What Is O. J. Simpson’s Son Justin Ryan Simpson Doing Today?

April 18, 2024
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Justin R. Simpson is an American-born realtor, who is perhaps best known for being one of the four living kids of the retired National Football League (NFL) running back, TV personality, actor, and once accused murderer Orenthal James ‘O.J.’ Simpson. His father was the prime suspect in the gruesome murder of Justin’s mother, Nicole Brown Simpson, who was stabbed to death together with her friend, the restaurant attendant, Ron Goldman.

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Age, Early Life, and Education Background

Justin Ryan Simpson is a native of Los Angeles, California, and was born under the Leo zodiac sign on 6 August 1988, which makes him 34 years old as of 2022. He had a rough childhood because he lost his mother, who was an actress, model, and waitress when he was barely five years old. From his parents’ union, Ryan has a sister, Sydney Brooke Simpson, who was born in 1985. Moreover, he has three half-siblings from his dad’s previous union with Marguerite L. Whitley, who are Aaren Lashone Simpson (born in 1977), Jason L. Simpson (born in 1970), and Arnelle L. Simpson who was born in 1968. Sadly, he never met Arnelle since she drowned in the family pool in August 1979 when she was one and a half years old.


Ryan spent most of his childhood (together with his sister, Sydney Simpson) with his paternal grandparents, Eunice and Jimmy Lee Simpson, and also some of their childhoods with their maternal grandparents, Juditha A. Brown and Louis Hezekiel, who shielded them from the media when their father faced a murder trial in 1994 and 1995. Hezekiel sadly passed away in 2014.

Ryan went to Gulliver Preparatory School, located in Pinecrest, Florida, and matriculated to Florida State University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurial Operations in 2010.



Justin commenced his real estate career at Muffley & Associates Real Estate in early 2013, later leaving the firm to join Coldwell Banker Residential Estates in Florida as a real estate salesman. He’s been described by some of his workmates as a skilled salesman with excellent negotiation skills. In 2015, Justin teamed up with his sister, Sydney, to create the real estate company Justin Communications. 2018 saw him creating another real estate company, Boulder Property Management, which is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. He also worked at DHM Real Estate Group.

Jason is ‘silently active’ on Twitter and Facebook. He goes by the username @JSimpsonells on the former and is followed by around 3,000 fans. His Facebook account is dedicated to his real estate business.


Personal Life

Justin is a very secretive person who never talks about his dating life. He’s presumed to be single as of 2022, has never married and doesn’t have children. He still lives in St. Petersburg.


Five days after the murder of his mother on 12 June 1994, Ryan’s father attempted to evade arrest and engaged the police in a low-speed pursuit. His mother’s death and the possible crime by O.J. shook the U.S. and the whole world – the 1994 NBA Finals were even interrupted to broadcast live happenings of the pursuit, which was watched by over 95 million people. His trial spanned almost a year and was watched by over 100 million people, many describing it as ‘The Trial of the Century.’ Ultimately, O.J. was acquitted of the two murders, which appeared to divide Americans along racial grounds. Most Afro-American citizens believed that he was innocent and celebrated the court’s verdict, whereas Caucasian and Latino people were convinced that he was guilty.

The trials and whole incident remain controversial, and have even been the subject of various books including “Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted,” which was written by Mike Walter and Faye Resnick in October 1994. A few years after the trial (1997), his late ex-wife’s friend’s father filed a lawsuit, and Simpson was found responsible for the two deaths – the victims’ families were awarded compensatory damages that totaled $33.5 million. However, O.J. was unable to pay the amount, so most of his assets (including his Heisman Trophy) were auctioned off to pay for the damages.

O.J. Simpson was later charged with kidnapping, armed robbery, and other crimes in 2008, and was found guilty and sentenced to 33 years; he was released in 2017 after he became eligible for parole.


Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Justin is of mixed Afro-American roots from his father’s side, and German from his Caucasian mother’s; he has black hair and a set of dark brown eyes. He is 6ft (1.83m) tall and weighs approximately 190lbs (86kgs).

Net Worth

Ryan has earned a good sum from his multiple business endeavors, and is reputedly worth approximately $3 million as of 2022. He owns several properties including a $250,000 three-bedroomed house – he is also reported to have a fleet of high-end vehicles. His father is reputedly still worth around $3 million.

Who Is Jason Ryan Simpson’s Father, O.J. Simpson? Brief Biography

O.J. Simpson hails from San Francisco, California, and was born to Eunice and Jimmy Simpson on 9 July 1947 (74 years old). He was raised together with his siblings, Shirley Simpson-Baker, Melvin Leon, and the late Carmelita Simpson. Simpson had a rough childhood which drove him to join the Persian Warriors street gang. To rehabilitate him, he was taken to San Francisco Youth Guidance Centre, where he met the American baseball player, Willie Mays, who played an important role as his mentor. Simpson attended Galileo High School and joined the American Football team. He subsequently matriculated to the City College of San Francisco, and later joined South California University in 1967.


Simpson began his Football career in his high school and college days – he played the defensive back position perfectly, and was one of the most valuable players. He played under the coach John McKay in 1967 and his talent saw him scooping a Walter Cup. In 1968, he won the Walter Heisman and Maxwell awards . He joined the Buffalo Bills in 1973, and won the Bert Bell Award and NFL MVP title. He played his last game in December 1979, then retired from the NFL.

Simpson has appeared in several films and TV series including “The Klansman” in 1974, “Goldie and the Boxer” in 1979, and “Roots” in 1999, among others. He has also endorsed several brands such as Chevrolet and Hertz.

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