What’s with Big Chief and Precious’ feud in “Street Outlaws”?

April 18, 2024
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Whether behind the wheel or supporting their teammates, “Street Outlaws” drivers are always committed to giving their 100%, regardless of how dangerous it might be.

That being said, being so passionate and competitive about what they do also means that some personal feelings are eventually involved. While drama and feuds aren’t a rare occurrence for “Street Outlaws” drivers, in some cases these have had serious consequences which have negatively affected the careers of those involved, but could this be the same case for drivers Big Chief and Precious Cooper, and the feud allegedly going on between them?

Stay here to know all about the problems between Big Chief and Precious, whether or not their beef resulted in the former’s exit from the show, and also get a hold on more eyebrow-raising issues between other cast members of “Street Outlaws”.

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What Happened Between Them?

There’s always some kind of drama waiting for those involved in street racing, especially when money and competitiveness play a role. While it’s no different for drivers in “Street Outlaws”, in recent times an alleged feud between Big Chief and Memphis-based driver Precious Cooper has had fans of the show quite flabbergasted, and confused.

According to some online fan reports, there was indeed a confrontation between both drivers in early 2022, during the early stages of filming “America’s List” season two. Apparently, one of them didn’t agree with the show’s rules, prompting an argument with the other driver, resulting in Big Chief’s girlfriend Jackie Braasch getting involved in it as well. The issue ended when Big Chief and Jackie left the scene to return home, and effectively abandoned the rest of the season.

While taking such a brash decision might seem unlikely from Big Chief, in a YouTube video he admitted that he was ‘unpleasantly surprised’ during the first driver meeting for “America’s List” and things didn’t improve as the night went on until he finally left, but he never mentioned the alleged issue between him and Precious. Whatever prompted the fight between both drivers, it was serious enough to cause drama and tension among the cast.


Why Did Big Chief Leave The Show?

Following Big Chief’s exit from “America’s List”, the issue prompted many rumors online which pointed out the cause of his exit to his fight with Precious on that fateful night of January 2022.

However, in a YouTube video shared by Big Chief in March that year, he admitted that the real reason he left his spot in the show he helped to create, was his disagreement with the changes made to it, especially in regards of how a pre-season process was due for drivers to appear in the show, and the way that apparently affected the ratio of drivers from different cities.

In the same video, Chief admits that despite wanting to discuss the rules with others racers and come with an agreement which wouldn’t affect anyone in a negative way, he left the first drivers meeting with a bad taste in his mouth: ‘Without getting into too much detail, there’s a lot of things that have changed the way I think about “Street Outlaws”, he said, but denying that claims about him leaving for not having money or not winning a race were false.

His disagreement with the franchise wasn’t limited to only “America’s List”, as Big Chief also left the “Street Outlaws” franchise altogether, but it’s clear that his passion for racing was still intact, regardless of the disagreements.

Who Replaced Big Chief?

Leaving “America’s List” also meant that Big Chief’s spot as race master was vacant, but not for long. That spot was ultimately left to Shawn ‘Murder Nova’ Ellington, which isn’t a surprising choice considering his history with the show: ‘I’m not at all surprised at who they picked. Everyone on the show respects and admires Shawn for his years in the game’, as Big Chief told Reality Tidbit.

Also according to Chief, choosing Murder Nova would benefit the team in a way he didn’t feel he could: ‘Things change, people change, and I think his personality is much better suited for the racemaster position than I am’, he said.

While this situation might not be every fan’s cup of tea, it’s for certain that the dynamics and format “Street Outlaws” has changed forever.

Are They No Longer Friends?

Much speculation has arisen about the current state of Big Chief and Murder Nova’s relationship, given how both men used to be good friends, but have certainly strayed away from each other in recent years.

While the distance between both men has been evident for fans for quite some time, no one really knew what happened between them, until Big Chief cleared up the situation himself. As he admitted in an interview with SIM ABCXYZ channel on YouTube, several factors such as “Street Outlaws” exhausting filming schedules and the hardships faced on the road, eventually ‘reflected on Shawn’ emotionally.


At the same time that Murder Nova made his family a priority in his life, instead of racing, Big Chief had made racing his biggest focus, and that alone had put a big strain on their bond: ‘It’s not by choice that I’m a lone wolf. It’s just… I’m a jerk. I only know one thing, and that’s racing for a living’, as Big Chief admitted in a later interview with DragZine.

While it couldn’t be said that there’s a beef going on between Big Chief and Murder Nova, it’s for certain that the drivers have taken separate paths in life.

Who is Big Chief?

Born in Kentucky but raised in Oklahoma, Justin Shearer has felt a deep passion for racing since he was a little child. Growing up so close to Route 66, the young Justin used to ride his bike there just to watch the races, and many times also accompanied his parents to the races, as the passion for speed ran deep in their blood as well.

That being said, growing up with a not-so-good money situation stopped Justin from dreaming of dedicating his life to racing: ‘my family, and where we came from, there just wasn’t the opportunity for us to have a trailer and go hit up two or three tracks a month’, he told DragZine in 2021.


Admitting that his family had just enough money to ‘keep the car running’ back then, their love for racing pushed them to join the local scene, using whatever he had at the time: ‘instead of buying a $4,500 trailer, or a Suburban or a truck to pull it, we could spend that money on parts and go out and race all weekend’, he said in the same interview. Years later, he saw himself starting the legendary The List, and bringing enough popularity to street racing for “Street Outlaws” to start.

While difficulties weren’t a rare thing for Justin, he learned well that those weren’t enough to deter him from doing what he loved.

Passion For Racing

Just like every other racer, Justin Shearer loves to be behind the wheel just for the thrill that only speed and competitiveness bring up during those moments. However, if there’s something else which inspired Big Chief to push his limits and take Oklahoma’s race scene to the next level, it was to make racing and cars cool once again.

As he affirmed in an interview with Drag Illustrated in 2015, growing up seeing many great cars on Route 66 really left an impression on Justin. Recalling some iconic modified muscle cars such as Mustangs and Camaros, these cars were the greatest both in performance and looks, and set a high standard back in his teens, which unfortunately changed in the last two decades: ‘everybody’s getting their parents’ hand-me-down cars, and instead of getting Monte Carlos and Regals and Mustangs, cool cars, they’re getting Toyotas and Honda Accords’, he said.

While not everyone shares Justin’s opinion in regards to modern cars, it’s clear that he isn’t alone when it comes to bringing back the so-called ‘car culture’. Since the beginning of “Street Outlaws”, nothing has really stopped Justin and his fellow Oklahoma drivers from making cars cool again, and inspiring others to follow that road as well,

Beginnings In “Street Outlaws”

Besides passion and a strong commitment to racing, Justin Shearer’s inventive ways have taken him to where he is today. Back in the early 2000s, Justin was already known as Big Chief in Oklahoma’s racing community, and eventually started The List and the website named after it, which ranked racers every week, and became a local attraction.


Although in the first years dozens of drivers competed to enter The List, most of them were acquaintances and friends. With time and practice, the members of The List figured out how to improve their cars and level up their ranks, but little did they know that they were soon to put them under the spotlight, thanks to a video producer from Nebraska, whose website 1320 Video launched the group to internet stardom by turning their race videos viral.

Sooner rather than later, a TV producer approached Big Chief and the group, who were understandably unsure about exposing their racing escapades for the world to see. Besides the initial skepticism, no one really had faith in the show back in its beginning, as Big Chief confessed in an interview with Drag Illustrated in 2015. Nevertheless, “Street Outlaws” finally saw the light of day in mid-2013, and no one could stop it afterwards.

Family & Divorce

Those who have been closely following Big Chief and the rest of “Street Outlaws” cast, are surely aware that many of them have families and a whole life apart from the track field.


That being said, life took an unexpected turn for Big Chief when in 2017, he split from Allicia, with whom he had been together since his late teens and finally married in 2006, soon welcoming two sons.

While not much is known about the reasons leading to their break up, back when it happened it was strongly rumored that an infidelity on Justin’s part had split the marriage apart. Nonetheless, Big Chief himself denied these claims during an episode of the now disappeared podcast “The Chief and Shawn Show”: ‘There have been many criticisms and people mad at me for something I didn’t do’, he said, explaining that he had been having trouble with his now former wife for a while before finally filing for divorce.

Who Is He Dating Now?

Following his split from his former wife, Big Chief started dating Jackie Braasch around 2018, officially announcing their relationship later that year during an episode of his podcast “The Chief and Shawn Show”: ‘Now I’m looking at my future, I have plans and Jackie is my future’, he said.


Although in the beginning the couple kept a low profile online, probably due to the ill-intended rumors which surrounded their relationship, in recent years Big Chief hasn’t shied away from praising her on social media and in interviews, pointing out how she shares the same passion for speed and cars as him, including how she ‘wants to drag race for a living’, as he told DragZine in 2021. For her part, Jackie doesn’t have any active social media accounts, but it’s known that she’s also been racing her entire life.

While getting updates on the couple’s everyday life is quite difficult, Big Chief’s YouTube channel, Midwest Street Cars, sometimes shares their adventures together behind the wheel, or doing mechanical work to their cars.

Criticism & Future Projects

While mixed reviews aren’t necessarily rare for reality TV shows, the illegal aspect of the races featured in “Street Outlaws” has been a source of debate since its premiere in 2013.

Back in 2015 the show even received a letter from the National Hot Rod Association, which warned about the dangers of street racing and how it could lead to the revocation of the competition license of those featured in the show.

The letter was posted online, causing an uproar in the racing community and from fans, but Big Chief admitted that his intent in showing the letter wasn’t necessarily to make fun the organization, but to show people who wanted to street race about the dangers of it: ‘street racing will always have consequences, and you have to be okay with that to do it’, he wrote, though as far as it’s known, no licenses have actually been revoked.

Now that he’s no longer part of “Street Outlaws”, it’s unknown if Big Chief’s future projects include the show, or if he’s done with TV. That being said, wherever life takes Justin Shearer next, it’s undeniable that he’s left a mark in the US’ street racing scene by standing up to defend his passion, even when difficulties and criticism seemed to be insurmountable.

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