our favorite little women in their personal endeavors, while hoping to see them on TV again, hopefully sometime in the near future.

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