What movies has Israel Johnson been in? His Age, Height, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Israel Johnson

The talented young actor Israel Johnson was born on 22nd July 2005 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and landed his first role as an extra in the Kerry Washington movie “Night Catches Us” when he was just four years old.

The Johnson family is clearly an artistic one, as Israel’s older brother Tim was subsequently cast as a young Simba in a stage adaptation of “The Lion King”, which led them to relocate to Las Vegas. Apparently, seeing his brother on stage inspired Israel to pursue showbiz. In 2011, the Johnsons moved permanently to Los Angeles in hopes of furthering Tim and Israel’s careers, despite their young ages.


Shortly after the move, Israel appeared in a kid’s reality talent show, in which he displayed his hip-hop dance skills. In 2013, he had a minor role as a dancer in the Katrelle N. Kindred short “Son Shine”.

The next few years were slow on the work front, although Israel appeared in numerous national commercials while continuing to audition for TV and movie roles. His big break came in 2018 when he was cast as Ed Morris in “Schooled”, an ABC series which is a spin-off from the period sitcom “The Goldbergs”.

In 2019, Israel was cast as Noah Lambert in season four of “Bunk’d”, soon becoming a fan favorite and series regular. Noah’s goofy personality and emotional intelligence endeared him to viewers, and he stole the show in later seasons thanks to Israel’s improved comedic timing.


The actor’s outstanding performance in season six didn’t go unnoticed, with one fan writing: ‘One of the best characters in the newer seasons… Season 6 was definitely Noah’s season, for sure. I hope that he continues to be amazing in Season 7!’

Although “Bunk’d” is aimed at younger audiences, Israel’s character was 17 years old in season seven, and began dating a video store clerk named Megan (played by Grace Lu). Their romance has been one of the main storylines in recent episodes, even though many viewers would rather see Noah with his close friend Ava King, played by Shelby Simmons.

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Due to his busy filming schedule, Israel hasn’t taken on any other projects outside of “Bunk’d” since he joined the show. In 2020, he reprised his role of Noah in the “That’s So Raven” spin-off “Raven’s Home”, which premiered in 2017, and has received positive reviews throughout six seasons.

When not on set, Israel enjoys rapping, skateboarding, and playing video games. The West Philly native is hard to find on social media, but he does have over 40,000 Instagram followers, and makes sure to keep his fans up to date regarding his latest projects.

Tim Johnson Jr.

Tim was born on 29th November 1999, and has cultivated a loyal fanbase after over a decade in the entertainment industry. As we mentioned, he began acting in theatre productions during his childhood and was eventually cast in shorts such as “A Different Tree” and “Son Shine”, in which he appeared alongside his younger brother.


In 2015 and ‘16, Tim had a minor recurring role in the kid’s show “Bella and the Bulldogs”, followed by a brief stint in “Kirby Buckets”. Upon turning 18, the actor began taking on more serious projects, such as “Fist Fight”, “American Koko”, and “Hit the Road”, which allowed him to display his artistic range.

To date, Tim’s most popular movie has been the 2018 sci-fi film “Pacific Rim: Uprising”, which raked in over $290 million at the global box office, and received mainly positive reviews. Shortly afterwards, the actor continued to shine with small recurring roles in “Ballers” and “Future Man”.

After a couple of unsuccessful movies – “Labeled” and “The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2” – Tim went back to appearing in shorts until 2023, when he began playing Derek Troy in the Disney Channel series “Saturdays”. Around the same time, the Philadelphia native was also cast as Will Satchel in “Fright Krewe”, and landed his first voiceover gig with the festive movie “Glisten and the Merry Mission”.


One of the aforementioned shorts, “We Were Meant To”, helped to revive Tim’s career after premiering at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival and winning the Grand Pix award for Best Short Film at the HollyShorts awards. The prestigious award, which comes with a $60,000 cash prize, made “We Were Meant To” eligible for an Oscar, which is regarded as the most important accolade in the film industry.

At time of writing, Tim is keeping himself busy filming for the upcoming TV series “Rock Me”, which is currently in pre-production stages. Starring Sean Patrick Flannery and David Koechner, the drama series follows a former rock star who returns to his small-town roots, and is forced to confront his turbulent past while attempting to rebuild his life.


Tim, who goes by the handle @cityboyjr on Instagram, is far more open with his followers than Israel. The “Pacific Rim” star likes to post his friends and loved ones online, such as his younger sister Jade, who was born in January 2008. In late December 2023, Tim also revealed that he and Israel had purchased their father a Mercedes-Benz.

The Disney Channel alum previously said that his mother was his favorite artist, and he himself recently launched his solo music career with the singles “The View is Better With You” and “Love is Christmas Time”. Tim inherited his vocal talents and guitar-playing skills from his parents, and decided to record and produce the first song alongside his father for his birthday.

Religion and family are some of the most important components in Tim’s life. The actor frequently discusses his faith on social media and encourages his followers to get closer to God, by sharing Bible passages or simply hashtagging his posts #Godisgood.

The Johnson brothers are believed to be worth a combined $1 million. The bulk of Israel’s net worth comes from his role as Noah in “Bunk’d”, as he’s believed to have been earning approximately $5,000 per episode in recent seasons. Meanwhile, Tim is also cashing in the paychecks with his latest Disney Channel gig and other projects.

Although Israel and Tim’s height and weight aren’t listed online, Tim is considerably taller and believed to be 5ft 11ins (180cm).

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