What is Victory Brinker from ‘America’s Got Talent’ doing now?

April 18, 2024
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There’s no shortage of talented people giving a try to TV contests, but very few of them are actually able to leave a mark in these shows and become unforgettable to the audience. One of the rare exceptions to that rule is Victory Brinker, who is not only vastly talented for her young age, but is also remembered as memorable a contestant who ever set foot on the “America’s Got Talent” stage

While Victory is regarded as a history-maker for being the only one to ever obtain a golden buzzer from all the judges, her outstanding opera singing prowess has also gained her multiple accomplishments away from TV.

So where is one of the most promising stars from “America’s Got Talent”? Is she still singing or has she taken a different artistic path since the show ended? Keep with us to know all about Victory Brinker’s whereabouts!

Where Is Victory Now?

Since debuting in the 16th season of “America’s Got Talent”, Victory Brinker has gained international fame for her incredible voice and otherworldly ability to sing complex opera songs at a young age. Besides enjoying huge media coverage by important platforms such as People, CNN and CSB, Victory has gained thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram, added to several awards from the music industry, and was even recognized by the Guinness World Records as the youngest opera singer in the world.

Regardless of her young age, Victory’s accomplishments are already vast. In late 2021, she released her first extended play (EP) entitled “The Wonder of Christmas”, followed by the single “L’amore sei tu”, covered from Katherine Jenkins’ 2005 song. She has also performed in charity and sports’ shows all over her native Pennsylvania, and in the TV show “Lo Show Dei Record” in Italy, impressing the European audience with her unbelievable talent.

While it’s unclear what other projects are up Victory’s sleeve, it’s undeniable that this is only the start of a promising and hopefulLY successful career in music.


“America’s Got Talent”

It’s really not a wonder why ever since Victory Brinker set foot on “America’s Got Talent” stage, she was destined to become a fan favorite and one of the most unforgettable stars to ever debut in it. Described by her mom as someone who sang ‘morning, noon and night’, it was clear from the start that Victory really loved what she did.

However, her initial goal of getting four ‘yeses’ in order to advance in the show was quite humble considering her unbelievable talent ended up not only securing her a place in the show, but also wrote her name in the show’s history books for being the first contestant ever to obtain a Golden Buzzer from all the judges at the same time for her heartfelt interpretation of “Juliet’s Waltz”.

Having already gained the praise of the audience, judges, and becoming an overnight success all around the US, Victory wasn’t done yet. Her second appearance in the show with the song “Casta Diva” gained her a standing ovation, immediately advancing her to the semi-finals, where she sang “Nessun dorma” and once again captured the hearts of the judges. The finals saw her singing “O mio babbino caro”, but her talent and charisma during her last performance in the show with “The Prayer” weren’t enough to win her the competition. While she wasn’t ultimately placed in the top five positions, at only nine years old Victory’s participation definitely became one of the most memorable in “America’s Got Talent” .



Even if Victory’s career is still young, there’s lots of interesting things to talk about when it comes to her beginnings as a singer. Born in 2012, Victory was adopted into the Brinker family, whose numerous members were her first audience when at the early age of three she started singing in the living room.

Apparently, Victory had wanted to audition in “America’s Got Talent” at four years old, but she still had to walk a long way before making that dream come true. Between singing for her family and at church, Victory’s talent was already evident by then, but things changed forever when she asked her mother to show her complex opera pieces on video, learning Bach and Gounod’s popular “Ave Maria” at only six years old.

According to her website, that year saw her winning talent shows all around Pennsylvania, finally performing at Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival in 2019, conquering the hearts of the audience right away with her rendition of “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong: ‘People stopped and listened; she was very well-received. We were lucky to have her’, as the event’s director Diane Shrader recalled in an interview with TribLive in 2022.

While performing in “America’s Got Talent” in 2021 was a dream come true for the young singer, Victory certainly worked hard before getting there.



Although Victory Brinker didn’t win “America’s Got Talent”, the popularity she gained through the show turned out in her favor. Just months after the show ended, in late 2021 Victory released “The Wonder of Christmas” her first four-songs long EP which included a recorded version of “Ave Maria”, previously performed by her in the show.

Containing other covers of operatic songs such as “Silent Night” and “Pie Jesu”, the mini-album was the best way to start Victory’s discography: ‘I am so excited that my first record is for Christmas and I can sing songs everyone knows and loves, I hope it makes everyone happy this Christmas season’, she affirmed in a public statement.

April 2022 saw Victory releasing her first single “L’Amore Sei Tu”, an Italian version of “I Will Always Love You” sung by opera singer Katherine Jenkins. Both of these releases were warmly received by Victory’s growing audience and set the tone of what her style is.

Other TV Projects

While most people connect Victory Brinker’s name to her participation in TV talent shows for a good reason, she’s surely on her way to demonstrate what other talents are up her sleeve besides singing. That’s how in 2022 she joined the cast of “Clean”, an action-filled crime drama film starring Adrien Brody and Glenn Fleshler. Though Victory’s role in the movie as the protagonist Clean’s daughter named Rheya was small, her operatic performance of “Ave Maria” in the movie was quite memorable.

Although it’s unknown what other roles she might play on TV or in future films, Victory is apparently looking for acting gigs as seen on several posts on her social media.

As Victory is giving a try to Hollywood, she hasn’t shied away from showcasing her singing talents in other productions. As early as in 2020, Victory appeared in the popular “Little Big Shots”, where she completely mesmerized host Melissa McCarthy by her multi-language renditions of some of the opera classics. Back then Victory’s popularity was on the rise, but it wasn’t until her audition in “America’s Got Talent” became viral on the internet, that successful talk shows such as “CBS Mornings” and KTTV’s “Good Day L.A.” interviewed her, though more of these features will surely come her way in the future.



At only six years old, Victory Brinker was already winning talent competitions in her native Pennsylvania. However, it wasn’t until she gained unbelievable fame through “America’s Got Talent”, that big awards came her way.

One of the most important was given to her by Pennsylvania’s Senate and House of Representatives, who awarded her with celebratory Citations for her talent and contributions to the state in 2022. Also that year, she was chosen as the local school Greater Latrobe’s Grand Marshal for their 4th July Parade, and was honored by the President’s Awards with a medal for service and a Congregational Award of Recognition, in an event in which she also performed. As if that wasn’t enough, she also received a Leadership Award by the The Sister Accord Foundation, for which she thanked fellow singers Kenny Lattimore and Le’Andria Johnson for inspiring her in pursuing that accomplishment.

While Victory has received several awards already, there’s no doubt that many more accomplishments are coming her way.

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Guinness Record

To date, Victory Brinker’s greatest achievement is to be acknowledged by the Guinness World Records as a record holder. Such a recognition came to her in 2022, but she had actually been working on it for years.

It all started in 2019, when she professionally performed for the first time in “Lights & Legends”, a show held in Pennsylvania’s Pittsburgh Public Theatre every year. Given the official nature of that event, and other important performances she made that year in such as the Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival, Victory became eligible for the Guinness World Records to be named the youngest opera singer at seven years old, though the title didn’t officially come to her until early 2022, when she was announced as the winner during a performance at the Italian TV show “Lo Show Dei Record”.

According to the organization’s website, some of the most important characteristics for which Victory was recognized are reaching ‘over three octaves and (serenading) her audience in seven different languages’. On Victory’s part, she’s admitted to having many more accomplishments in mind to become true in the near future: ‘I would like to try to break the record for highest vocal note by a child…or maybe even an adult!’, she admitted in an interview with the organization.

Whether Victory breaks more records is yet to be seen, at this point she’s already made history on her own.


Family Story

Not only is Victory Brinker charismatic and incredibly talented, but her family is also one of a kind, due to their big and compassionate heart. Despite having welcomed two children of their own already, the Brinkers took the mission of helping kids in need to heart by adopting nine kids in total, including Victory.

Focusing on giving a home to children with special needs, or who needed health treatments, the Brinkers have made sure that these kids have not only a warm and love-filled home, but also a comfortable life: ‘Thankfully, today, we can say all of them but one has completely overcome the medical needs that they were born with’, as Victory’s mother Christine said in an interview with People, recalling how some of her kids diagnosed with the spina bifida condition improved their health to the point of playing sports with no problem.

While surely all of her kids have a special story, the way Victory came to the Brinkers’ life was quite charming in itself. As Christine also told People, she has been waiting a long time for her daughter to come into their lives: ‘we were sitting in church and just had an overwhelming feeling placed on my heart that there was going to be another one and her name would be Victory’. Five years afterwards, the Brinkers adopted Victory as a newborn, and have supported her since then.

Philanthropism & Social Media

Needless to say, all the Brinkers have a good disposition in helping other people as much as they can. For Victory’s is no different, and using her growing popularity and influence, she joined Light of Life Rescue Mission, an organization helping homeless people, a cause she became interested in during her time participating in “America’s Got Talent”.

While using her fame for spreading her philanthropic mission and setting a good example for people following their dreams is a priority for Victory, her social media have also served as an excellent platform to reach more people and show her talent. Just on Facebook she has accumulated over 20,000 followers, added to the almost 70,000 people following her on Instagram.

Not only is her charity work, accomplishments and her music performances on TV or at church featured on her social media, but she has also notably launched her own merchandise available on her website, where she is also available for bookings and personalized videos through the platform Cameo.

All in all, it’s apparent that Victory is really serious about building a career in the entertainment world in an inspiring way.


Public Opinion & Future

Victory Brinker has gained praise from important people from the entertainment industry in only a couple of years. As “America’s Got Talent” main judge Simon Cowell told People following Victory’s debut in the show, he felt that the young opera singer had a great future just by hearing her on stage: ‘(she) is a genuine, genuine star. I can see her making records, concerts, movies, everything. She’s got something special about her. She is incredibly talented’.

CBS Mornings” host Gayle King also said some promising things about the young singer as well: ‘Remember this young lady.  She will be gracing stages for a long time’.

All in all, lots of people whose hearts have been conquered by Victory’s voice, assure that she has a bright future ahead. However, while it’s yet to be seen where her career will take her to, it’s enough to see how Victory has been changing the world for some time already.

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